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  1. Why Vancouver does this: They replace one old, over-the-hill, overpriced non-factor with two. Two. That's twice as much. Double. That's good.
  2. Kes and Juice share several great stories on their podcast, e.g. Jyrkki Lumme's beer fart evacuation or how Bieksa made Burrows interrupt a couple's private moments.
  3. Not sure what colour your glasses are. Pitch-black with some blood on it? Last time I checked it was still a team game. Goalie is the most important position and teams with a bad goalie do worse than teams with a good goalie (or two). They have two good goalies, a good goalie prospect and a good goalie coach. How is this a problem? That's true. He is not scoring a hattrick every game, but he carries the team defensively, has won the second most faceoffs in the league and has still put up 35 in 42 (the best PPG in his career) while growing into his role as captain. He's playing a more complete game than ever and has not scored a point in 14 of 42 games. Sits at 39 in 42, which (again) is the best pace of his career. Granted, the Canucks concede more chances than they get and it would be easier if they outright dominated every game and won 5-1. But that's not reality, the Sedin heydays are over. This is a young, growing team with a lot of promise, which has a goalie that bails them out at times. Few people expect the team to win the cup this year and next, but benevolently acknowledge the upturn. It could still backfire, sure. But what does crapping on them achieve exactly? Roussel is a spark plug and has 7 points in 14 games and is a +2 after returing form serious injury. Virtanen? Pearson? Leivo? No player (that doesn't take PEDs) can perform at the highest level for 82 games. There are always ups and down, hot streaks an dcold streaks, but let's see. Ten players that are consistently good this year: EP, Miller, Boeser, Horvat, Hughes, Pearson, Edler, Tanev, Stecher, Motte. That's ten. Who are the ten on the Bruins or the Capitals? (for the latter you may not pick Nic Dowd nor Brendan Leipsic)
  4. French is official language in Switzerland and obligatory to learn for every primary school kid. Baertschi is probably the best fit after Roussel and Brisebois.
  5. Yesterday Mike Smith made 35 saves when Edmonton won against Boston despite being outshot by 36-26. The same day Michael Hutchinson made 33 saves in a shutout for Toronto despite his team being outshot 33-22. On that very same day Linus Ullmark stopped 32 of 34 to win it for Buffalo. His team was outshot 34-18. This was one day. It happens.
  6. You mean that season when they were 22nd in the league at 17.13%?
  7. Looks like it. Calm, has some skill, but always plays is safe, great positioning and gap control, won't outmuscle anyone, but plays smart and efficient, doesn't make mistakes, coaches trust him. Not flashy at all, but when he's on the ice it feels like everything is under control.
  8. I believe Stecher is more valuable than only his on ice skill and I would not want to see him go. He seems to be a great teammate, puts the team first, is driven and a warrior. Attributes that will help in the playoffs. Still I don't think comparing him with Hutton justified. Their point totals are comparable, but Stecher has always had the much better +/- and was more reliable and steady. Might be that he will be too expensive for JB's taste, but I'd consider him the better player. Hutton stats in his four years with Vancouver: 2015-16 Vancouver Canucks NHL 75 1 24 25 14 -21 | Canada WC 5 0 1 1 0 3 | 2016-17 Vancouver Canucks NHL 71 5 14 19 31 -22 | 2017-18 Vancouver Canucks NHL 61 0 6 6 23 -9 | 2018-19 Vancouver Canucks NHL 69 5 15 20 43 -23 | Stecher: 2016-17 Vancouver Canucks NHL 71 3 21 24 25 -16 | Utica Comets AHL 4 0 1 1 4 0 | 2017-18 Vancouver Canucks NHL 68 1 10 11 35 -7 | 2018-19 Vancouver Canucks NHL 78 2 21 23 32 9 | Canada WC 10 1 2 3 2 9 | 2019-20 Vancouver Canucks NHL 40 2 5 7 24 4
  9. The most ridiculous thing I have seen on youtube. You don't have to watch the entire thing, just seeing how his diagrams develops is enough. As bonus you can listen to him for a few minutes. I especially like the spelling of "Hitler".
  10. So what's the point? The sport is so boring to watch that people need to risk money to add some flavour when watching it? Not a good sign. Or it doesn't matter what you bet on as long as you can bet? Well, you can virtually bet on anything, amateur soccer, esports, probably the wheather forecast too. Where is the benefit for hockey? Viewers that don't care about the game? On the other hand the betting culture explains some of the anger in PGT and player threads. If you lose 50 bucks, it is a good place to vent and hate on particular players or the coach because in your eyes their bad play or decision cost you a lot of money, entirely neglecting that the pirinciple of betting is that you LOSE in the long run and that the risk of losing is part of the deal. More often than not. Blame yourself if you lose.
  11. Still don't get it. Why would you follow a team that hasn't won anything and keep crapping on it instead of just following recent winners. If you're not emotionally invested, it should be fairly easy to switch team opportunistically.
  12. Gambling will not go away, but the way major leagues are currently promoting it is disgusting. It is the same problem here in Europe. Instead of trying to help the addicted and supporting a state controlled, cautious approach it is gold-rush mood. The way they are driving kids and weak/naive into gambling is concerning.