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  1. I think its time to move on and go ahead with Marky. IF Miller wants to take a pay cut knowing games are to be split 50/50 or 60/40 next year, sure, bring it on. If he wants to hold fort as a starter I think it's time to give Marky the reins and see what we have in him. With the way he has played this year, I wouldn't be surprised if a contending team picks him up for a cup push.
  2. Yeah, he's been great lately. Hope the kid can earn himself a contract in the last leg of the season. Love his shot, it's something this team has been missing for awhile now. If him a Brock both play themself onto the team next year we will be seeing alot more quality shots on net.
  3. Boucher has the charisma of an eggplant. Still like him though, reminds me of Wellwood for some reason.
  4. Could exposing Bulldog as a forward be a way of protecting Gaunce through the draft? If we waited to sign Gaunce until after the draft, we could expose Bulldog in his place and sign him after the draft takes place. Even if it's not Bulldog, would this theory work with Shampoo or Mega?
  5. I was an OG Granny supporter around here (check the Granny talk). I liked this trade from day one. While I agree with just about everything you say, you're seeming to refute that at the time Hunter was our best 'scoring' prospect. At the time he was being pencilled into our first line sniper alot because we litterally had few other choices. I completely agree that he was a long shot at best. Things have changed vastly in the last few years.
  6. Just saw the flying over Canada at Canada place for the first time. The video experience in the beginning has some pretty moving Burrows stuff. Little bit of a lump in my throat, not gonna lie.
  7. At the time hunter seemed to be our best scoring prospect and people were unsure of what Granny brought to the table. Luckily Benning knocked this trade out of the park and the legend of this thread continues.
  8. This, he seems to look more dangerous coming down his off side. Is he playing LW down there, or still on the right?
  9. Benning stated before the draft he had 4 forwards, and 1 D in the top 5 of this draft. The way things played out, he got the D he wanted. I think Tkachuk is, and will be a very dynamic player in the game. That being said, completely content with Olli. I see him being a top pair anchor for this team long term. I don't see him as the top D showman, I see him as the guy who makes the "top" D look better then he is, if that makes sense. The Ohlund to Jovo. Steady all around play can help an offensive D man get the room and freedom he needs to flourish. I think some of Tkachuks personality issues and on ice antics might have player a roll in the choice. He tends to play on the edge, and from what I have seen even pretty dirty at times. With the reputation the Canucks have had, I think pushing character was above all. Obviously you need player who play with an edge on the team, but I presume Benning didn't think he was that player.
  10. Yeah I was pushing for the kid hard after the brief stint we saw of him last year. That being said, I completely underestimated his abilities. I had him labeled as a 3/4th line 2 way forward with a offensive flare for playmaking. I did not see him coming in this year and pushing his way into the top 6 and fighting for the team lead in goals. Very pleasantly surprised.
  11. New guy is feisty. Please do, would be a nice break from one sentence paragraphs.
  12. Congratulations. I do believe that is the longest CDC post I have ever seen, and I have seen my fair share..
  13. Disappointed you didn't get my pulled pork sandwich.
  14. I have personally heard Boesers coach say they are fully expecting him to make the jump to pros this summer in a interview. Benning has been quoted saying he's going to get him signed This off-season. Craig Button has said he's NHL ready and will make the jump. This whole FA walking thing is much less common then the player signing with his drafting team. Quit making mountains out of molehill.