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  1. Will do! Thanks man, much appreciated.
  2. This summer it's coming back (prime time for hockey, right?). Writing partner got caught up with full time job (blogging pays very little, shockingly), but we have a system set up to make it a consistent thing again!
  3. My kid_roll account is still here somewhere, as is this one, hahaha. I just always find it weird to post my own things here, it feels like it comes off too much as pandering. So I only post things that I think people will REALLY enjoy, and GoT is pretty popular, so I felt the community here would get a kick out of it. *floats away into the nether*
  4. Hahahahah, well played. Part of me is crying, but still, well played.
  5. Ah man, if this was for every NHL team, there would be so many hard choices to make, hahaha
  6. Hey guys and gals, Wrote up a post matching up Canucks characters to Game of Thrones characters (so yeah, spoilers for people still waiting to watch the show, hahah). Just thought people on here might appreciate a chuckle or two after that game three abomination. Not that we all don't love hearing about how old Sam Bennett is... Anyways, I think people here will enjoy it, but if you don't, feel free to throw various pieces of trash and fruit at me:
  7. Thank you for including The Great One in your beat down of Brad Marchand. :D

  8. you should ask the mods to change your name to Gillis-Bring-Back-Santala lol :P