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  1. Yep. He should have known better. The Oilers were whining about every little tug or hook. It was obvious that the refs were letting stuff go but eventually they were going to call something. The guy has to get his head into the game. That penalty in the offensive zone was stupid. I knew right away when he did it that the refs were going to call it. Even though it was borderline, he had no reason to do it.
  2. man, don't read too much into this. Marky was mad at the situation not at his teammates. He's competitive and that's an understandable reaction. All is good in the dressing room. Our guys have good character thanks to JB. It will go a long ways when we get into the playoffs.
  3. I used Uber extensively last year in Florida. It was great. Everything programmed in the app. Drivers knew exactly where they were going. The Cars were clean and the drivers for the most part were friendly. Knew what it cost before I got there. Also you can track how much time it would be before they picked you up. Had to take a taxi from YVR back to my home. The Taxi was dirty and smelly. The driver had trouble understanding where I wanted to go even though I live in Richmond. No GPS. Bad experience all around. Hope ride sharing works here because we really need it.
  4. I just sent an email from work to my telus email. I'm not getting any error messages or anything. It just said that email was updated now but the new email does not show up. Seems like all emails sent to the server aren't being sent to my account.
  5. It was out most of the day yesterday. I got my service back this morning. Noted though that I've stopped receiving emails again. &^&%&% Telus!
  6. Disagree. You do that in any other sport and you would be eating your dinner out of a straw.
  7. Get Steve Kariya up there as well. Caulfield would look much bigger.
  8. I noticed that lots of Dallas players were giving Cameron hugs at the end of Saturday’s game