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  1. This won't be popular. The Sedins will have a great start to the year, and people will keep saying, "See! The Sedins are no where near being done! They have tons of good hockey left in them!". Which will be true, however, they will fade near the end of January. Although they will prove they are still great players, they will also prove they cannot keep that consistency through a 82 game schedule, and in my mind, should be pushed back to the second line to take some of the pressure and ice time off their shoulders.
  2. Canucks just took a big L

    Yeah. 29th ranked offense. Let's draft a dman.
  3. [Rumour] 30 team rumour list

    Then we're handcuffed come the expansion draft. We would be potentially losing Edler, Tanev, Gudbranson or Faulk/Trouba.
  4. Doesn't that make the 2nd round picks kind of a wash then? Then really CBJ is trading Clarkson for Higgins while moving down 2 spots. I understand Clarkson has a longer contract and bigger cap hit but they need room now to resign Jones.
  5. To Vancouver: David Clarkson 2016 3rd Overall Pick To Columbus: 2016 5th Overall Pick 2017 Condition Draft Pick (The higher of Vancouver's 2nd, or Columbus' 2nd AKA Torts Pick) Andrey Pedan
  6. Canucks & The Expansion Draft

    I'm worried about our defense. I'd assume we would protect Edler, Tanev and Gudbranson, which would leave Tryamkin exposed. It would suck to lose the Russian bear.
  7. Z Hockey said he was going to be a bust and he knows a former NHL ref so you know it's true. Got it?
  8. Okay so we signed Granlund where is our finn??
  9. Fair enough. I'm mainly confused as to why Button thinks we want a Center. If Dubois is taken, I would assume it would be Tkachuk over Brown.
  10. [Discussion] 5th Overall Pick Scenarios

    Winnipeg has sold out every game since coming back into the league. There are no rumors of them relocating. They aren't struggling to sell tickets. The draft lottery wasn't rigged.
  11. Why would he think the Canucks would take a center? We have four centers under the age of 23 currently on our roster. Besides Baer, we only have Daniel Sedin listed as a LW. I don't see how we would pass on Tkachuk.
  12. [Proposal] 2016 Draft

    We got snarl when we took Virtanen over Nylander and Ehlers. This organization hasn't had a true sniper in years. That's why we take Laine.
  13. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    apology for poor english when were you when nikita is come i was sat at home drinking brain fluid when boris ring 'nikita is come' 'no' and you???????
  14. But.. but.. but he's one dimensional! He doesn't have Marty! He'll eat up too much cap!
  15. Of course they wouldn't. It would make it harder to stop the puck. Would changing the width of the pad sacrifice any protection?