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  1. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    Is CBC streaming it on their website?
  2. [Trade] Canucks trade Jordan Subban to Kings for Nic Dowd

    27 is not super young.
  3. He's 28. I know goaltenders take more time to develop but he's starting to get up there...
  4. Hurricanes name Jordan Staal, Justin Faulk co-captains

    And not Jeff Skinner? Interesting...
  5. General Hockey Questions

    Anyone know the situation with Vadim Shipachyov and Shea Theodore? Will they be back on the Golden Knights soon?
  6. [Signing] Penguins sign Antti Niemi

    Wow!? Only 700K? Amazing!
  7. [Signing] Canucks sign F Sam Gagner [3 year x $3.15M AAV]

    This is a good signing. I'm quite impressed with Benning's signings today.
  8. [Signing] Kings sign Mike Cammalleri

    Lots of veterans returning to their old teams (Cammalleri, Williams, Sharp).
  9. Best TV Dads

    His son Michael Landon Jr. didn't think so. Come on, how come no one has mentioned the obvious pick?
  10. Andrew Scheer elected Conservative Party leader

    Really delighted with this pick. He's young - he likely won't win the next election but he will have a long future ahead of him.
  11. Twin Peaks (2017)

    That what - excuse me - a damn fine premiere. My favourite moments were I watched Twin Peaks for the first time only about 4-5 years ago so it does feel nostalgic in some sense, but not nearly as nostalgic for those who watched it when it first appeared in 1990 (I was born that year, but before it premiered) or for those who perhaps watched it while in high school and who could connect with characters like James, Donna, Laura, Bobby, etc...in fact, since I didn't rewatch the original two seasons I had trouble remembering who was a returning character and who was new (e.g. Bobby).
  12. RIP to the best Bond.
  13. Man Saves Young Girl From Sea Lion

    When I heard about this all I could think was:
  14. Provincial Election Thread

    What happens under a tie? Coalition?