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  1. Not everybody will work out, that is the long and the short of it. That is why we need the `critical mass` of prospects. However, back to your point, if too many of them do? That's a lovely problem to have. Also, on your list there appears to be a couple AAAA players, the tweeners who will spend their careers between the AHL and NHL. They are very useful to have and they also help the roster crunch.
  2. The Sedins were tall and slight as well. He's 6'2 and super young. He's only grown up to this point, not out... Take it from a somebody who was been there, come about this age your body changes and then it is everything you can do to keep the weight down, especially when you are that tall. (Caveat: all bodies are different) Besides, listen to him talk: That low baritone voice is indicative of (though not a guarantee of) a hell of a lot of natural testosterone in his system which will help him quickly bulk out once his body allows him to... I am not worried about him size-wise.