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  1. What horrible precedent would it be a for rebuilding team to just gift someone ice team because they feel entitled to it. This move doesn't show hss mishandling by management. Any organization would have played it the same way. In the NHL, you must EARN your ice time and show that you belong here. Especially as a defensemen where there is little room for error, you must allow yourself time to develop and listen to your coaches and vets when they tell you you must be patient. The only thing this move reveals is Nikita's character. What ever happened to the belief that you have to earn what you get in life?
  2. what you were quoted saying before was players not wanting to play for us when we owned their rights (much like how some are worried Boeser will be). Players requesting a trade out of here are a COMPLETELY different story. don't change your words just because you realized you were wrong after. take the L, bud.
  3. Someone is calling you out for spewing BS and you're doing nothing to help your case
  4. I really hope this post wasn't serious. This isn't a video game
  5. Just take the L man, damn..
  6. It sounds to me like a lot of you don't understand the difference between conditioning stint and demotion. Yes, you're absolutely right that it's in his contract and he can exercise the choice to not be sent to the AHL. However, that clause was put in the contract to prevent Tryamkin from spending the entire season in the AHL instead of the NHL (which is fair, because he left Russia to chase his dream of being an NHL player) But if he's actually serious about making the team as a regular, he would take the 3-4 games in Utica, gain some valuable playing time and experience, and come back with a better chance of sticking. Any true and dedicated athlete would choose the playing time over sitting in a press box
  7. Agreed. There are so many different team comps and ways to play. Always stays fresh The new brawl for the halloween event is awesome. Hopefully they keep some variation of it afterwards
  8. What..? Those bolded guys didn't even make the team
  9. I think a lot of you are forgetting that Jake is a power forward. His game is centered around his big frame - and knowing how close of an eye the organization has kept on him (especially since he lives in the lower maindland), it's perfectly reasonable to assume his conditioning has been kept up to par
  10. This. You need a C and multiple A's to always have someone on the ice representing the team when things need to be said It was also a big part of why having Luongo as the captain was controversial. Being in the crease, he can't skate over to the penalty box every time and talk to the official
  11. Of all the records we got in 2011, do you think any of them mean anything to the players without winning the cup? Give your head a shake. Washington is not going to jeopardize their shot at a cup by tiring their superstar goalie just for 50 wins..
  12. Although I'm sure these guys really did have legendary work ethic, I'm not sure if training with a parachute indicates that. We did that for our Bantam (13-14 years old) power skating practices
  13. Not sure about the date, but Fusion Dreams is being brought back to Vancouver by Solid. My source says it'll be triple headlined by Above & Beyond, Brennan Heart, and Markus Schulz. Can't wait for this, been waiting forever to see Brennan live
  14. One of the few videos I managed to get from Armin. His intro with "Intense" after his warm-up set