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  1. I only care about two Canadian musical artists - Leonard Cohen and Bruce Cockburn. RIP.
  2. Don Cherry, not Kevin O'Leary, is Canada's Trump.
  3. Wow, very young. That's a real shame. RIP.
  4. I can't believe he's in his mid 50s.
  5. That was just gross.
  6. Woah, I didn't know this was a research paper. 'Cause this is something I'd lie about...
  7. Randene Neill also announced she's leaving Global.
  8. I wonder how this affects Devante Smith-Pelly's position in the line up? Both are RW and before Parenteau was claimed, DSP was poised to be on the top two lines.
  9. A real shame. RIP.
  10. I started watching the morning news (picking Global) right after 9/11 because when I got to school I didn't know what was happening but everyone was chattering about it. Global certainly has been brutal in trying to go younger - getting rid of Tony Parsons and Mike McCardell. But I don't watch the other news teams that much. Breakfast Television got horrible after they let Simi and Dave go. They were great - I can't stand Riaz Meghji.
  11. Parenteau's only signed for $1.25 million, one year contract. Some team will claim him.
  12. http://www.tsn.ca/jets-to-place-g-pavelec-on-waivers-1.582560 I really don't understand putting Parenteau on waivers. They just signed him!
  13. All the people calling for Hilary to step down if she is not well and that the American public have a right to know if she is seriously ill reminds me that Jack Layton never revealed to Canadians he was battling cancer during his last election.