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  1. Granlund is feisty, he can stick up for himself if need be. We did loose some toughness in Tryamkin and more importantly Sbisa last year which sucks. Guddy should hopefully be healthy all year providing some pushback, leader ship (and hopefully better play) from the back end. Dors will looking to make up for lost time last year. We saw some young guys do what they need to do in Hutton and Horvat last year. Further more guys like Lebate, Pedan, Virtanen act could step up during injuries to help out if the team needs some extra push back. When Biega plays he leads the team in hits and he should probably see some time in the NHL or at least be leading the team in the AHL helping develop guys like the previous mentioned. I'm not to worried about grit, let's make sure we can score some goals and go from there.
  2. Man 8 years of him and McDavid up the middle in Edmonton... Good for them, I guess...
  3. Teams going to be named the Kansas City Misery. Calling it.
  4. Not going to answer your poll. The obvious (to me) answer that was omitted is "play on other teams around the world, unless they push themself onto spots on the team with fantastic play". I think any kid should have the opportunity to play if he looks far superior to the player that would likely be playing the same position. I would like to see Olli is Europe, Brock with Horvat, and Virt starting in the AHL with stints for injury call up and maybe earning a spot by the TDL. If Goldy looks shockingly ready then he gets a spot, but I want to see him on the top line in Utica. When the sharks traded him they mentioned he wasn't quite ready for the big leagues and needed a little more time. I will reaervse judgement till pre season, but based off last year I would agree. If have players in Rodin/Bouch that could fill his spot, and even they don't have a sure spot.
  5. Challenging someone is fine. This entire board is for fans who want to discuss the game with other fans. Challenging someone by just acting like a high and mighty jerk is unnecessary and rude. Who hurt you?
  6. Ahhh ok, makes sense. I'm sad Uncle Willie had to go. I liked the guy, but I'm more excited about coach Green. My patience wore thing with Willie last year.
  7. Nice response. Very good job sounding like a huge jerk. What I said is Gaunce had crazy good fundamentals (defense and under lying numbers) but looked worried about making mistakes and didn't let his offence flow (5 points, no goals). All which are true. I have re-read your response multiple times and I can't figure out where you disagree with I said enough to justify such an rude response. Well done.
  8. Gaunce. The guy has such strong fundamentals its crazy. Looks like a true power forward in the AHL but seemed like he was trying to hard to be perfect for uncle Willie which stifled his offence. I think we see a strong year this year.
  9. IMO this is pretty fair. I would place Brock at about 4th though myself behind Hischier, McAvoy, and Keller in that. When it's all said and done I think he will be at 2nd since I doubt Keller will have as much opportunity in the lineup as Brock will. Hischier has a good chance of playing top line minutes with Hall, and McAvoy could be anywhere in the line up from first paring to 3rd realistically. I wouldn't sleep on Jost this year, I think he has the opportunity to play meaningful minutes this year. I would love to see Brock stick on the top line with Bo and pot 30 goals and win the calder... Man that would be great.
  10. Baer - Bo - Boeser Danny - Hank - Loui/Granny Granny/Loui - Suttsy - Gagner Rodin - Burmistrov - Dors Gaunce (if he's healthy he'll be on the 4th) Eddy - Stecher Hutty- TanMan Del Zotto - Guddy Pedan Marky Nilsson realistically I think this is our most likely opening night lineup.
  11. 1- Exceed everyone's expectations? Eriksson 2- Be the greatest disappointment? Rodin 3- Get traded soonest?(any player in org) Tanev 4- Get dealt(Canuck, not farm-hand) at TDL? Dorsett 5- Heroically, save a crying bambino from a 5-alarm fire?! Guddy 6- Make undoubtedly, the most BEAUTIFUL, memorable play of the year? Horvat
  12. Maybe it's a sign?
  13. I really like Griffen Molino's game. He's fast, tenacious and has some offensive skill. I was impressed with him in my limited viewings last year. I think he has a good chance of being a decent 3rd line player or great 4th line roll player. Went with him last time, going with him again. Going with him over Palmu because of NHL potential.
  14. Does Dobber hate defensemen? Having Olli that low should be a crime, and even Brisebois got shafted pretty hard. The Brisebois part might be purely opinion though, because I think he's going to be a solid player. Also shocked to see no McEneny, he had a great season last year.
  15. First Nations, Irish, German