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  1. (Discussion) Pending UFA - M.Lucic

    I would die happy if we picked up Ladd and Buff long term. Doan is my favorite player but no way he comes here. He stays out or goes to a contender for a year.
  2. Rolling 4 lines and have 4 lines producing points are 2 vastly different things
  3. West Coast Express night Dec. 7th

    They were incredible. I grew up on them. And it was the single most perfect set up of a line. Sniper-Playmaker-Powerforward. It was perfect and they had chemistry that didn't even make sense.
  4. West Coast Express night Dec. 7th

    Fantastic. This pleases me.
  5. Really? I assume you mean Galchenyuk, and that kid is a hell of a player. Him and practically 2 first round picks?  Then they also loose their best player in the 2nd line. Doesn't help with the scoring at all. Bad bad trade.
  6. [Waivers] Max Talbot

    Dream? It's not a matter of Benning not doing it, it can't be done.. When you pick up a player you can't send them to the WHO affiliate team unless your the maple leafs.
  7. [DISCUSSION] Upcoming Free Agents

    I think Lucic is coming home. I personally don't think it's a good idea, but with him and Virtanen in the top 6 in a couple years we would become a very difficult team to play against. I understand the appeal of the guy, but the canucks already have a reputation. We already get called on things a lot of teams would be gifted a slide due to the reputation over the last few years. I think it's getting better, but Lucic could be a step back. Personally I would love to see Ladd. The dude is a legitimate competitor and would for well with the top 6 we are constructing. I also think he might work well the the twins. As a fall back I wouldn't mind seeing Boedker in a canuck jersey. He could fit in our top 6 nicely.  As for D, would target Alex Goligoski. Quick, mobile, offensive and is a perfect power play quarterback. Just what the canucks need. And I think he plays the 2nd pairing R with Hammer resigned on the L. Next year leaving us with elder/tanev, hammer/Golio, and then Pizza/Hut. Much more formidable in my opinion. Alternatively we could look at Jason Demers. Another righty that could fill our 2nd pairing.
  8. Lol cause the Canadiens would love that trade..
  9. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    Confirmed via NHL app
  10. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    I said what I meant and meant what I said. The Cowboys average 3 goals a game, we just have to outscore them tonight.
  11. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    Offense better pick it up if we want a win tonight. 4-3 canucks.
  12. [DISCUSSION] Upcoming Free Agents

    Ladd. He's a character guy. I hope to high hell we can land Ladd, guy is a true warrior and those guys don't come around all that often.
  13. [Rumour] Canadiens interested in Vrbata (Eklund)

     Completely agree dude. I think this trade deadline and summer will be massive for him. I really feel like he has a plan and he's executing it on his own terms. I'm a huge fan of his.
  14. [Rumour] Canadiens interested in Vrbata (Eklund)

    I heard him refered to that. GMJMFB, general manager Jim mother...... Benning and thought it was hilarious. Can't remember which thread it was in, but I said it once and ever since my phone has auto corrected to that, so I just allow it. It was a shame loosing Clend, but Sutter is far better for our team then Bones. You can see that with the drastic change in our team when he got hurt. I still think it was a solid trade.  And glad you agree about Ham. Yes he is great and would have made our D core better, but we just couldn't afford to give up the assets as other teams can.