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  1. He's had some good seasons at the AHL level with some poor teams, save pct. of .907, .927, .920, and .918 this season. I'll admit that when I saw him play for Florida this season, he did not look good, but look at Florida. Thomas is able to handle the goals against because he's a veteran. He definitely has potential to be a game-breaking goaltender.
  2. The Panthers aren't a Luongo away from making the playoffs, let alone contend. Lu is 35 this year, by the time the Panthers are done rebuilding, Luongo will be on heavy decline. This needed to be done for the rebuild, and the return is pretty good.
  3. The fact that we got rid of Luongo's contract and got back a young goaltender with huge upside makes this a huge win for us. Of course, we should have never traded Schneider in that case.
  4. I woke up in a good mood today. God damn.

  5. Jason Garrison so far?

    I don't really care about his offensive contributions, he was never going to replicate the numbers that he produced last year. However, I do expect him to be a top flight defensive defenseman, and I have been somewhat unimpressed. Runs around too much, doesn't show enough poise to make a good play out of the defensive far. I'd like to know what kind of advanced stats he currently holds right now. I know his advanced stats indicated that he was a great defensive player in Florida.
  6. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    It's more probable that he is shorter than that. Most short players will have an inch or two added as their listed height. I still think it'll be Ebbett that will eventually slot in as the 2nd line center.
  7. I could bake a cake with all the delicious irony, but it would be a lie.

  8. Last MTL player to score 4 goals before Eller was Bulis. Such great moments were had with Bulis.

    1. Luongo


      Random piggyback ftw!

  9. Damn those bunk beds from Ikea.

    1. CanucksBen


      i lost 3/4 of my family to those

    2. Argon



    3. ChenWei91



  10. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Ehrhoff was not nearly the defensive blackhole that some people make him out to be, but it was clear that Gillis did not want to pay him his market value. That wasn't a bad thing necessarily for either party. But the big thing coming into the season was whether our defense was still as deep and strong as it was last year, at least for me. I didn't think that it was, and so far, that opinion is proving itself to be correct. I don't know what is going on with Ballard, but it pains me to see him take up the amount of cap space that he does while playing such a minutiae role. My second worry was whether Bieksa could handle the expectation of being the highest paid defenseman, whether he would feel obligated to produce more offense. I wanted him to play the same game that he did last year. So far, he's not doing that...playing too lackadaisical and dumb. Hopefully he doesn't prove to be a contract year player.
  11. Probably not even a Preds fan, just a pathetic Hawks fan.

  12. Saturday could be fun...the team will try to get the Art Ross for Daniel.

  13. Schneids seems like the best guy on After Hours. Too bad he'll never be a starter here.

  14. I wouldn't be a Canucks fan if it wasn't for Naslund. Regardless of whether you think he deserves it or not, give Naslund the respect he deserves. He turned around a franchise.

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      Sir Spam-a-lot

      It's cool to see that you're a fan of youyr own team which you play for.

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Enjoy your view of the game from the bench Luongo.

    4. Venom52
  15. I want the Hawks to choke in their own arrogance.

    1. Shift-4


      They did that last night

    2. SpinDrive


      They should try going 2 for 2