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  1. Well, you'll always have us Deb! Thanks for sharing. Things work out for the best. I was in a similar situation. Accounting manager for roofing company. The boss/owner had a really bad temper. So much so that there were pictures hung up on the wall in the weirdest places, in an attempt to hide the holes he made by throwing his cell phone at the wall (remember the phones the size of bricks back then?). I worked there for 9 years before I moved on. Best thing I did. Got a govt. job and 18 years later here I am. Looking at retirement. This forum is like therapy for me coping with Covid. I sometimes go onto other forum sites and get into arguments with ignorant people (mostly anti maskers down south) and come back here for some sanity. Glad to see Hockey back though its been an adjustment for me not seeing fans in the stands and not much in the way of fan noise. I was at the arena for the last game before Covid. The atmosphere of the arena when Miller scored in overtime, man I'm going to miss that.
  2. Another blow to the cruising industry
  3. Weekdays wasn't so bad. I just came back from Campbell River on Wednesday. Ferry was full but most stayed in their Cars. The ones that went up to the lounges i'd say 70% were wearing masks. Masks were required where we were buying our food. In Campbell river itself, very few people wore masks. My fishing buddy and I wore masks when we were in the car (even though I consider him part of my bubble). I was actually satisfied with how the ferry handled things. Seemed to be better than taking public transit. I must add though that when people found a place to sit, they did take off their masks. Only used them while walking around or in the cafeteria area.
  4. Thanks for the info. Yes I think that's why our local heath authorities are a bit reluctant to make it mandatory unless we have a more dire situation. I'd like to think we are better than that though. I think its more to do with the possible defiance and violence that we see down south towards this. I do believe its better than not wearing one at all as anything that prevents viral spray from spreading is a good thing.
  5. I'd like to also add that its not hard to improve your totals year after year when the bar was set low to begin with. I like Jake and hope that he eventually succeeds. But the hope that he becomes a 35 to 40 goal and 80 point per season player is fading fast.
  6. Culturally though Japan is different. I could be wrong but having visited Japan on numerous occasions I found the schoolkids there to be more disciplined and structured. Also correct me if I'm wrong but I thought all kids in school there are required to wear masks? I do trust Bonnie Henry but having said that, it would be a no brainer for me to require the use of masks at all schools. Even if she feels that the risks are low, at the very least it would make the parents feel better and have more faith and buy in as to what we are trying to do. Mandated mask use on public transit should also be done. Not sure how long this virus will be a factor in our lives so we might as well get used to wearing masks and might as well start them young.
  7. My daughter may have seen a few of these Math videos as it made it much more interesting than reading a textbook.
  8. WTF, are you calling me out for showing you the link? Did I say I agree with people making money off of youtube? Calling out my Parents? Glad im not a rude POS like you are.
  9. Watch some of this guy's youtube videos and see how stupid how much money you can make:!QRLOPiSAsTbW2JZDFUjnkRhiwL04dtngIIWuQpzeJb534oDJc5uQGKtmRgoV1CQH7KOLBHesJU0wQl73Rv6Yxy!3v2&plvar=0
  10. She issued an order that will limit the number of people allowed to stay in those properties. It includes house boats as well. Also people that are not registered as guests of those properties are not allowed to be there.
  11. I was hoping at least Horgan or Dix would become the bad cop and get tougher rules in place while Dr. Henry continues her calm approach. The one thing that disappointed me was not closing these clubs and bars. They only adjusted the rules to disallow people from standing up and moving around (which I thought was already disallowed in the first place). I doubt many patrons would go to a dark poorly ventilated place to stay with their group of 6 and drink quietly at their own table. Having been to these bars and clubs in my youth, I was there for other reasons most of which would be risky for Viral spread. Putting in amended rules is one thing. Enforcement is another. In restaurants, most people are there to eat so there is less of an incentive to move around and do other things. Better off closing these places. She did announce a new order on hotels and vacation properties today which is a good start. At least this gives the authority to stop crowds from gathering but again, enforcement is key. 30 new infections today. At least its not 50 right?
  12. I partly blame the media and some of the so called "doctors" that come out with opinions contrary to what the experts tasked to deal with virus have. To me its totally irresponsible because we all know that not everyone has the ability to figure out what is to be believed or not. People are going to believe what suits them best. So if they read an article about the virus from a so called experienced epidemiologist which downplays the severity of the Virus, then they believe it because it justifies their lax attitudes towards dealing with this virus. Here's a prime example: The doctor critisizes the modelling from experts that predicted 40 million deaths worldwide from Covid. He says that the lockdowns were not necessary and that they did more harm than the Virus itself because the evidence so far shows a lot less than 40 million would die. What he left out though is that those models were based on what would happen if nothing was done. We did impose lockdowns thats why the deaths are so low. Yet this was omitted because it did not support his opinions.
  13. yep I can attest to that. In our condo tower, we've had to have our sprinkler system and HVAC system inspected (as an annual maintenance item). All trades had to have masks on at all times. They even have to ask the standard questions like if anyone in our family has had Covid or has been sick in the last day or two. They wore gloves and asked that we stay in 6 feet away.
  14. Hmm. I wonder if people need to list their Covid safety plan on Tinder now?