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  1. Yep. Hit the nail on the head. When I looked at the stats for Hong Kong, I didn't believe it at first (still kind of China) but my mom talked to some of our relatives living there and they confirmed that they had Covid under control through extensive mask use (no small feat considering the density of population there). The issue is that when you are in a Private place and told to wear a mask, it is no longer about your freedoms anymore. Sure if you are outdoors in public or in your own home, do as you please. If I invite someone to my home and tell them to take off their shoes and they cite violation of their freedoms as a reason not to, I have the right to kick their arse out. The only way I see having larger gatherings at a hockey game or concert (without a vaccine) is the mandated use of masks (and also provided that the infection rates are very low).
  2. It seemed like Costco went back to their Pre Covid density today. Letting way more people in (no wonder why not much of a line up). This was the Still Creek one.
  3. Testing. Widespread testing is a Key factor.
  4. I was commenting more about the massive increase in suicide rates. Those are predictions, not facts. There's a crapload of stuff posted on the internet every day. I choose to believe the experts tasked with the job of protecting us that have the cold hard facts. You ask any of these experts whether a herd immunity strategy would work and they won't give you a straight answer because they don't know. Going for a Herd Immunity strategy from the onset without knowing much about the Virus is like riding out a Tsunami on a surfboard instead of expending the effort to walk to higher ground. Sweden was lucky that they did not overwhelm their health care system. Probably a function of how healthy overall their population is and how good their health care system is. Your're right, we have learnt a lot about this virus but there is still a lot we don't know. As I said, I'm optimistic that if we do the right things, we will slowly be able to get things going again.
  5. That's a load of BS. Just like you can say the elderly were going to die anyways from other underlying issues, I could say that those that commit suicide probably have issues other than just Covid. Has the Economy been hit hard? You bet it has. I'm 55 and this is probably the biggest thing that has happened to the economy in my lifetime, but for those who compare this to the great depression, really haven't experienced what it was like during that time. This is nowhere near what the great depression was. The majority here are still working, and those that have been laid off are receiving some help from our government. More stress? Sure. Massive increase in Suicides? not likely. The strategy from the very beginning was to enact measures to manage the virus so as not to overwhelm the health care system. Next up was to get the virus under control to lower the risk of infections enough so that we can slowly open up the economy again. This was never about trading lives for dollars. This was never about taking a Herd immunity strategy when we know so little about this Virus. A Vaccine may take a while to come or may never come at all. We need to learn to live with this Virus. Whether its wearing masks, social distancing, etc.. We may come up with a way to have large gatherings even without a Vaccine. Just as much effort should be put into finding quicker, more efficient and more accurate testing. If we can find a way to test a large portion of the population, we can get this thing under control. I'm not worried. I'm confident that things will eventually get back to normal or a new normal. I'm more worried about the impatient idiots out there that thinks the sky is falling because they think the economy will be shut down forever.
  6. Is Ferland cleared to play yet? if so, man that would be great.
  7. unfortunately people believe what they want to believe even though they know it probably isn't true. Its their way of coping. Just like that FB friend that I posted about earlier. Not able to cope with not taking her kid to a public playground or sit down for a meal at a Mcdonalds. So they glum on to anything that suits them and makes them feel better. Me? I'm the exact opposite. In a situation of crisis, my BS detector is on high.
  8. Prevent students from shooting spitballs?
  9. i wasn't referencing deaths, Just your take on the infections. Not sure where you get the 100,000 figure from since even the experts aren't even sure themselves what the actual infected rate was.
  10. You do realize that the 6700 actual infections are "tested" infections and are not representative of what the real infection numbers were don't you? So they aren't 790,000 off like you say they were.
  11. The stories that one teacher told me about working in one of the Surrey schools is very eye opening.
  12. I think the point to be made here is that even Sweden, with its greater adherence to government recommendations has a higher death rate than the other Scandinavian countries, what do you think would happen if they applied it to the US? Not good I would say.
  13. Need to consider other factors as well. Equipment? Wood sticks vs. Composite? what about conditioning? Do the flyers have to be in 1974 conditioning?
  14. Also no walk in clients are allowed. I think everyone that goes to a barber needs to make an appointment now.