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  1. All races are welcome, all religion should be banned.All this religious and political dogma will destroy the world.There is nothing more evil in the world then all this religious bs.It's fake ,it's greed and people that wanna control with it.
  2. Game of Thrones is for wanna be sofa surfers Hockey is for real
  3. Unbent,unbowed,unbroken.
  4. Well see if Calgary comes to play hockey and win with skill cause intimidation didn't go to well last time.Waiting to see WD line matching plan with last change.
  5. Everyones born with different amounts of fast twitch muscles Fibers [type 1]you can't change it.Sedins probably have a high ratio of type 2 fibres which provide them with their great stamina.
  6. Cracknell first GOTS he'll be up again easier DEFENCES MATCHES
  7. Not much Fox tox.
  8. Just want a new Gm with as much balls as Torts has with the players .Play hard,succeed,want to be here or your traded.Don't matter if your a Sedin or Sestito see ya.Long for the day of having a aggressive mean first Line.
  9. Deal was probably done or almost....They probably didn't wanna overshadow the Heritage with trade talk by pulling the trade trigger early or risk Lou getting hurt.
  10. Exactly rotate them young players in to give help keep the vets healthy as long as were not in a race to make the PO.
  11. But ya gotta think revenue from uniform purchases has double with all the knee jerk buyers to look trendy for the day.