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  1. Mr.Greencorn whre have you been mannggg

  2. ahahahha all the code comes back to haunt you

  3. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    We now have the best young american (behind Vanriemsdyk, Shattenkirk perhaps, and Wilson) in college, can't wait to see him play for us someday. So many teams will have this come back to haunt them, character problems or not. ahhhaah you know what probably did him in? picking Sean Avery to go to dinner instead of Barrack Obama and Maria Sharpova.
  4. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Your arguement is somewhat valid, some people on here will just use Gradin as an excuse to justify the pick. i do believe it doesn't matter, if ISS rated him 15 then that's good enough for me, and i only used the fact the Gradin probably scouted him as a reason to calm myself down that we didnt draft someone like Eric Gelinas, who, ironically enough, was the pick immediatly after him. People going nuts over Ferraro and Tatar need to STFU and accept it. Tatar may have lit up the WJC and Extraliga, but he has a long way to go before making the NHL, if he turns out to be a superstar, then it will be because Detroit developed him correctly, not on talent alone. Ferraro had no chance in hell of falling to us. I don't know the the frack the Islanders didn't draft him and took koskinen of all people, when he probably would have been there for their next pick. It would have been great publicity, seeing as Ray played for the Islanders.
  5. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Players from europe junior leagues often arent in it, with the exception of Vasyunov, Hedman, Zharkov, etc.