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  1. I didn't say I trust my government, I said I trust them more than huge, multinational corporations, that lobby and cheat as much as they can to save taxes. Not for the greater good. Not to the benefit of their workers. Expansion, revenue, shareholders. I also never said that capitalism oppressed my cleaning woman. But if not for government control it would be much easier for me to oppress her. Btw, as she is close to minimum wage her tax rate is lower, but it is not zero. You know, because taxes finance things that can at least be considered useful for some. Things like health care, public transport, the military, theatres, schools, universities, pensions, the public pool, the playground around the corner, Dedication, perseverance, hard work, talent, education, family, knowing the right people, luck, the occasional moment of enjoying what you do - there are many factors that influence your path and your success. Basing it all on "hard work" and assuming if you didn't reach the top you justn didn't work hard enough oversimplifies things. Actually it is quite ignorant. But maybe you're right and tax savings are more important that air quality and a world to live on. I mean, has it ever been scientifically proven that we really need a planet?
  2. Generalize and simplify much? Just throwing a few things out there: - Are you're saying being "liberal" equals being lazy, dependent, basically unworthy? - I'm not blaming anyone nor am I complaining, I haven't even criticized capitalism as an economic idea. It is actually a pretty clever concept, but certain regulations are necessary, unfettered capitalism will only benefit a few. - Last time I checked my housecleaner worked pretty hard. In three jobs. She still won't make it. - I certainly trust my government more than any international, listed corporation. - Not sure about your country, but where I live I feel my tax dollars are used for a number of pretty useful things. And I am not talking about dividend payout. - What is the elite? The people with money? The people with power? The people with education, understanding? Talent? - In case you haven't realized yet, there are other colours but black and white (which are not colours anyway).
  3. Not sure if serious, but just in case, I fixed it for you.
  4. Do not underestimate energy and maintenance costs. I know of really small venues with one rink and nothing else really, and just running them costs between 500,000 and one million per year.
  5. I can only speak for my own experiences in my part of Germany, but here it was mostly done the way you suggest. Trying to distribute people to many smaller communities, towns, giving them language classes, providing opportunities to join activities, local sport clubs etc. Of course there a troublemakers, intercultural misunderstandings, certain fears and at the end of the day it is everyone's own responsibility to decide how much he is willing to give up (culturally), to invest and to integrate, all I can say is that the fearmongering and Putin's statements are blowing the entire thing way out of proportion.
  6. Interesting. The way I see it (and I have been living in Germany for 37 years) it was a big deal 2 years ago, nowadays hardly anyone is talking about it. People/communities that are really negatively affected by it are few and far between, basically it is a topic that right wing populists and certain media are trying to keep alive, but it's more in desperation. I'm not saying integration works absolutely smoothly everywhere, it's in the nature of the process, but if anything it is certain political decisions that impede people from integrating (deportation camps, shortened asylum procedures).
  7. Guess he knows what he's talking about.
  8. He was only minus 8, which is better than French defenseman Florian Chakiachvili, who was -12. He scored a goal. That's more than Henrik and Daniel Sedin combined for this tournament. And he played on a line with Elias Pettersson. This surely was great for him...
  9. Not so sure about that. Eriksson had 4 points and was -8 on the highest scoring team in the tournament. The second worst on the team was -2. Nylander was +16 by the way.
  10. Disagree. It may sound weird in his D+4 season, but there is no point in rushing him now. There is no way that after half a year off he will be in top shape, so let him ease in, regain confidence in his body and in his play. It's risky to have too many rookies/young players on the roster at the same time and to hand them too much responsibility anyway. Brisebois, Hughes, Gaudette, Demko, EP, MacEwen, Rafferty, Woo (?), Teves, 2019 picks. That's already a lot of youth. Juolevi can step in after Christmas or around trade deadline.
  11. Hope he puts on at least 20 lbs, better 25. Otherwise he will never be ably to play in the NHL, let alone as center. He would get killed out there. Oh. Wait.