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  1. Weeble Wobble Willy is the tank commander. Free Willy!
  2. Hope springs eternal. I would love to see the Canuck's young players break out, and push us into the playoffs. The reality is that we are one or two injuries from being a lottery team. But who knows, that is why they play the games.
  3. Otto kicked it in, they had to give it to Pepper to let it stand. We got cheesed out of a cup on that b.s. I remember when Sudsy was on fire and hit the 40 goal mark, and to me that is old school Canuck fandom haha.
  4. If Sbisa is moved for anything it will be a major coup. With his contract he has negative value, but moving him makes sense. We do have a logjam on Defense.
  5. AV ran him out of Van. Oh well together at last. hahaha
  6. This is a good signing for Vancouver. Of all the UFA out there I think he will be the best fit with the Sedins. Curious what the details of his contract are, hopefully a NTC and not a NMC.
  7. Jim Benning has a very keen eye for young talent. He really is a great scout. As a GM, we all know how sharp he is at making trades and following league rules. He never bleeds assets, and always gets the most out of his ufas at trade deadlines. The name Benning has become synonymous with 100 point seasons, cup contention, and high IQ moves. Hopefully we give him a lifetime contract for the amazing block of work he has done in Vancouver.
  8. To replace the Sedin's we will probably need top 5 draft picks. We won't be drafting in the top 5, if we keep buying teams that scrape into the playoffs.
  9. Canucks are interested in anyone with a heartbeat and a pair of skates? Imagine that. This team should be rebuilding a first line to replace the Sedin's. Not trying to make a few dollars in playoff revenue.
  10. To bad about Leah Hextall, she was beautiful. Sure glad Healy is gone though and if Coxe is too, that is amazing. Hopefully they start hiring broadcasters with some integrity and no hockey team bias.
  11. I am pretty sure Rodin is waiver eligible as well.
  12. I don't think any scout is predicting Juolevi to be anything more than a number 3. I think he projects more like Jyrki Lumme. Tkachuk on the other hand is easily projecting to be a slot machine PP scorer. And almost every scout had him ahead of Juolevi. Benning failed to take the highest ranked player with the highest upside. Instead he drafted for need and played it safe. Yes we do need a good Dman, but Sergachev and Chychrun have higher upsides than Juolevi.
  13. I think passing on Tkachuk was a big mistake. He could end up a 500 goal man. Should always draft the best player and not draft for need. Juolevi has potential to be a good player, and I hope he does get there. I like that he is part of the London team with Dale Hunter developing him, he could really turn out well. I just hope he gets another year to play there. Lockwood was a bit of a reach at third, but he is feisty. So there is potential there. I would give Benning a C+ on the players we took.
  14. Tough passing on Tkachuk. Juolevi does have good upside and could become elite. Time will tell.
  15. Do we have to wait until 4, or is there anything going on yet? Would love a link.