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  1. You have the JD Burkes of the world with their extreme myopia and holier-than-thou attitude who whine and whinge. Sutter and Dorsett may look bad by corsi but I am unconvinced that zone starts don't play a huge role in it. They start every shift in whisper distance of their own goaltender, I expect them to not do great via corsi... what I want to know is how they do when compared to the average NHL checking line. I remember Hodgson well- we brought him, we gave him extremely sheltered minutes and essentially displayed him in an effort to sell him. He went on to Buffalo and it became glaringly apparent that he was not a complete player with glaring deficiencies. Also we are now starting to realize how inadequate just 'shot attempts' are as a metric as 10 shots from the blue line are not equal to 10 from the slot.
  2. We just signed Gagner and have played a dozen games on the season, we aren't trading him any time soon. Good luck getting anybody else to sign here if we started doing bush league stuff like that.
  3. Scruffy05

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    So... Brendan Morrison, essentially?
  4. Scruffy05

    B.C. to boost minimum wage by 50 cents to $11.35

    That number was set at 1.5% in Ontario last year and 1.8% for this coming year. Woooo. You also can't kick a tenant out just to rent it for more, as long as the tenant pays and doesn't destroy the place they are there as long as they want to be unless you make a separate deal with them to move out which, depending how much they don't want to, may be expensive for you. You can evict them so that you can use the place for your own private use (ie: move back in) but as of September 1st you have to give them 2+ months notice, pay them one months rent and stay in the place for at least a year. If you so much as list it for rent before that year is up and they find out they write a letter to the board and the landlord is on the hook for all moving expenses and the difference in rent for one year. Essentially the tenants really hold all the cards, especially if they know the Residential Tenancy Act which isn't exactly thick. I'm not saying whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, just that it is a thing. Giving the tenant so much power is good for stability for them but may also reduce the amount of landlords willing to put units on the market causing upward pressure on rental prices. There are also some goofy things like the fact that unless you live in a condo it is illegal to ban pets. My opinion is that it is your house and if in the original lease you say no pets then no pets it is, but if you didn't write it in at the beginning and they get one later than tough. The statutes should only act as a fallback for items not stated in the original lease. Say you are renting the basement below you, work shift work so you sleep through the day and don't want kids because of that- you should be able to write that in to the lease. Some of that can be dealt with in initial prescreening of tenants but kids are something that can come about after the lease is signed... A lease that says no pets and no kids will attract fewer suitors but that's the price you pay.
  5. Scruffy05

    Clown Rally in Van-City? Unleash the hounds!

    I am so proud of you Vancouver. Way to show the world what we as Canadians really stand for. An overwhelming show of support for diversity, equality and inclusiveness. 4000 counterprotesters show up, generally fail to find any real nazis and end up having a pretty good time and making friends. The clowns will never take hold here. I love this country.
  6. Scruffy05

    B.C. to boost minimum wage by 50 cents to $11.35

    Ah, I understand now. I retract that part. I didn't quite read it as 'a way to out of poverty' but more 'a way to avoid an anchor that will keep you in poverty' which is subtle yet significant. Kids are expensive, no two ways about it. Trying to get out of poverty with just one would be an awful lot more harder.
  7. Scruffy05

    B.C. to boost minimum wage by 50 cents to $11.35

    Just because it isn't nice to say does not in fact mean it's wrong... Not too many wealth plans or life coaches will recommend teen pregnancy. Also by singling out girls you risk turning this into moral debate on false pretenses because it could just as easily be "keep it in your pants if you don't want to be poor, boys". Before 21 is a risk and all risks have potential consequences.
  8. Scruffy05

    B.C. to boost minimum wage by 50 cents to $11.35

    At least this is modest as opposed to the nightmare my Ontario government is threatening to unleash on us, raising it 32% in essentially a single shot up to $15/hour from around $11.40... except in the article it appears BC wants to follow suit. Yeesh. I am ok with the BC plan. The Ontario plan is rampant foolishness. I get the argument that you cannot buy a house and raise kids and live the dream on minimum wage but, here's the thing... you aren't supposed to! You want to make more? Take the steps you need to to get a better career. If any random person can do what you do then you have absolutely no leverage. I do agree with tying the minimum wage to inflation however. You don't raise standards of living and real wages by just forcing businesses to pay more, all you do then is erode the middle class and the people above who worked hard to get there. You do it by creating more work opportunities, which creates more competition for workers which raises wages through supply and demand. I can think of a ton of jobs that aren't even worth what the current minimum wage is set at. I can think of a ton of positions, like many cashiers, where it would be cheaper and easier if they were not there. I use self-checkout lanes 75% of the time, especially if I have just a few items. They are just so much faster. Minimum wage is for unskilled labour- labour that anybody can do and, more and more, any thing can do. Boop the item, put it in the bag. Boop the item, put it in the bag. Occasionally I will come across one who is pleasant and personable and I understand their purpose as they provide measurable customer service- they are an ambassador for the store and I am likely to retain more memories of a better experience had there over other places... usually though they won't even look at you and I recently had one that 'told' me my total by spinning the register screen and pointing. I would have had a more enjoyable experience with a machine. Raising the minimum wage too much will cause more self-checkout lanes. They have a machine that can cook and assemble a hamburger at least as well and as accurately as a kid in the back, it just hasn't been economically feasible... yet. In Ontario some people worked hard, received promotions and fought their way up to $15/hour only to find out that they are going to be minimum wage again... oh and everything costs at least a little bit more now as well. It`s like running a race on a treadmill- a lot of effort but you never seem to go anywhere. 10% of the population out here makes minimum wage. That's it, only 10%. 33% makes that $15 or less an hour number they want to raise it to. Essentially the Ontario plan places a full 1/3 of the population out here on minimum wage. Instead of forcing employers to pay more for know-nothing work that adds little to no value to anything, why don't we start putting this money into training in the trades... and while we are at it let's stop denigrating the trades! Plumbing might be a crappy job but it pays well and if you are good at it you are worth more. Same with carpentry, welding, et al. Useful skills that can be taught and then people can have said skills and a job they can be proud of that actually provide value to society and pays really well! Before I get called a right wing blowhard I am usually labelled a pinko commie because I believe in universal health care and that most essential services (power, water, infrastructure) should be at least government owned (owned by the people) if not government run. Really I am just a centrist in a world where the two sides are drifting further and further apart and I am losing common ground footing. /rant
  9. Scruffy05

    News sites that aren't social engineering outlets?

