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  1. Ya, what does Sam Harris know, or a quick look online for the magazine I'm talking about.. To them it is about religion, they believe it as fact. Try to wrap your head around it man, I know it seems crazy, but that's the way it is.
  2. This is factually incorrect. This is why we over here think they hate us. And you're right the foreign policy is and has been &^@#ed up and has led to this in the bigger picture.. But this is not why they hate us, this is not why they attack us. I have read the magazine Isis puts out, and in one of the issues tere was an article entitled why we hate you. Essentially they hate us because we are not Muslim, that's it, no joke. (Taken verbatim) The fact that we think it's foreign policy enrages them more. They are the true chosen ones we are nothing. It's pure religious fanatasism at it's core. It's that simple, and it's disgusting. All this "wider perspective" we have means nothing to them and couldn't be farther away from what they are trying to accomplish. To them this is a holy war with god in their corner. It really is scary.
  3. That's not on the contrary, you're agreeing with me ;-) Good luck with your Suny TV and Rolax watch =D lol
  4. &^@#ing class act all the way!
  5. Oh awesome, I think you're good. The most you'll probably have to be concerned with is the quality of the knock off goods you buy on shore leave.. lol
  6. I hope its an incident free deployment, and that you are well and have a quick return! =)
  7. ***Goes back to sleep, wakes up to the sounds of a parade.. - Job done!
  8. Watched the game with my 2 yo this morning cause went to Elton John with the wife last night. Must not have noticed him playing, did notice LaBate out for a shift with the twins. Lol hard to watch anything but a 2 yo lol Thanks for the callup clarification =)
  9. The twins are being deployed incorrectly. Why the coach insists on having them dump and chase is beyond me. They are not those players, they should at least try to enter the zone with possession instead of the absolutely predictable dump, no forecheck, turnover pattern that the coach has them doing. I don't mind not winning if we are building for the future, but I don't understand the deployment of our personnel most of the time. There's no long term plan with these boys it seems, the coaching strategy is confusing. Why not play Biega on D instead of Larsen, and then why not call up Grenier for the forward spot? (is there a bureaucratic reason for this that I'm not aware of? Limited number of callups allowed or something?)
  10. More Megna!
  11. The sedins looking like theyre falling asleep is 100%? Edler mailing it in night after night is 100%? The kids that have been giving 100% and showing resposibility and success are benched and scratched? This is not the recipe for a successful team, this is not the recipe for building up players confidence.. For example, Tryamkin is only playing because of injury.. If no one was injured come october WD would still be playing Larsen over NT...
  12. Ya man, that would be a killer line.. RB backchecks well too, and throws his weight around as much as Megna, what gives?
  13. God damnit WD ive never been so pissed watching a win before... This guy is going senile.. Where's that report on risk management George!
  14. Whos blaming anyone for the teams "problems".. Its a rebuild, we will lose and WD should be playing the players with the most potential upside, not trying to grind out wins on 3 lines.. The fact that a guy like Megna, who I dont dislike, is playing over a guy like Boucher, is so bone headed it makes me think willie is going senile.. And "this has to stop" come on man, what do you need a safe space? J/k, but you gotta admit, its a silly thing to say..
  15. Tired of Willie and his hard on for mediocre players.. No more Megna please....I hear Boucher is out and Goldobin is in.. And so is Megna, yay. I guess cause Boucher has been back checking like a champ and scoring, he should totally be demoted again.. Willie is a motivation specialist of the first order!