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  1. Salgado had been sub'd out at the time IIRC We seem completely unable to make the tape-to-tape passes (so to speak, no tape in soccer...), when we push forward every pass is overshot the forward by 15+ yards. Nobody in the middle settling us down and orchestrating the play. The absence of chiumiento hurts us for sure as did Jay's and Eric's absences, but if we fold everytime a forward, mid, or defender is out we'll never be competitive. Someone has to step up. I like Khalfan a lot, i HATE Koffie Salgado played well i thought. People keep talking about how well Ngabe is playing, but imagine how good Omar is going to be in 4 years when he's the same age as Ngabe is right now. Of course he probably wont be with us by then, some european club will lure him away :'(
  2. hi mod alumni :P

  3. More like buying a Led Zeppelin album three times Then downloading it a fourth
  4. Lol, my first post in this thread was December of '06 Back when you could have multiple quote boxes!!! The good ol days... ^ thanks man
  5. I've given them $60 f off EDIT: It costs $35 per So i've given them $110 So yeah, link anyone?
  6. I've bought this game like 3 times, once for a desktop PC and twice for two different laptops Now i need it on my Mac a link would be very appreciative, i've given the company $60 already
  7. Thanks for the profile view. :)

  8. bash more people please, it makes you look super cool.

  9. do any of the mods actually like stealth?

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. but did his attributes all dip down into the red in just a few years? no we arent talking about how good/bad he is, we're talking about the diminshing attribute bug if you dont have 3.04 or 3.03
  12. Thats because you didnt download the newest patch, that was a bug in the game diminishing everyone's attributes
  13. My games are over in 4-5 seconds I can usually go through an entire season in 1-2 hours
  14. Im downloading the demo again Ive bought it twice already, anyone have a key they havent used??? You can install it on two systems, and if your not gonna install it on another system i;d be greatly appreciative