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  1. Did you seriously just 'Trump' the decline of the Canucks attendance and revenue...?
  2. Nope. They were drafted Canucks, they will retire Canucks. I would not be against trading them to a playoff team for the soul reason of seeing them win a cup, but I do not see it happening. There are few players I have ever witnessed that deserve a cup more then them *cough*Linden*.
  3. Bummer. Guy is a warrior and brings it every game regardless of circumstance. Love what he brings to the team, particularly during a rebuild when work ethic is a contagious quality. Luckily Burr has stepped up in a big way in that regard, and our backend is supplying the sandpaper that we lack in the forward group. Get will soon Dors!
  4. Since the 05/06 season the Leafs have made 1 playoff appearance. In the same amount of time the canucks have made the post season 7 times. I should surely hope the Leafs rebuild is ahead of ours, they have been earning it with pure suck for the last 10 years.
  5. Depends on cost to aquire but if the price is reasonable, why not. Our team lacks skill and playmaking prowess and I could see spooner working with Eriksson and Granny. What are the thoughts on price for him?
  6. Man, we are so fortunate this kid chose to come home. Having Troy in our organization could be a major game changer long term (already has been).
  7. Right in the middle. Previous to JB I would have easily rated us bottom 5. We now sit with a stacked roster of D prospects in Olli,Try, Pedan, Brise, Stetch, Olsen, ect, leaving us with a bright future in the back end. From the top of my head Gillis got us Hutt and Sub. Our net has Demko and Gart, and our offense looks substantially more promising.
  8. Why don't you send them a personal message complaining about it?
  9. Have not had cable for about 4 years before this summer. Didn't know they abolished ppv games, glad they did. I have watched the games this year on 360 but my landlords are constantly tweaking the cable, must have got rid of 360. Least I have my trusty stream I have used the last few years.
  10. That's what I'm seeing as well. Thank God we have CDC so we can be provided with cheeky responses for legitimate questions.
  11. Well not the paperview ones. And all I can find is curling, football, and 360 says no programming
  12. Is this game on tv?
  13. Really? Not going to delve deeper into this then correcting your basic grammar. I really don't care about spelling on a message board dedicated to meat and potatoes on ice, not my business. But if you're going to attempt to insult my education dude, use proper punctuation next time.
  14. I would have placed the canucks prospect pool bottom 5 in the league the day Gillis was fired. Do you disagree?
  15. Oh man... Poor Suttsy