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  1. Does anyone have a picture from the Atlanta game with Rypien and Valabik staring each other down before they dropped the gloves? I haven't seen a picture, but I am sure there is one! It is when Valabik is basically laughing at the thought of fighting Rypien
  2. Guess who has been reportedly been in Vancouver the last couple days?... CHEICK KONGO! Also, for those who don't already know (hasn't been talked about in this thread from what I have seen) Vancouver could be the home of next June's PPV event (UFC 111 perhaps?) Check it out:
  3. Wow! Over 60 degrees celsius! That is insane. Roddick handled the heat like a champ! I think he has a legitamite shot at this! He is looking great. Awesome tournament so far! Lots of big name stars still in it! Can't wait!!