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  1. jersey sizing rocky mountain sports

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 112


      Well it's a good thing he wasn't searching for /other/ necessities.

    3. BananaMash


      How does one make this error.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ^ lol i know right ? somebody is hittin the sauce hard lol

  2. OMG Snow?

    I just hope SFU does the right thing and cancels class with due notice this time. I swear, for a campus on a mountain, they're terrible at preventing people from being stranded up there. They need to get their beans and franks together.
  3. OMG Snow?

    The snow at SFU only lasted about an hour... then it got destroyed by the rain. Roads are clear.
  4. OMG Snow?

    Was skating on it all last night. It's great, come join me tomorrow.
  5. OMG Snow?

    Bring it.
  6. OMG Snow?

  7. OMG Snow?

    Can anyone up at SFU right now tell me how it is? The road conditions page is... lacking. How are the buses doing?
  8. The Official Transit Thread

    No way! Really? How does it make that right turn from Broadway onto Fraser now? It was pretty iffy before...
  9. OMG Snow?

    Stick to Environment Canada, folks.
  10. OMG Snow?

    Environment Canada is the way to go guys...
  11. The Official Transit Thread

  12. The Official Transit Thread

    Why not just station a transit cop/attendant at every station? The whole floating enforcement squad doesn't work when they're not there. There aren't that many stations to cover.
  13. The Official Transit Thread

    Anywhere to find out when the next open house is or would someone care to inform us? I would really like to check out one of the stations. I really appreciate it.
  14. The Official Transit Thread

    He's an architect specializing in sustainable urban design. He probably rolls in a Smart ForTwo or just hitches a ride with a flock of seagulls to school. However, from an engineer's POV, he seems to know what he's talking about.
  15. OMG Snow?

    Huge chunks of the white stuff starting to stick in Vancouver. HAAAYOO!