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  1. Vancouver Canucks name Curtis Sanford new Utica Goalie Consultant. Played with new Utica GM Ryan Johnson in St. Louis and Vancouver.
  2. Did Torts have him in Vancouver at all or was he gone by then?
  3. Have you watched his highlights from last year. It is definitely easier competition but the things he does like walking the line and his lateral movement will translate to the next level. Crazy speed, great hands and head up. He is your power play quarterback of the future. Jake Virtanen was a good prospect yes but most thought Vancouver were reaching when they got him and could have ended up with him on a later pick should they have traded down. Jake is still young and could still turn out. This is not the same case though. Jake didn't have stiff enough competition? The Whl? Tell me a junior league that's tougher then the whl.
  4. 1. Cale Makar (Do yourself a favour and look at his highlight reel from this past season. Kid's unreal. You want a home run with this pick not a safe bet.) 2. Casey Mittelstadt (Quoted by many as never taking a shift off. A skilled player that works hard. Hard work beats skill unless skill works hard.) 3. Cody Glass (Mark Scheifele lite, could do worse.)