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  1. Ottawa was 4-0 against the Bruins this season. Go Sens!
  2. I want Jezus Leeft to win!
  3. Has anyone read Ed Willes book The Rebel League: The Short and Unruly Life of the World Hockey Association? I'm fascinated by the WHA.
  4. If SJ wins, then the Canucks get a 1st and Hansen gets a Cup.
  5. What's the Sharks' lineup look like now?
  6. Canada has lost one of its best storytellers. RIP.
  7. Sam Gagner, like Brandon Pirri, were relatively cheap signings that I wish Benning had pursued.
  8. Finally! Looking forward to seeing what Rodin can do.
  9. Ugh, Toronto game on the CBC...why can't they put this on City?
  10. I only care about two Canadian musical artists - Leonard Cohen and Bruce Cockburn. RIP.
  11. Don Cherry, not Kevin O'Leary, is Canada's Trump.
  12. Wow, very young. That's a real shame. RIP.
  13. I can't believe he's in his mid 50s.
  14. That was just gross.