    I tend to use news aggregator sites that compile the top headlines across the spectrum. I've always considered myself a centrist but with the left and the right rapidly drifting apart and polarizing even more there is less and less ground for me to stand on. It is weird to take a position on something and be called a heartless fascist from the left and a snowflake commie from the right... I find CBC to pretty good for the most part though their comment section has been infested with the worst kind of right wing dingbat. I also make a point of frequenting , MacLeans, the Globe and Mail and the National Post to get a more rounded view on stuff I care about. Also it helps to occasionally check out past work by a reporter because even a good site can hire bad reporters. Often the bias is so apparent it is disgusting (Rebel, HuffPost). I prefer my news that tells me what happened, not how to feel about it. Most of the time it is just being objective and thinking critically. Outside of schlock, worthless news ("there was a house fire on avenue street, nobody was hurt"), when dealing with important stuff reporters are generally reporting on stuff they either don't really understand or have a vested interest in a specific narrative. Take the current state of the Toronto Housing market for instance: Home sales are down 50% and prices are down 19% from just April, a massive drop. Yet the odd reporter who still believes or has a vested interest that housing cannot possibly 'bubble' (or just looks at the TREB report and does not infer any further) will report that prices are up 6%... because they are from July last year. You can make the news say whatever you want depending on where you take your point of reference from. There are lies, damn lies and statistics.
  10. Scruffy05

    Jordan Subban | D

    If Subban makes it then he would be a sparingly used 3rd pair guy at evens and 1st PP weapon. Similar to how we seem to want to play Sam Gagner- bury him at 5-on-5 and let his PP prowess shine through.
  11. Scruffy05

    Rally in Front of Calgary City Hall Turns Violent

    Both Calgary (and most of southern Alberta) and Saskatchewan have a little country feel to them... But while Saskatchewan emulates more of a kinder, politer country feel you would expect from the Dakotas through Oklahoma where it is a quaint, more comfortable agrarian feel of conservatism- southern Alberta has more of the Texas about them where they are rather a bit rowdier and louder about it. Don't get me wrong- they are all great people, it just the personality of the area. Edmonton doesn't have this. Edmonton has a unique feeling all to itself.
  12. Scruffy05

    Rally in Front of Calgary City Hall Turns Violent

    Buffalo looks like they tried to give the city back to the lake but the lake didn't want it. Most of upstate New York, and indeed the entire rust belt area including Michigan and Pennsylvania and Ohio are crumbling wrecks. Outside of major metro areas there is a crippling sense of poverty and a lack of pride. I have been to every province and territory save Nunavut and most if not all the northern states and it is a significantly different feel south of the border. If you are in the back country of the Canadian Shield or the Canadian Prairies and see on the map that up ahead is Moose Knuckle, Manitoba or some such you can kind of instinctively guess what will be there- A gas station, probably a Timmies, and some nice friendly people. Even if the town is poor or forgotten there will be a sense of pride and care. The houses may be small but will be generally clean and in decent repair like somebody lives there and has a pride of ownership. ... This is not the case in the northeastern states. I spend a lot of time in this area for work. Outside of the metropolitan areas (and usually inside them as well) little towns are broken with broken homes and broken windows; Peeling paint and busted cars. You can play a game called 'count the sofas missing half their cushions in the front yard'. There is a sense of a complete lack of pride for ownership. The roads and surprisingly terrible for a country that bills itself as the richest in the world. When you talk to them, stopping for gas or whatnot, they are often harsh and rude in a low level ingrained sort of way- like it has been bred into them. I realize a lot of this is varying cultural dimensions as they pertain to this aspect but it is jarring. It is as if they have taken their individualism and internalized it to the exclusion of all others outside of their immediate ingroup of kin. You don't see this down the pacific coast through Washington, Oregon or California, not to this extent. You don't see this in Arizona or Texas or even Florida (they have their own issues). It appears to be localized to the northeastern corner and it disappears immediately once you cross the border back into Canada. I honestly believe they built the stadium in Buffalo 2 minutes from the border so that the large GTA market would not have to go through the city of Buffalo just to watch games there. The only places in Canada that have this same feeling of having given up that I have been to, and I have been to most cities and regions in Canada, is Hamilton and Windsor (though I have a small sample size for Windsor). While other cities might be poorer or in worse situations or have worse crime (many towns in Nova Scotia or Northern BC get ripped for this) it's not the same- I realize I am talking about something subjective but they don't have the same feel about them.
  13. Scruffy05

    Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Check out Boeser's legs... Physically he is ready.
  14. Scruffy05

    Adam Gaudette | C

    Not everybody will work out, that is the long and the short of it. That is why we need the `critical mass` of prospects. However, back to your point, if too many of them do? That's a lovely problem to have. Also, on your list there appears to be a couple AAAA players, the tweeners who will spend their careers between the AHL and NHL. They are very useful to have and they also help the roster crunch.
  15. Scruffy05

    Jack Rathbone | D

    Brian Rafalski?