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  1. The Walking Dead Thread

    I am ok with Lori being killed off. Like most of you said previously, she was a pretty annoying character. I found it SO eerie when Carl (after shooting his mom, walked straight out of the room without even looking at maggie. I bet he becomes one crazy kid. I wish Rick would stop being a douche to everyone they encounter. I understand it would be hard to trust people, but they are losing members very quickly. They need to get help. I also wish there would be an episode explaining how the apocolyspe started, how each character ended up where they were introduced. I also want to know if there is a part of the US that is protected and safe (ie. the west coast?).
  2. You gave your today for our tomorrow

    I will be at the war memorial on the 11th, as I do every year to show my respect, and how grateful I am to thoese who were willing to give up everything ( my grandparents ww1 and my father in ww2).. but it is ignorent to think that only Canadians should be remembered. As no other time in the year will I think about the troops, it is good to remember about the young boys on the other side who we forced to fight. They might've not been fighting for my freedom.. I remind you about the many stories in ww2 on christmas when the allies and germans celebrated together in no mans land.
  3. You gave your today for our tomorrow

    i have two points 1) i agree that you don't have to wear a poppy, but remember how proud a vet must feel when they see us wearing poppies to show our respect. 2)i am a VERY proud Canadian, but do not forget the many soldiers who fought against the allies. For example, the many german youth (14/15 years old) who were forced into war during the end of world war 2. Lest We Forget