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  1. 2 years @ 2.35
  2. Haha fair enough

  3. Ughh, I know right?

    I just started though okay, so give me a break :D

  4. Haha very true. How average posst of 13.83 a day, nerd ;)

  5. I have a 0 rep, mainly just because I don't post as much as I used to

  6. Yes it is quite amazing! Its my addiction

  7. I am hoping the snow holds off. It it does, just stop by monday, still have hockey left
  8. I am so snagging that, it looks sweet. No worries, I'll credit.
  9. This is still fun. Most of thsoe guys on my roster are here for a cup run this year, and then I I have 6 19 year olds coming in.
  10. I apologize I jsut noticed I was saying eastcoast when its eastside. My apologies.
  11. What I told you a million times, Eastcoast hockey mangager: 2nd Generation. Its the free version of the site.
  12. Happy :roll:
  13. Just for the record, i stated earlier, I have EHM, the free version. 2nd generation, you know that right??? I can still take those shots if you want.
  14. For those people thinking that I was joking, I wasn't. That is my actual team and I am still making money. I am still under the cap. Most of those players have low salarys.
  15. Well I am in my third season of EHM. Last year, no joke, Luongo got 22 shutouts playing 76 games. Heres my line up Ovechkin | Thorton | Briere Jokinen | Malkin | Cheechoo A. Esposito | Nagy | Frolov Kopitar | Toews | Afinogenov Pronger | Stuart Fischer | Meszaros Volchenkov | Vishnevski Luongo Ward Most of draft picks are left untouched as well Escept for most of my 2nd round picks. My Prospect pool could make the GM of pittsburgh drool with the likes of schnieder, rask, eaves, irving, dubnyk, and a lot of no name guys with great potential. The main guys on my farm team are the sedin twins and Thibault.