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  1. Jett Woo | D

    Please, please let him be number # 2. Woo 2. Also let his goal song be Blue - Song 2. WOO HOO!! Good pick by the Nucks.
  2. NHL 2018 CDC Top 10 Draft Challenge

    1. R. Dahlin (Buffalo Sabres) 2. F. Zadina (Carolina Hurricanes) 3. A. Svechnikov (Montreal Canadians) 4. A. Boqvist (Ottawa Senators) 5. Q. Hughes (Arizona Coyotes) 6. O. Wahlstrom (Detroit Red Wings) 7. N. Dobson (Vancouver Canucks) 8. E. Bouchard (Chicago Blackhawks) 9. B. Tkachuk (New York Rangers) 10. T. Smith (Edmonton Oilers)
  3. I agree with Samuelsson. People talk about his toughness and size but watch Wahlstrom and Farabee's highlights. You'll keep on seeing the name Samuelsson pop up. I think he has more offensive potential. Smart plays and passes.
  4. Absolutely not! First of all we need a defenceman. Secondly with the odds for the lottery the way they are and us in a rebuild who knows what those picks will actually be.
  5. Hey Canuckleheads what do you think of hiring a new defensive coach instead of Nolan Baumgartner. Baumer is a great guy I'm sure but unproven as a coach. He was never more then a fringe player at the NHL level and has done little to prove he is the guy we need to help our young d step forward. Pretty much every d besides Edler had a down year. This is when our young defence such as Hutton and Stetcher are supposed to be making grounds. Add in Juolevi and hopefully Dahlin and we need an experienced coach to help guide these kids into a new age. Is there any established NHL assistant coaches that you like? Bones has always been a favourite of mine. What do you think KK.
  6. [Retirement] The Sedins to retire at the end of the season

    I am not an overly emotional guy. I didn't cry at my wedding and when my baby was born (although do I ever love them both.) But dammit if i didn't get a little misty hearing the news. I was hoping the Sedin's would retire. The cap space and new blood should be good for the team. But hearing they are actually going to retire has put me in a funk. I love those two dudes and what they did for this city, this province and this league is amazing. Congrats to both on the hall of fame careers and best of luck in all their future endeavours.
  7. Proposal (TB/Ott/Van)

    How about I give you 19 million reasons. As in that's the difference of money between the contracts.
  8. To Tampa Bay Lightning -Chris Tanev -Erik Karlsson -Thomas Vanek To Ottawa Senators -Mikhail Sergachev -Tamp Bay (2nd round pick) 2018 - Ryan Callahan -Taylor Raddysh To Vancouver Canucks -Bobby Ryan -Tamp Bay (1st round pick) 2018 -Logan Brown -Libor Hajek What do you guys think? Tampa in win now mode get probably the best d in the league. (Sorry Nashville) A cap dump in Callahan. Ottawa gets a franchise defensemen for losing theirs plus a prospect and pick in Raddysh. (Could be exchangeable for Howden.) Canucks take the cap hit of Ryan who can still help their most desperate need of scoring but get a 1st and two top prospects at the best position. Centre and defence.
  9. Keep in mind, if we can get anything of value for Gudbransson I am fully in support of it. Picks or prospects would be great. The rumours I am hearing is Gudbransson is not high on anyone's list and the return will be so low it might not be worth it. Here's what i propose if that is the case. Swap him for Jack Johnson. Torts loves that tough nosed defenceman and Johnson has already requested a trade. He is not the answer the Canucks are looking for but it would give us a different look on d. He is more offence minded and on a squad that ranks so low on points by defence he is needed. He has played that power play role before and although he isn't what he used to be he is still better then Guddy. He can play the style we are trying to change to better then Erik. Once again I am hoping we could trade Guddy for picks and or prospects but if not this may be the next best thing.
  10. Dorsett not returning to active roster

    Dorsett was a good warrior at a time where there were very few. Lost more then he won but he was always, always game. Now not to be insensitive or anything but he will have to go on LTIR, does that free up his cap space?
  11. Canucks Property in Olympics?

    Dave Tippett
  12. [Rumour] Oilers looking for scoring on the wing

    What makes you think Loui is a top six winger? He has not shown in since he has been in Vancouver. He was riding the coat tails of two of the best players in the league in Boston in Marchand and Bergeron.
  13. [Rumour] Oilers looking for scoring on the wing

    If you think we could get rid of Loui Erikkson and his contract to Edmonton for RNH and you think it would be a good move for the Oilers you are crazy. No way. We will be buying Loui out or packaging him with a draft pick or prospect for that contract.
  14. Vancouver Canucks name Curtis Sanford new Utica Goalie Consultant. Played with new Utica GM Ryan Johnson in St. Louis and Vancouver.
  15. Did Torts have him in Vancouver at all or was he gone by then?