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  1. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Oh so, as he aged and missed a few games he becomes "injury prone". I guess the majority of his career as the NHL iron man means nothing, right? But sure, let's ignore that fact and go with your reasoning. In the 6 seasons after his iron man streak was broken, he played all 82 games in 3 of the 6. In 2 of the 3 seasons containing injuries he played more then 72 of the 82 games, and in one seasons did miss a substantial amount of time due to injury. A study in 2012 reported that 63% of players in the NHL miss at least one game over the season, with the average being around 9 games. Placing Hendrik Sedin right on the medium for the 2 seasons with minor injuries. So the straight facts are that the majority of his career was league leading iron man, 2 of his 3 injury seasons were literally league average and 1 seasons he has a obvious injury. The facts say you are wrong.
  2. Nikita Tryamkin | D Why don't you check number one.
  3. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Dude that's pretty hypocritical.
  4. Battles at camp

    I think we will see two different groups of battles at camp. The players who are jockeying for position into the top 6, and those who are fighting for a job. I think we will see Eriksson pushing his way into a top 6 position. I honestly see him starting on the top line with Bo and Brock. He is a great player and is due a bounce back season. I'm sure he is not alright with now the last 2 seasons have gone, and being the eldest on the team will lead the team as that veteran presence with the Sedins gone. I think we see Pettersson make the team, and center the 2nd line. Realistically it is more likely he starts on the wing and moves in later, but I think he starts as our 2C. Him and Baertschi will build the base of our 2nd line. I think the bubble players for the 2RW position are Ganger, Goldobin, Granlund and Virtanen. I personally don't think Virtanen is there, yet. I'm hoping it's Goldobin who took the off season serious, but he has yet to show me he has the ability to do so. I'm personally meh about Ganger, but should he fine as our 2RW or 2C if Pettersson isn't ready yet. Honstly would like to see him moved. Granlund is my boy, but not sure he is a hit there. Hope he proves me wrong. Roussel and Sutter will be our 3rd line with Virtanen, Leipsic or Granlund. My guess is Granlund since him with Sutter or Dorsett was a great line last year. Beagle and Schaller, if he is healthy, will play on the 4th. With who ever between the players above can't. Eriksson-Horvat-Boeser Baertschi-Pettersson-Goldobin Roussel-Sutter-Granlund Leipsic-Beagle-Virtanen Gaunce/Ganger Schaller recovering from his hand. Ganger traded or Gaunce sent down. I think Hughes goes back to college or AHL. No need to rush him. Hutton comes back strong, Pouliot plays as 7th until Hutton or MDZ gets traded or scratched. Edler-Stetcher Hutton-Tanev MDZ-Gudbranson Pouliot
  5. Quinn Hughes Vs Rasmus Dahlin!

    Everything makes Dahlin better the Hughes. He is just superior in every mesaureable. Hughes is a fantastic talent and could be our first true number 1 D, but Dahlin has just as likely of a chance of being the NHLs number one D.
  6. [Value Of] Tyler Johnson

    Pacioretty. Montreal gets a young ish center to play in their top 6. Tampa gets a left winger to play with Stamkos and Kucherov for their cup run and saves half a million in cap. Win win?
  7. Pacioretty will score a team at least 60 points this year for a 4.5 million cap hit. Max would be an outstanding peice for a team to acquire for Stanley Cup run. Provides solid leadership and is a great value, Montreal should receive a nice haul for him. That being said, it's Montreal... so they will probably mess this up...
  8. Guy wants to get paid. Has spent the last few years on a very cap friendly contract. He would get 8 in FA, one would think
  9. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

    I'll think about it
  10. The problem with our outlook on our team

    Taveres is completely irrelevant in the subject at hand, prospects. That is simply yet another stroke of great luck, much like their current top player in Mathews. How about this.. If in 15 years our rebuild isn't done yet, we can tear the team to the ground and make an embarrassment of our franchise and call it a day in the name of moving forward. Until then, I'm going to whole heartedly support the mangement group who did their very best to maintain a competitive franchise (all be it a losing battle due to circumstances) while turning around our prospects pool from one of the bottom 5 worse in the league, to top 5 best. My canucks jersey will stay on my back where it belongs, not on the ice.
  11. The problem with our outlook on our team

    They also started their rebuild years and years before us. The comparison between Toronto and Vancouver is fundamentally flawed. They threw their team to the wolf's and had fans wearing bags on their heads and throwing jerseys on the ice. It's amazing what winning a draft lottery can do for the franchise, isn't it?
  12. The problem with our outlook on our team

    Dobber prospect rating just put us at 4. While I understand this is just one ranking, I think it was a fair, unbiased opinion. We have top end talent at D, forward, and goal tending. We even have built some decent depth in many positions excluding RD and LW. I don't think its unreaonsable to conciser us top 5, even with my blatant homerism aside.
  13. Quinn Hughes | D

    I think it's to early to call Lockwood a "complete write off". Apart from his injury issues he has succeeded at all levels of hockey with recognition at the international level. His shoulder could definitely hinder his career going forward, but I would not be willing to label him as a bust. He has the skills set and work ethic to make a fantastic bottom 6 winger in the NHL. Apart from him though, you are spot on about the rest of that draft.
  14. 2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    Speak for yourself. I'm gonna boo that little butt head regardless of the outcome of the draft lotto. I boo him sitting at home on my couch, I'm gonna really let him have it in person. I have been waiting for this.