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  1. Expect Loui was getting scratched by Green at the end of the season because of his generally suckyness. Those comments have nothing to do with Ferland in the slightest. They have everything to do with Louis play as a Canuck in comparison to the money he signed for. Nothing about this post was a fair statement.
  2. I know it's a Photoshop, but that jersey looks slick as hell
  3. Sutter played his best offensive hockey as a Canuck on a line with the twins, great playmakers. So if you're trying to squeeze more offense out of him, that's just plain wrong
  4. Bumping a crazy old thread because I need to tell someone. I play a level 1 account beside my main file. I have been playing level 1 since April, and reached challanger 2 today... I'm currently ranked 206 in the world at level 1. Feels good
  5. Damn this team has become much more meaty then the Canucks we are used to. Me likey.
  6. He took a charging penalty in the 15 playoffs vs... come on memory... Tanev? And if it recall it lead to a double minor cause he ran Lack over while we had possession still.
  7. Wow. Our top 6 is going to look vastly different with Ferland and Miller in it. Impressive. Expecting that the contract will look decent based off the fact we don't have money to overpay him.
  8. Benning seemed to think highly of both Teves and Rafferty when addressing why they didn't draft any D in this year's draft. Curious to see what they both bring to, presumably, Utica this year. Wouldn't be surprised to see both players play a game or two filling in for injuries. Gotta love depth
  9. Remember when Oilers fans were calling him a first line player because McDavid was carrying him? Fun times.
  10. So we trade for Gusev, and then trade him away with Eriksson? I'd rather just keep them both and dump cap else where.
  11. Well damn... I did miss it. Honestly it's late and I can get a bit defensive over our little island here. Big Island actually.
  12. Born and raised Island, it's the most beautiful place in the world and if you disagree then you must be doing it wrong
  13. Seems like a bad idea to throw him in the top 6 when he has minimal NHL experience and doesn't even project to be a top 6 forward in the first place. Would rather we set him up for success instead of Edmontoning him
  14. At this point a doubt his cap would exceed his impact. There must be a reason when no one has stepped up and signed him yet. My guess is he is looking to be overpaid in FA and teams sent wanting to pay him what he is looking for.
  15. Great player who fell victim of the youth movement. He always did anything that was asked of him, and never seemed to complain. Always liked Granny and wish him the best, even on the Oilers (not like they are much of a threat anyways) @Cramarossa you holding up ok?
  16. Right? The only person on twitter trying to use more characters in his tweets. Why use 1 number when when letters will do?
  17. Wow, go Benning. That Myers deal looks even better now.
  18. Really happy with this signing. Decent money, great term. This could have been bad, but instead looks like a good signing
  19. Huh, never had it. Thanks for the lead friend. Literally nothing more enjoyable then a cup of black coffee to start the day. That is the mountain I'll die on.
  20. Your preaching to the choir friend. But you try telling a 56 year old bush man that filling a growler with brewpub beer is better then 24 packs of bud in every way. It's a hard sell.
  21. It's all matter of perspective. My dad is a real lumberjack (faller), but I now live in the city. In comparison to the other city folk people call me a bush person. But my dad calls me a hipster because I enjoy fresh ground coffee and shopping local. Apparently hipster is either a state of mind, or just what logger father's call their kids who move from small towns.
  22. Must be a cheap contract. Gotta assume that's writing on the wall for Kadri?