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  1. I couldn't find anything in the official rule book. The only website that discusses this very problem supports Dumb Nuck's idea. Only one delayed penalty should have been wiped out. from I don't know if there have been any changes to the rule book since 94 and whether there were really two delayed penalties. The commentator said so and there were two infractions, but were they really called? If so, one Ranger would have had to go to the box despite the goal. NHL rule book:
  2. All true, but my point is: Tanev is the type of player that you need to win and only when he is gone you will realize how important he was. It would be a mistake to let him go, let alone replace him with a player like Ristolainen (who I would have to love on the team) or Barrie (Oh dear!).
  3. Remember the last time the Canucks let a low-scoring, defensive defenseman, who was a heart-and-soul player and leader on and off the ice, go because there were health concerns and they felt for the price tag he didn't score enough?
  4. He has never read a book in his life, is probably wondering how to open it.
  5. I appreciate his dedication and obvious love for the sport and if he does fight for charity I will applaude him. But his training videos fighting his dog and slowly dancing around an motionless sparring partner have not really impressed me and the media trying to rehype an old rivalry leave me sceptical of the sporting value of such an event.
  6. Voted Larionov. Nominate Rypien.
  7. Could also be... 5) A well-timed attempt to distract the masses in difficult times, to divert thoughts, to give people something to put their minds on.
  8. Voting Larionov, nominating Donald Brashear.
  9. It passes. Here in Germany wearing a mask in shops has been mandatory for a week now and it quickly turned from feeling awkard into pretty natural.
  10. Yay! Didn't quite turn out the way it was projected, played 721 NHL games, though.
  11. Yes, you got it! How about this one: He has a tremendous combination of size, skills, skating ability and defensive smarts. He can use his large frame to punish opponents and can log a lot of minutes on the blueline in all situations. The Canucks think he is close to stepping in, and he could jump right into their top four. He won't be rushed, though. With Jovanovski and Ohlund ahead of him, the Canucks have the luxury of letting him develop slowly. Excellent potential.