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  1. Obviously management feels young guys are ready to roll full time next year, I love the Prust trade. Look how Prust took the good young guys from Montreal and gave them on ice confidence that they wouldn't get destroyed because Prust had their backs. He is exactly what we need with our youth movement.
  2. I love how all of you guys used to throw turds on the "Hodgson Fan Boys". Look at you now, you think Kassian was worth any more than we got, give your heads a shake. He was Lazy! He talked the talk, saying he knew what he had to do to be a better player but didn't want to do it. I'm happy he is gone, and I'm pumped we got Prust! Good trade Benning, I'm glad you don't have the CDC blinders on.
  3. You sir are a sheep, blind and easily led, bred to follow. Just because it's in an article does not make it factual. Now if I hear this from the sedin's or luongo I'll take what they say. As for what MG has to say, ask his players if they trust him, I doubt it
  4. I'm pretty hard on Kassian, I'll admit I'm a Hodgson fan. With that I had high hopes for Kassian tonight, he did not produce and he looked like that slug he's always looked like. If someone says any different then show me the tape
  5. I do think Schroeder has some very good playmaking to offer but will they put him with guys that will help him suceed or just toss him on a line with Weise again
  6. Well incase you missed the boat, I'm talking about a player that would bring us tons of secondary scoring. As for Buffalo's record.. Wait what are you talking about again?
  7. Have you watched any sabers games? Didn't think so.
  8. Hey! It's a god damn process okay, we're getting close to processing with our process. Like I've said before, sounds like some union BS where players with league seniority get to play and young guys get shafted
  9. It still pisses me off to this day, only young player we've had in a long time with massive upside. I like our prospects right now but as for our actual roster today... It's very stale, I feel no excitement about any of our guys.
  10. Kassian for hodgson! Oh wait, buffalo would laugh at us and hang up
  11. Meh, don't care either. Hitting next 50 times on my iPhone just wasn't gonna fly