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  1. Back to ball hockey with the bum
  2. awesome
  3. Over paid
  4. No NTC and so many teams need a Dman, this should be decided soon.
  5. Not till he gets healthy for now he can broadcast some pre season games
  6. Thanks and good luck to you guys too!

  7. No go back to roller ball kid
  8. Been rough year for 22 he has played really well when in the lineup, he not used to missing so much time.
  9. Surprised your only a -67 LOL Kids got heart anyway good enough
  10. He is better then Wellwood
  11. No he should have been gone with all the other plugs How about that superstar goalie we signed for 12 years too anyone seen him?
  12. Trade him to Montreal they need real players. Luongo also. And anyone else on the team who speaks French. If your not Swede you should not be here
  13. Character Heart Funny All the things that entertain me in the winter when I watch a Canucks game. Of course the Cup would be more entertaining but since we have not grabbed that yet in our 39th season ( This year though ) then he is a player that you can notice on the ice and for all the right reasons. Kind of like Linden in his prime you could notice the guy every shift for all the right reasons. Burrows lacks the skill that Linden had but in the other area's he is very good. He is involved with the flow of the game and knows how to throw other real good players off their game. He is not worth throwing the farm at as far as contract but clearly he has earned a pay raise and one that keeps him hungry not makes him over fed and lazy. It is a fine line and a lot of good 2 million a year players around. Perhaps 1.75 for 2-3 years would be a good start.
  14. Welcome to the team!!!