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  1. 2 years @ 2.35
  2. Haha fair enough

  3. Ughh, I know right?

    I just started though okay, so give me a break :D

  4. Haha very true. How average posst of 13.83 a day, nerd ;)

  5. That's okay.

    You don't want to seem like a total nerd haha

  6. I have a 0 rep, mainly just because I don't post as much as I used to

  7. haha yeah it's fun!

    except my rep is already -4 which isn't cool

  8. Yes it is quite amazing! Its my addiction


    yes haha i love it here :o

  10. I am hoping the snow holds off. It it does, just stop by monday, still have hockey left
  11. I am so snagging that, it looks sweet. No worries, I'll credit.
  12. happy b-day!!

  13. This is still fun. Most of thsoe guys on my roster are here for a cup run this year, and then I I have 6 19 year olds coming in.