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  1. Not too bad overall. I could have lost a word on the Miller trade and shied away from predicting postseason success. Would certainly have got both wrong...
  2. Rather Arvid + Costmar than Covid + Asthma.
  3. How some claim the last performance showed a lack of determination, motivation or willingness is beyond me. In the playoffs. In a game 7.
  4. Predicting some coming-out scoring for tonight. Edler with a slapper, Gaudette with a greasy one and Myers on a lucky long range writer (with a great screen from Petey).
  5. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Historically Europe was (partially) occupied or controlled by so many different nations and cultures (Greek, Ottoman Empire, Holy Roman Empire, France...). If you think that England is basically a Celtic-Norman-Roman-German-hybrid, which colonized an already populated North American continent, which subsequently merged Asian, European, South American and African settlers, refugees, slaves and workers in huge numbers - the complexity of our cultural setup is mind.boggling. That's the key and sounds like a simple concept. But willingness to learn, a general openness, interest in new things, people and concepts, all this is not inherent and often supressed (religion, traditions, lack of education, retention of power, greed etc.). Again. It sounds like a simple, natural concept, but unfortunately in many corners of our world, and here I would include considerably parts of the US, too many people do not grow up in an environment where these laws are taught or even valued. A good read, thank you. I also appreciate this thread despite the lack of hockey talk. Different filter bubbles need to overlap at times to initiate learning processes.
  6. They sure know how to pick their guests at FOX to discredit unwelcome opinion. The "other" side (Democrat; left; anti-Trump etc.) is either represented by total dimwits or hot-tempered savages that could easily be triggered. Have never heard a honest, balanced, sophisticated discussion there.
  7. Not that it hasn't been discussiod a bazillion times already in this thread, but just for fun. Possible reasons why JB offered a 1st rounder for Miller: He was so high on Miller that he didn't want to risk losing him to another team. Considering the package of skill, physicality, mentality, leadership, age, contract and personality he felt a mid/low first-rounder was a fair price to pay. Having future transactions in mind he felt lowballing and trying to squeeze out every last bit would be detrimental to his reputation as trading partner and thus not worth it. He knew Miller would have a breakout year (because he's psychic) He was sure that the team would go deep in the playoffs in one of the following two seasons and considering the depth of his prospect pool he decided to could go without a low 1st-round pick. He wanted to piss off CDC. All of the above (after realizing that it is not a video game with clear-cut game mechanics that can be exploited)
  8. Don't know about the English dubbing, but the German versions were epic, better and funnier than the Italian originals.
  9. We first put our son on skates when he was 3, but he didn't really enjoy it. At 4 it was slightly better. At 5 it started to resemble skating and he would also occasnioally shoot the puck properly. The wife won't let him play organized hockey, though - too dangerous. Not that he would show any interest in it...