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  1. The trees are dying, quick, make more carbon dioxide!
  2. Footnote: Trump talks like an idiot and Trudeau is a little bitch, what else is new.
  3. That truely makes sense - good theory
  4. Don't forget that TP man - I have a potential deal in place to purchase half of Australia - they will throw in Tazmania if I make sure it's 3 ply. I'm thinking about tossing in wet wipes to sweeten the deal!
  5. Remember folks this spreads by just breathing - and many cases have been in contact with folks who don't show symptoms - about as bad as those angles can get.
  6. Catch the spirit man, c'mon!
  7. Voice of reason - we have seen all these guys play better - they were sleepin. also...time zones...
  8. You may be right, it may be 100% intentional and meant to hinder our team as a non big market team. They should think out of the box as they can make us into the heel like 2011 and people will watch to cheer against us (like I do with San Jose) lol
  9. I don't see many other teams getting back to back approx 1:00pm est starts - we are the afterthought. And it's not like we have the deepest defence either - not many options there. As I said we are lucky to come out with only the injuries we have - could have been worse. boys were obviously tired during and after this trip - you can't plan to not be tired and it's the leagues responsibility to create a schedule in which teams can be entertaining and sell ad revenue - well you don't do that when the best product isn't available because of an idiotic afterthought way of planning.
  10. I blame the league for giving us a ridiculous schedule for the last week and a half - we are lucky to only have the injuries we suffered - could have been worse - back to normal schedule = back to winning.