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  1. I took the day off work, I'm going to spend the day appeasing the universe for a chance the hockey gods shine down upon our cursed franchise. I'm not even kidding. You are all welcome, for the 2nd overall pick.
  2. Agreeded, he would be a elite 2nd liner on a deep team in his prime. Which is essential his exact role when he was playing on the 2nd line with Kes during the canucks best years. I understand the concept that a 6th overall hoping to be a sure thing first liner. But I fully believe that Jake could be our elite 2nd liner when this team wins the cup in the coming years. At this point, I'm not hoping for a first liner, and I even think that at the time of his draft he wasn't being drafted as such. He was being drafted as a playoff monster, game changing 2nd liner on a cup winning team, a la Burrows.
  3. 12 seasons with our team, becoming one of the faces of the franchise while being the epitome of hard work and dedication towards your team and city. Worked his way from a 4th line grinder to a first line player picking up almost 70 points in his prime while being a rock defensively. At the time of Jake's draft, obviously we were shooting for a first line power forward game changer. At this point a Burrows would be huge.
  4. If his career turns out anything similar to Burrs I think we consider our selfs very lucky!
  5. In his prime Hamhuis was one of the masters of the hip check. He dished out some of the bigger quality hits on the team through those years. As for quantity, his hit totals are low (mind you still over 1 per a game over his career) due to the fact that he plays a very sound defensive game with his stick and doesn't always require the body. The guy has averaged over 22 minutes of ice time a night over his career and came out plus 74 (with little offense like you mentioned). You must be new to the canucks to think hes overratted, because only at the tail end did his play slip below fantastic.
  6. Proof that 4.20 can be every day if you put your mind to it.
  7. Trade one young D man who has already proven himself at the NHL level, plus a chance at 1, maybe 2 more prospects, for Just a chance at a D prospect who in theory may or may not work out? While I agree Cal would be a fantastic addition to our prospect pool, Hutton is not the way to obtain him. That's how you oiler a rebuild.
  8. Zero fact, 100% opinion. He was offered an extension, averaged close to 17 minutes in his rookie year, and the only time he was kept out of games is at his own fault for not coming to work prepared.
  9. @ForsbergTheGreat how much do you love that?
  10. What's brown and sticky? A stick.
  11. Both those players could not even crack the line up. Bo is our leading scorer. In my opinion neither player will be better then Bo at all, but i have been wrong before.
  12. My current order would probably sit... Gerrard Gallant Darryl Sutter Travis Green Marc Crawford excited to see who they choose.
  13. Then why have you already wrote him off as an AHL player?
  14. I would be absolutely shocked if he makes the team next year.