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  1. Not a dig, but man it's a shame that pass was a bit of a flub. That play was incredible, and a shot on net would have been huge. He had the right idea though, if Lui would have received that puck he was wide open. Great heads up play
  2. Why though? Not only does Sedin never take shootout attempts, but even if it does play out that way he would still only have 999 points. A penalty shot would be a different story. That would be awesome.
  3. Tryamkin at 6'7. Edler is 6'3. Gud, 6'5. Tanev and Sbisa are tough as nails in their own ways. Biega has one of the highest hits/minute on the team. Hutton beefed up in the summer substantially. Stetcher is short, but still wins puck battles with the body. Have you watched this team at all this year? Back end toughness is one of the things I'd say this team is ahead of the curve on.
  4. I'm not FORCED to do a god damn thing, I CHOOSE to be a Canuck fan. Sure I was born into it, but it was my choice to stick it out in thick or thin. Fact of the matter is we went for the cup and it didn't pan out for us. Our last gm sold the farm for his shot and we fell just short leave us with a broken roster and prospect lineup. If you want tic tac toe hockey switch to a Pittsburgh game for a couple years. At this stage in Canucks history we are graciously seeing out 2 of the best player who ever laced up the skates while welcoming in the new era of young Canucks. Jim Benning can't make diamonds out of dog s**t, nor was he ever expected to. He's rebuilding this team without an embarrassing blow up. For years Leafs and Oilers fans wore bags on their heads and threw jerseys on the ice. I don't know about you, but I do not want that to be this teams legacy. If i have to watch structured hockey for a couple of years while the team transitions, so be it. I will gladly do so. If it means that my boys can sweak out some greasy wins in these years and quite frankly play out side of their expectations (65 point year) while getting bounced in the first round. Fantastic, ill wear my jersey every game day. I see Benning doing his best to build a Canucks team who will win out first cup, so i'll hope for the best and cheer for them in the mean time.
  5. I love the direction. I would rather watch a team play their best hockey and fight for wins, over a embarrassing tear down like the Leafs. I'm entirely on board with what JB is doing here.
  6. 100% incorrect. Pre draft Benning said he had 4 forwards and 1 defensemen in his top 5. Clearly he had Oli exactly where he took him in the possibility that PLD was no longer available when he was picking.
  7. The thing about Granny that I didn't see coming was his shooting ability. Everything I had seen from him previous to this season led me to believe he was the playmaker on a line, but he has a wonderfully refreshing shoot first mentality. Quick release, accurate, and not affraid to take shots. Looks like he has 7th most shots on the entire team and is on pace for 20 goals. Sutter is also in the top 7, and Eriksson who's often on the line is also there. That line is producing a to of shots on goal, in a primarily matchup roll on the team. What's not to love about that line and Granny as a young player. I'm also happy that he has grown comfortable with playing as a winger. In the start of the season I had him penciled as a C, because he had said that he was most comfortable there. But he has shown to work well in the wing, and unless he improves his face off ability greatly, I would much rather see him on the wing. Go Granny go
  8. Man I'm so content with how this has played out so far, I feel like it was me and @ThrustyPrusty89 against the world when this trade happened. So far Granny has exceeded even my expectations and has shown to be a dangerous and versatile player on the ice. Now we have to find a way to keep him protected during the expansion, because I see him being an important middle 6 player for us moving forward.
  9. Oh dear.... I'm a pretty open person and not one to judge, but I will never be able to comprehend the whole 'bronie' thing. It makes zero sense to me and frankly makes me feel uncomfortable. Not sure why. No offense to anyone who enjoys it, I just really don't get it. Anyways... Go canucks, this game is kind of a must win after loosing to the preds. Can't keep letting easy points slip away if we want to make the playoffs. 3-0 canucks EDIT... Now I'm actually curious, what is it about ponys that is the appeal? Is it like spong bob, a kids show that has some generally funny parts that adults can enjoy? Is it like pokemon, and brings back the nostalgic factor of being a carefree kid? (I don't feel like it's this since when people were young it was targeted at females and the majority of fans I see now seem to be adult males). Again, I mean no offense, I just want to know.
  10. If anything, I think his size could lend to him being underrated. Its easy to declare a player to only be good because he has to crouch to get through doors. Watching Try this year has shown he is more then just a huge body. He makes high iq plays, works hard every shift, and is highly motivated to get better. The fact he could crush Ivan Drago is just a plus. As for the Russian comment, far more Russians stay here in the NHL then ship back to the motherland. Plus, Nikita has already proven how committed he is to playing in the best league in the world. He worked his ass off to get here, I'm not particularly worried about him bolting. Also, for stars not leaving. Kovalchuk says hi. I get it's only one player but in contradicts your theory even further. But I fully agree with one part, I would HATE to see us loose him.
  11. Always liked this kid due to geographical convenience. Really glad he found a home and is playing well.
  12. What a backhand.. This kid is a stud.
  13. Not in the NHL, in the world. The Canucks are the single greatest sports franchise in the history of organized sports. Not sarcasm, just my opinion.
  14. That kids getting a dog!
  15. You managed to pick the one player they said they would not trade, their best Dman (the position they are looking to solidify), and a top prospect with rising stock. Then completely 100% fleeced them on the process. Bravo.