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  1. Thanks for the response! And darn, makes sense.. I wonder how they will combat all the swearing we will now hear from the players, LOL!
  2. Two of the main principals would be Fascism and Authoritarianism. What do I win?! Life in the gulags? Ahh FFFF..
  3. Heres one - does anyone know, if we become a hub city, will we be able to attend games? Ill wear an effin hazmat suit if I have to....with a foam dome!
  4. I came here for this!! Yes, $&!#ty comments, but I don't think kids understand that this is both like saying these things to peoples faces and there is def something different about putting something in writing as opposed to just talking with your friends. Say a $&!#ty thing, maybe that was too harsh, forgotten in 5 mins. Write a $&!#ty thing, and you're a public figure..You could be f**ked son.
  5. If we cross examine this: with this: This should solve most of the debate.. I have work to do, I shouldn't have stepped in here.. lol
  6. This is true, as in Sweden they did exactly this, the numbers are the same infection / death rate relatively per 1000000 people, and because they decided not to lock down they shouldn't see another spike... We need to be careful health wise, but at the same time we need to be careful about our rights and freedoms being infringed on, its a balance, there are idealistic folks who just want to see people be ok, and tyrannical ones also that want to claim power, its dangerous in more than one way, we need to remember that. Also, I'm happier than ever to be a Canadian living in BC, despite our beloved Premier, I'm still happy with how things have been running here. I'm also lucky as I am technically essential, so didn't see much lag in work except for the beginning of March. And lets not forget the happiest fact of all, its obvious our good doctor is a Canucks fan! I have avoided this thread like the plague. This is way too political, we ignore the science when politics come into play. That is all.. Continue the debates everyone, I love you all, and can't wait for the damn season to start
  7. The trees are dying, quick, make more carbon dioxide!
  8. Footnote: Trump talks like an idiot and Trudeau is a little bitch, what else is new.
  9. That truely makes sense - good theory
  10. Don't forget that TP man - I have a potential deal in place to purchase half of Australia - they will throw in Tazmania if I make sure it's 3 ply. I'm thinking about tossing in wet wipes to sweeten the deal!
  11. Remember folks this spreads by just breathing - and many cases have been in contact with folks who don't show symptoms - about as bad as those angles can get.
  12. Catch the spirit man, c'mon!
  13. Voice of reason - we have seen all these guys play better - they were sleepin. also...time zones...
  14. You may be right, it may be 100% intentional and meant to hinder our team as a non big market team. They should think out of the box as they can make us into the heel like 2011 and people will watch to cheer against us (like I do with San Jose) lol
  15. I don't see many other teams getting back to back approx 1:00pm est starts - we are the afterthought. And it's not like we have the deepest defence either - not many options there. As I said we are lucky to come out with only the injuries we have - could have been worse. boys were obviously tired during and after this trip - you can't plan to not be tired and it's the leagues responsibility to create a schedule in which teams can be entertaining and sell ad revenue - well you don't do that when the best product isn't available because of an idiotic afterthought way of planning.