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  1. What happens under a tie? Coalition?
  2. This is getting exciting, especially if Greens gain some more seats.
  3. Thanks for the tips!
  4. Yeah, I do wonder a bit (though not expecting you to provide an answer) because it's in my basement suite and there I can get Neftlix perfectly fine on the TV but I can't get the Internet on my phone so I do wonder if that has something to do with it, though I would have hoped since Netflix uses the Internet to stream movies it would also make the downloads be fine.
  5. Thanks. That is incredibly annoying - Halo 5 is still at only 70% and it's been installing since Monday.
  6. I just bought an Xbox One S console today. A couple questions: 1) I'm installing Halo 5 and it is taking forever. How is this an improvement over simply popping in the disk like on the earlier generations and playing right away? 2) Are there any issues with overheating? My previous two Xbox 360s got the RRD and so I'm a little leery of having the console on for so long (especially when it has to install games).
  7. Ottawa was 4-0 against the Bruins this season. Go Sens!
  8. I want Jezus Leeft to win!
  9. Has anyone read Ed Willes book The Rebel League: The Short and Unruly Life of the World Hockey Association? I'm fascinated by the WHA.
  10. If SJ wins, then the Canucks get a 1st and Hansen gets a Cup.
  11. What's the Sharks' lineup look like now?
  12. Canada has lost one of its best storytellers. RIP.
  13. Sam Gagner, like Brandon Pirri, were relatively cheap signings that I wish Benning had pursued.
  14. Finally! Looking forward to seeing what Rodin can do.