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  3. I'm starting to think that maybe you just don't like old people.
  4. I was asked to show random violence by protestors. I also posted a very unbiased link that shows violence on both sides. One side is covered more than the other, which another of my links shows data regarding. Edit: Other examples of the "National" media not running with stories is: The two boys shot in the Chaz/Chop shot and killed and then the Chaz/Chop protestors/rioters/morons(Take your pick - the definition depends what channel you're watching) that kept him from receiving medical attention / The 5 year Old Boy shot in the head and the immediate increase in violence from the de-fund the police stance in Chicago, including all the children who were shot that first weekend including the 1 year old. I say national media because you can find more honest reporting at the local level. And just spitballing here, but maybe the good that will come from all of this is more focus on the issues on the ground in larger cities across the US. I mean, I care about Chicago's issues now and I'm way over here. =)
  5. Fun stuff eh.
  6. You could very well be right about that. If so, that def is a knock on his character, and the prosecution could have a field day with that. Alternatively if the prosecution uses that as a hill to stand on, that may be a mistake as they will have to prove unequivocally that is him to do so. The defense could have a field day with that if they Ef it up.
  7. For the sake of discussion. Edit: Doing 5 things at once here also, so I made an edit to both not antagonize and further explain.
  8. Was just unnecessary is all. Edit: Its obvious the court of public opinion CDC has been out on this for a while, LOL, Ill keep on being a contrarian. We will see what the verdict is, I don't propose to assume one way or another but I won't parrot any popular narrative here either, the point is discussion, not a "being correct" competition.
  9. Yelling doesn't help. Yes, everyone was just there for hugs and kisses until Kyle showed up, you're right.
  10. It's not a huge leap to assume the violence going the other way in that incident. Its not like they just had pepper spray either.