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    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks | Mar. 18, 2019

    So do all the teams in the league. Carolina is the youngest team, captained by a 37 year old. I don't see what having veterans on the team has to do with anything if the average age is still so low. That's like going into a McDonalds and judging their exceedingly young staff on the few people in older generations working there. It's still a young group. According to hero sports we were in the youngest 1/4 percentage in the league at the start of the year. Considering the team now has Gaud playing in for Sutter, while the other changes probably cancel each other out, we have got even younger. In case you haven't noticed.
  2. shayster007

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Chicago Blackhawks | Mar. 18, 2019

    Yeah, really sucks. They are playing like a very young team trying to learn what it takes to stay consistent in the hardest league in the world... oh wait.
  3. Hardest pass. Elite skill or top 6 winger with size. We do not need any small skilled players being overpaid in FA. Guy doesn't even strike me as a Benning player in the slightest.
  4. shayster007

    [Rumor] Panarin Interested in Vancouver

    I always assumed he was a signing attempting to prolong the twins career. It didn't work, but it was a solid theory due to their international experiences.
  5. shayster007

    2019 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, BC

    Username checks out...
  6. shayster007

    [Rumor] Panarin Interested in Vancouver

    It was negotiated base around salary, not cap. By paying much of the contract up front in the early years, his salary drops significantly in the later years. This low salary and high cap actually should work very well in a trade scenario with a budget team. Some teams like Ottawa and Arizona have budget restrictions on salaries, but also must maintain a cap floor to be compliant to league rules. A player who carries a larger cap hit accompanied by a low salary, in theory, could be a perfect player on one of those teams. Not to mentioned his play style of being a little things, good for young teams, kinda guy. His contract is indeed buyout proof, but it is also very moveable.
  7. shayster007

    [Proposal] Van and St. Louis trade

    I partially agree with you. I think your evaluation of what it takes to trade for a player like Paryako is correct. I think what you are offering is no where near that. A blue chip, 25 year old, right handed shot is worth gold in the league. The last comparable similar to him I recall being dealt was Jones, and he returned a 1C. I think that is where St.Louis starts their conversation. They would want Horvat, Boeser, or Petey in a hockey trade. If we are pooling together resources for a trade, I think Tanev is the sweetner, not the pot. I believe his value right now is a 2nd or low 1st. Levio was recently traded for an AHL player with low likelyhood of every seeing NHL time. While the trade has looked fantastic for us thus far, I do not see him holding much value in the league. I do not think we have the pieces without offering up one of our core players, or our 1st round pick to acquire a player like Paryako.
  8. shayster007

    [Proposal] Van and St. Louis trade

    I think any trade involving Paryako could start with a 1st round pick. He is blue chip.
  9. shayster007

    [Signing] Canucks sign Josh Teves

    A diploma from Princeton?
  10. shayster007

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers | Mar. 07, 2019

    Pretty sure there are many other reasons people called you a troll. Poo is pretty widely considered bad around here
  11. shayster007

    Jacob Markstrom | #25 | G

    Serious question. Did Markys game turn around when he got rid of that ridiculous helmet with ears? Because I feel like that was the exact time he started playing like a top 10 goalie this year.
  12. shayster007

    [GDT[ Nucks @ Coil Thursday March 7 2019 6pm PST

    Eddie is such a crucial part of this team. Playing with a fire in his belly all year, I'd take a few more years of Eagle playing like this no problem.
  13. shayster007

    [GDT[ Nucks @ Coil Thursday March 7 2019 6pm PST

    Just got home. How's the game been so far? Has demko looked solid?
  14. Only contenders can have a best defender on the team?
  15. shayster007

    [PGT] Toronto Maple Leafs at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 06, 2019

    Win of the year!!!
  16. Come back kids!!!! Suck it leafs!!!!!!
  17. Sweet. Rocking mother mother pre game. The lead singer Ryan is a really great guy.
  18. shayster007

    Is Petey affected by the Dahlén trade?

    Well there's your problem. You are dismissing the 2 most logical reasons that Petey has not looked as dominate as earlier in the season, and are choosing to believe your own dramatic narrative. Both the points mentioned above are far more reasonable and accurate then Petey is depressed about an ex teammate of his being traded.
  19. shayster007

    [GDT] Around the NHL | February/March (24-02) 2019

    Was just going to post this. Pretty crazy stuff. Hail yourself Brad, I guess.
  20. shayster007

    [Rumour] Guance at deadline

    Oh dear.. you are completely delusional. Forget I even engaged in this conversation.
  21. shayster007

    [Rumour] Guance at deadline

    By that logic Michael dal Colle is a better player then Jamie Benn cause a 1st rounder is better then a 5th rounder.
  22. shayster007

    [Rumour] Guance at deadline

    I think he needs another shot in Van. He has not looked terrible here, just a victim of numbers. He had been a rock in Utica and would like to see him have one more shot at the roster next year