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  1. I would have taken Glass at 5 because I'm a simpleton and it made sense. But I LOVE the Elise pick.
  2. Scouting reports say Pettersson is very sound defensively. I have watched the tape and I can say he seems very good in his own end and back checks hard from what I have seen. His scouting reports call him a 2 Way forward with elite offensive upside and he himself describes himself as a 2 way guy that loves to score goals. I don't know where you get your info from, but to say Mittel is going to be good defensively but Pettersson won't be seems like a load to me.
  3. Then leave. The majority of us are positive about our team and support what our GM is trying to do. If positivity pisses you off, leave.
  4. A, 10/10, two thumbs up. Bummed we didn't get Glass, but stoked about Pettersson.
  5. The more I think about this pick, the more I love it. drafting 2 'power forwards' in the 2nd round just did wonders solidifying some size and toughness into a prospect pool that was finally developing some skill but lacked some hard nosed physicality. Guys like Virtanen, Lind, Gadjovich, and even Lockwood can hopefully supply some much need sandpaper to this future lineup. The future is starting to look bright here, it's amazing how different our prospect cupboard looks after just a few years on Benning compared to when he got here.
  6. Seems to have good size and he's a righty, no complaints here. Looking at his stats, looks like he might have some physicality or a mean streak in his game, 172 pm in 50 games in 14-15 and 94 pm in 90 games in the OHL. What's this kids play style like?
  7. In the best way. I have this thing with one of my best friends called 'Fun Finn Fact Friday'. Every Friday (kinda, I have been running out of material the last year or so) I try to post an interesting tidbit of information about Finland or a Finnish person on his facebook profile. No idea why it's a thing, but it is. I grew up with Trevor Linden and Jyrki Lumme as my 2 favorite players, and my favorite players to ever play outside the Canucks are Teemu Selanne and Martin St. Louis. Obviously I'm going to love this kid.
  8. Love the pick. People who know me here know I have a weird fascination with Finland, so having more Finns in the prospect pool is always a plus for me. Don't know the kid, but sounds like he has high end offensive potential. I see no reason not to take a flyer in the 6th round on potential, seems like a typical boom or bust late rounder. almost 100 points this year in the OHL, pretty impressive. Welcome aboard Petrus!
  9. Totally stoked on our picks so far today. Benning is killing it, but is anyone else supris ed we haven't taken a D yet? I thought we might be heavy on them this draft.
  10. Nice! Power forward LW he score 46 goals. Great pick. Wonder if we will see a D or a G at 64
  11. 33. Hague, Robertson, Timmins, Anderson-Dolan, Comtois 55. Salo, Boqvist, Mismash I love that pick at 33. Essentially a late round 1st, so stoked.
  12. #diveforDahlin
  13. BOO YEAH! Pumped on the kid. I'll admit he wasn't my first choice, not even my 2nd or 3rd, but what do I know. (Vilardi, Makar, Glass for the record) I think we have a real gem in this kid. Benning went for a home run and drafted a player with one of the highest offensive ceilings in this draft. Been working all day so haven't had a chance to read this thread yet. I bet money that the same few people that complain about Virtanen in his thread have popped in here already to share their vast amounts of wisdom Welcome aboard Pettersson! Stoked to have you!
  14. god damn... I go into my next treatment at 4:15 for 60 minutes. My patient will have my total and undivided attention... Gonna miss the whole festivities...
  15. Liljegren is shaping up to be this years Chychrun. If anyone remembers from last year, Chychrun is who I was gunning for almost the entire year. He saw his stock drop greatly in the last half of the year. I think both players will be a great steal if Liljegren ends up dropping to around the mid point of the first round like Chychrun did. I could see Vegas taking him with one of their mid picks.