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  1. Congratulations, VIntage. You're doing a fantastic job. Your work is probably one of the main reasons why I spend so much time on this board. Your are lighting quick, accurate, reliable and a steady, level-headed presence between the trolls and fanatics. Without you CDC wouldn't be the place it is and hopefully you'll keep doing what you're doing for a long time.
  2. He said 7 young players in 2-3 years is the conservative guess. So 7 surefire roster players in his view, but more is possible. My guess: Sure things - Jasek - Rafferty - Juolevi - Hoglander - Podkolzin - Macewen (might have to be included here) - Tryamkin Possible - Rathbone - Woo - Lind - Dipietro - Brisebois (- Gadjovich)
  3. Props to you and all the others who stay in this thread and stand up the negativity crowd.
  4. Thought I saw a hit by Louie, but then realized it was 71, not 21...
  5. That's a pretty good run of hardware coming in in the last three years for the Canucks organization: - 1-2x rookie of the year - 1-2x rookie of the year finalist - 1x All-Star MVP - 1-2x Hobey Baker winner - 1-2x Hobey Baker finalist - 1x SHL rookie of the year - 1x SHL MVP - 1x SHL Play-off MVP - 1x Allsvenskan MVP - 1x SM-Liiga rookie of the year - 1x OHL goaltender of the year - 1x World Championship bronze - 1x World Championship gold - 2x U18 WJC silver - 1x U18 WJC gold - 3x U20 WJC bronze - 5x U20 WJC silver - 1x U20 WJC gold
  6. They are currently in a playoff spot. But imagine the reaction here if the Canucks dropped three in a row in regulation now.
  7. joe-max


    This never gets old.
  8. I got that it is about clearing cap space. I guess our priorities are just different. I wouldn't be against clearing some cap, but not at the expense of current team quality. They should ice the best team possible and try to make to postseason. The west is tight, every point counts. Trading Roussel (grit, pest, passion), Baertschi (first skill winger call-up option), Sutter (solid bottom 6 center), and Benn (solid 6/7-D) takes away a lot of options that we may need down the stretch. Depth is one strength of the team so far, don't tinker with it. Kovalchuk has had a good run with Montreal, but it has been only 14 games. On LA he sucked. He is 36 years old, the last time he scored more than 20 in a season in the NHL was 2012, he is a career -146 and is not known for physcial play or good defense, but for showing up when he needs a new contract. He could work as a trigger man on the PP replacing Boeser, Miller or EP. That's not our biggest issue. Putting Kovy on the 2nd line leaves the team with one decent match-up line, if anything he should play with Gaudette in a sheltered offensive role. Ferland, Leivo, Motte are out. Giving the 3rd/4th-line winger spots to Macewen/Bailey is a big risk and there would be hardly any call-up options for the bottom 6, possibly Jasek. That's it. Same for the top-6. Boucher, Goldobin could certainly play, but Baertschi is a notch above them. Not much after that. One injury could derange the entire puzzle. The team would also lose grit and physicality. Something that has already been identified as a problem for post-season play would become even worse. Still not convinced.
  9. Make the lineup weaker. - check Deplete depth. - check Lose grit, defense, skill, a promising prospect, introduce old fart that you could have had for free. - check Clone Motte and have im play on both wings on the same line while being injured. - check
  10. How to trigger Alf: Say something remotely positive on any other team than the Canucks. Expected response: " This is the Canucks board. Go troll somewhere else, you Leaf propaganda puppet." Offer constructive criticism. Expected response: "You're not a real fan. Go back under your bridge, troll, and cheer for the Lames or the Laffs!!" Say something remotely positive about another team's prospects. Expected response: "He's a soft double-flamingo bustaroo. Unlike [insert any Canucks 6th round pick], who will be an Allstar next season."
  11. Canes's announcer again: "There is a dirtiness to Edler's game that has always been there."
  12. The Canes' announcer has just said that Louie Eriksson was having a good season.
  13. "They've got a balanced team. When they're all healthy, top to bottom, you can tell everybody has good roles. They've got guys who can score, they've got guys who can check. Their goalies have been good all year. That's a good combination." -- Hurricanes coach Rod Brind'Amour
  14. Can already see the headlines when he wins it, becoming the second Canucks winner in a row: CDC: "Praise the Lord. the dynasty is here. We will never lose a game again." HF Boards: "Boeser came only second. Benning sucks." "Maple Leafs rookie Sandin snubbed. Ends up 17th in Calder race."
  15. He certainly is not on a roll, struggling with confidence and probably doesn't deserve much more icetime at the moment, but he is still developing his all around game and the team is winning, it's way too early to panic. Hopefully he will get out of his slump at one point before or during the playoffs. Having an underperforming Boeser on your third line is an enviable situation.