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  1. My confidence that he is going to be something special is why I bought a Tryamkin jersey at the arena before the game vs Dallas in October.. And he sure didn't disappoint either!
  2. Arrg coach.... Willie D.... Bffffggg why not all games won? 1 loss, bfffggg should be 6-0 arrggg pffff.. Trade everyone... Burn down the arena... Fire all management... Bffffggg I'm not entitled... Emotions... Feelings.... Angeeerrr.... Arrggg mfffpffftt
  3. Highly agree - building a team takes time.. No more lame attempts, no more band aids and quick fixes, no more over the hill players, no more bs.. For better or for worse (until the team improves, and it will, this strategy will lose some fans).. I seem to remember too, a short time ago when most were calling for an end to mediocrity.. Well, here we go folks, we are already on the way to being a great team.
  4. It's probably been attested to already but I think he's just trying to light a fire under jakes ass
  5. One of my best friends was too pissed off to watch the game, he lives and dies with the team every year.. We played Colorado, Naslund, Tuzzi and Morrison scored, we won 3-0 but missed the playoffs. The most bittersweet game ive ever seen..
  6. Our goal differential speaks volumes here.. Imagine if that average keeps up, and it's for a team that's just coming together with the new additions fitting in more and more each game.. My generally rose colored glasses are become more tinted every day..
  7. I for one am getting sick and tired of unintelligent self indulgent leaders such as CC and her cronies.. We need to adopt more of a take charge attitude as British Columbians because a stance of apathy just makes it easier for politicians to get away with this crap. Talk is cheap, it's time to arm yourselves with rotten veggies and let your actions speak for themselves... Or just become more involved. =)
  8. Me thinks this is a good problem to have... Well, its a perceived problem in CDC, but must be 100% positive from managements point of view..
  9. Uhhhhhh... 18?
  10. Youth is a direction - we've sucked a$$ with a good "grade/power rating" - so maybe we ll be a good team when the pundits think the opposite once again... Calgary sucked last year remember.....
  11. You're... you're crazy, man. I like you, but you're crazy. ;-)
  12. Stupid comment awards go to: You didn't actually watch her the whole time did you? You made a quick snap judgement and that's it. She looks like she was surprised but overall thought it was fun. She had a smile on her face at the end of that scuffle I don't even have to say anything specific here, you guys are judgemental morons. Maybe you're all the problem since you seem to care so much about what people think. Can't be a hypocrite now right? Effin ignorant morons. Maybe you guys and people like you ARE the problem. Instead of high fiving and introducing yourself to others around you, you probably scrutinize people who don't "look" the part. Every time I've gone to a game I've sat beside different walks of life. Five minutes after being there I have introduced myself (not formally) to others around me and everyone is comfortable and they start to join in with my cheers if they weren't cheering already. Why don't you try and induce change instead of complaining about it with a very stupid intolerant attitude and make things better yourselves.
  13. Here we go.... Lol Benning is awesome, he took a team on a downward trend a created an upward trend, what's there not to like. They wanted to make the playoffs and accomplished their goal. We were 2nd in the pacific! Who would have thought we'd beat out teams like LA and help contribute to them not makeing the post season. We now have young guys like Horvat who really stand out in games like the last two(Benning gave him the contract). Who knows if we wouldn't have gone farther these playoffs too if Kassian or Kennins were 100% all the way through, does Benning control who gets injured? I think not! Get your head outta your ass, we got a great season and a very entertaining and hard fought playoffs. Final thought: Those sedins, wow! Now we just need a stronger supporting cast and maybe a line 1a and 1b situation like a few years ago, a top 6 elite is on the horizon with guys like Virtaanen and McCaan. I'm currently looking forward to the rest of the playoffs and a very entertaining summer!