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  1. I'm not posting about the founders leaving as that happened a while ago, I was posting about the numerous other people who have left since then. THIS VIDEO demonstrates who has left since this all started. Obviously some names are duplicated due to people holding multiple positions, but it's still an interesting representation of the important people who have resigned.
  2. Obviously the two founders of Infinity Ward left the company, and in the past few weeks, a large number of other people have left too (including team leads and other veteran developers). It's not looking good for Infinity Ward right now, especially since the former founders set up their own company which will be working with EA. I'm sure they will lure some of the Infinity Ward people away.
  3. I really wish that guy hadn't chosen the same name as me, and then proceeded to go around making a fool of himself... *sigh*
  4. I have to say that tonight's episode was pretty damn funny. I've really enjoyed the past few seasons since they've had some epic episodes recently, and they rarely seem to have "off weeks" anymore.
  5. I don't know why people continue to play a game they supposedly hate, why they even bought it in the first place after seeing some indications how bad it would be, or why other people just plain think it's a good and well done game. Beats me. Whatever, guess Activision got its money and that's all they care about, even if they started to run CoD into the ground. Also:
  6. Yeah, World at War (Treyarch), wasn't as fun for me as MW1 (Infinity Ward). And the way that MW2 ended up, had to have been the result of Activision putting their foot down. IW has historically been against things like no dedicated servers, and with all the glitches in MW2, it had to have been rushed out as well. Glad I skipped MW2, but still sad to see IW getting crushed by Activision. Activision sure likes to ruin franchises (Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, now CoD). Good thing for them that they have Blizzard and WoW though, otherwise they'd have nothing.
  7. Looks like Infinity Ward is done with the Call of Duty series. I enjoyed the first Modern Warfare but never did pick up #2, because of design decisions which I'm sure were Activision's ideas. Oh well.