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  1. I'd rather have a split squad camp.
  2. Testosterone can also be added externally. Or steroids. Or other stuff the accelerates physical development. For the record: I'm not saying McCann did it. But I'm also not ruling anything out in professional sports.
  3. Like this. Or the Las Vegas WaterWasters.
  4. I'm surprised to read how important it seems to be for many that the new coach should... - have been a good player - have some Canucks background - have popularity/a big name - have head coach experience None of these factors is really relevant. If the team wants someone to improve the power play, I would look for someone... - who is suitable for the role as assistant coach and can thrive there (some former head coaches don't) - who is the best expert available for a particular role (needn't have been a successful player himself) - whose personality fits in the team I wouldn't mind a (young, unknown) name that noone has on their list as long as he is "real good".
  5. This post is not only ignorant, arrogant and insulting, above all it's incredibly stupid.
  6. Agreed.
  7. They can't finish a rush, but start it. That's why they need a fast player on their line that can receive their great passes for breakaways. Hansen did it numerous time last year.
  8. If the Sedin line ever wants to score a goal off the rush again, they shouldn't play with him.
  9. Kris Letang
  10. Brent Sopel
  11. Only 8 of Finland's 25 players play in the NHL, among them are players like Pulkkinen (26 NHL games this season) and Rantanen (9 games) and not a single NHL defenseman. I wouldn't call that stacked. Some posts here are pretty disrespectful towards European hockey.
  12. You forgot: The green men return for the playoffs, but after the first round, in which San Jose doesn't receive a single penalty against Vancouver, they retire again in frustration.
  13. Henrik sits at .743 ppg in the play-offs. Compared to the greatest play-off performer in franchise history, Trevor Linden with .798, that's not too shabby and still ahead of Hossa, Datsyuk, Marleau. Daniel has .696.