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  1. Well, I got kicked from the team today, so good luck to you guys then.
  3. I'm sure that the people on the bus appreciate you smelling halfway decent for a change.
  4. Don't need my help with that, you do a good enough job on your own. Well, according to Rozzy anyway. We're discussing defending against top players, and it's definitely not as simple as "holding L2 FTW".
  5. Yes, I'm aware of those new features. I was remarking more about how they may make defending "MORE of a challenge" instead of "MAKING it a challenge", since you made it sound like it's currently easy to play good D against top forwards.
  6. So basically the same as it is now then...
  7. Don't make me murder you, and then defile your corpse.
  8. I would definitely disagree, since no one on our team has acted childish. We have just pointed out the facts and are now ignoring the kids.
  9. I always preferred, so I hope that that's the name for 11. Never really liked 'CDC 2010' myself, as basically no one but the people on here know what CDC is. I guess mpt managed to sway people into voting for that though, since we had reserved as well.
  10. With the number of the most active/top players/etc. that didn't show any interest, it sure seemed to me that people didn't want to play them. Plus, we've been in this situation before and had the conversations about the fact that when it comes to these teams with immature trash-talkers on them, we really have nothing to gain from playing them.
  11. Mad? Over some stuff that an anonymous child says on the Internet? Hardly. However, I'm not going to waste any more time talking to you (or reading your posts), so welcome to "Ignore".
  12. And this is the other main reason why we don't play you guys. Basically all of you have attitude problems, including yourself, and we don't want anything to do with you. We win? You guys whine. We don't play? You guys whine. You win? You whine about how much we suck. Where exactly is the motivation for us to play? In short, grow up kid and keep your crap out of our thread.
  13. Or maybe people, such as myself, just don't care. They could also have better things to do, seeing as a lot of us have fairly busy real life schedules. I'm pretty sure that if they were interested/available, they would have said something already. Anyways, if the match-up happens, it happens. If not, oh well. Constantly pestering people about it sure isn't going to convince anyone though, I can tell you that much.
  14. Jack Layton: And I suppose I will start playing NHL again, if you guys are still going to be and need D. As for NHL 11, we'll see. Pretty far away right now.
  15. Sorry to hear that, guys.