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  1. Thats pretty sick.
  2. Jersey arrived today.... Front Back Moose Game Worn Patch small hole and red stain AHL and Reebok logos
  3. I ended up picking up #23. The American record holder for points in WJHC history. Jordan Schroeder Home (white. Jersey he wore for the end of the season and playoffs. which he managed to do this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YuStTwQNeI
  4. Just purchased my latest jersey. Its a moose gamer. will post pics when it arrives..
  5. easiest way to post pics is to create a photobucket account. they are free
  6. i won it from NHL auctions off from NHL.com. won it for a lot less than my max bid.
  7. Here is a list of what i have.... All game worn with LOA's Mason Raymond: 07/08 Moose. tons of wear. has a nice repair job on one of the sleeves. 07/08 Canucks 1st pro Jersey 08/09 Canucks 3rd jersey Jordan Schroeder 09/10 World Junior hockey championship Gold medal jersey :D links to pics are here.... http://s992.photobucket.com/albums/af50/nucks4cup_2009/