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  1. If we got 1st overall I would definitely advertise that the pick was for sale. The draft seems so flat that that as long as we keep top 7 or even top 10 we are walking out with a very good player.
  2. Something you don't like about Mittelstadt? He has significant international and tournament pedigree....
  3. 3 to 9 is a crap shoot. So is 15 to about 50. This year looks like a really flat draft.
  4. I'm not certain how highly Benning values Glass based on how much weight Benning gives to tournament statistics and Glass's generally meager performances there. He had 1 good game with Canada at the U18 then was quiet. There are also rumours that the brass see Vilardi as more of a winger. When evaluating between two players of roughly equal talent and fuzzy future progression probability, always take the center.
  5. It only week at the very top as there is no McDavid but this draft is very heavy in that high middle tier from about pick 15 to 50. This pick is I believe now locked to be between 22 and 25 based on the rather cumbersome pick ordering criteria. It all depends on what Washington and Anaheim do essentially. The teams that did not qualify for the playoffs the previous season (picks 1–15) The teams that made the playoffs in the previous season but did not win either their division in the regular season or play in the Conference Finals (picks 16–23 up to 27) The teams that won their divisions in the previous season but did not play in the Conference Finals (potentially picks 24–27) The teams that lose in Conference Finals (picks 28 and 29) The team that was the runner-up in the Stanley Cup Finals (pick 30) The team that won the Stanley Cup in the previous season (pick 31)
  6. Personal opinion: I think Liliegren is voodoo. I understand he had mono and that mitigates this terrible season for him some, but it also means he lost a year of development during when his body should be growing and developing the quickest. We cannot afford to miss and Lilijegren has red flags bursting all around him.
  7. All indications pointed to it not being an issue of contract length or even money, but more that his wife and family are back there and he was not remotely interested in staying away from them on the other side of the world for 12-16 minutes a night in ice time.
  8. Because of age. They tried to offer Tryamkin a 3 year ELC but could not per league rules. Had to settle for 2.
  9. Agreed, Edler is worth at least a mid 1st round pick. I find player valuations on this site to be very intriguing and highly concerning... They seem to prioritize progression much higher than actual value. "He's a good player now but trending downwards so... dump him for anything?" Edler's play has been inconsistent but he is still an average to above average top-4 defenceman on any team and at only 30 has a lot of years left on him. He also can eat a ton of minutes. I see some people saying we should expose him...! That is bonkers. Also, picks are so severely overvalued here. This website is full of massive gamblers. Each pick is a chance, a spin of the wheel and unless you are top 5 or so you are more likely to miss and get nothing then to hit.
  10. I wonder if people around the team had an inkling this was likely, hence no Tryamkin shirseys... Even little things like Pedan, who got buried and left for dead, talking about not doing exactly this and trying to get qualified... His NHL spot is a hell of a lot more likely now.
  11. This is the risk with Russian players. This is a possibility with all of them.
  12. Most of what I'm hearing is Villardi is more likely a winger. Not saying he can't stay at center, but he is no lock.
  13. Thomas may. Hague is a non-starter- a kid his size that skates like he does is a GM's dream. Poeling, Listing and Yamamoto are likely gone by the mid-20's. Comtois may, he strikes me as one of those draft day fallers, he's already fallen so far.
  14. Those two are the same height, though Pettersson is very slight right now. Both 6'2 according to