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  1. I have tried, unfortunately you have yet to make any point. I eagerly await when you finally explain.
  2. Can't change font size on a phone, changed after quoting something. But again, you ignore the conversation and personally attack. You have said nothing of any substances this entire conversation.
  3. If you don't know why it's different, this is a lost cause. I attempted to open a conversation with you in private around this subject weeks ago. You ignored me, and when you finally responded it was unintelligent name calling. Those aren't the kind of conversations worth having. But since you seemingly won't drop it it.. Players excelling in their sport in memory of their biggest supporter is very common. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Marky play his best game of the year his first game back after the loss of his father? St. Louis scored a goal for his late mother in the playoffs a number of years ago. In 2010 Joannie Rochette the figure skater lost her mother, and decided to push forward for her. Ended up having one of he best performances of her life in the Olympics and became Canadas flag carrier. Tiger Woods lost his father, then man who taught him to golf. Once he came back, he won and said "I’m kind of the one who bottles things up a little bit and moves on, But at that moment, it just came pouring out. And of all the things that my father has meant to me and the game of golf, I just wish he would have seen it one more time.” This is a very common thing in sports. Often a athletes biggest fan was their parents. Parents of high level athletes sacrifice so much for their children, as do all parents. As a final memorial to play at an elevated level for the their inspiration is common and happens frequently. I could find dozens of other examples of this happening as well. comparing what I said to all that crap is not only ridiculous but insanely disrespectful to the performances of these athletes for their late parents. I feel like you must believe in what your saying, or you wouldn't have blown up in our private messages with all that childish behavior. But you have a bias in place that is fogging your ability to see what I'm saying is a logical and normal part of sports, and life in general. Loosing loved ones is some of the most difficult times in a person's life. Being able to excel through those times and make your loved ones proud is what every human strives to do. If you would like to explain to me your point of view, and what I might be missing like I asked you to before, be my guest. But if your response is going to be overly emotional and rude like in our private exchange, let's just drop it.
  4. This makes zero sense at all. It is different. You can have what ever opinion you want to have, and I can have mine. Based off how you spoke to me in our private message exchange weeks back, we have nothing to talk about. You resorted to name calling immediately and still haven't said anything worth listening to on the subject.
  5. Yes. I have been a vocal supporter that the Canucks could win a cup this season for one reason. Markstrom. That guy has played out of his mind for the majority of the year, and had an extremely emotional year with the loss of his father. Playoffs can be won by a goalie, we have seen that first hand. If Markstrom catches fire, he could will the Canucks to a cup for his Dad. I firmly believe that. That guy showed incredible force of will this year with his play, and I know that must have been at least in part for his father.
  6. I'm absolutely shocked with the amount of ignorance some people are showing during this. If you for one second are questioning why we are staying home, they you have zero idea what is happening in the world right now. I'm not sure I been so collectively disappointed in so much of humanity. Young people down south, older populations here, god just click on the comments on anything Trudeau does on Facebook... Anyone who questions the severity of what we are facing right now is severely underestimating and under educated on a global scale of what's currently happening, and what we are risking happening in our own back yards..
  7. voting Linden, nominating Burr
  8. I'm so incredibly disappointed in you, Alf...
  9. Been trying to stay away from my phone as much as possible to not get caught in phone loops while social distancing while I'm stuck at home. I had to temporarily (hopefully) close my practice so I have some extra time on my hands. Decided to come check this thread out. What a terrible decision that was. I can't believe there is anyone even questioning why we are supposed to be staying at home.. That is honestly infuriating. Unbelievable.
  10. I can't in good faith vote for Hank without Danny as number 1. It makes much more sense for them to go 2nd and 3rd behind Captain Canuck.
  11. That stuck out to me weird too. Based off his numbers, which were pretty outstanding at the NCAA, he seems like a pretty offensive player. He mentioned he saw Lockwood as a top 9 or 4 energy guy. But just sees MM as a pk guy. I don't really know the style of game he plays. Anyone pay better attention this year?