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  1. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Salgado had been sub'd out at the time IIRC We seem completely unable to make the tape-to-tape passes (so to speak, no tape in soccer...), when we push forward every pass is overshot the forward by 15+ yards. Nobody in the middle settling us down and orchestrating the play. The absence of chiumiento hurts us for sure as did Jay's and Eric's absences, but if we fold everytime a forward, mid, or defender is out we'll never be competitive. Someone has to step up. I like Khalfan a lot, i HATE Koffie Salgado played well i thought. People keep talking about how well Ngabe is playing, but imagine how good Omar is going to be in 4 years when he's the same age as Ngabe is right now. Of course he probably wont be with us by then, some european club will lure him away :'(
  2. hi mod alumni :P

  3. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    More like buying a Led Zeppelin album three times Then downloading it a fourth
  4. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    Lol, my first post in this thread was December of '06 Back when you could have multiple quote boxes!!! The good ol days... ^ thanks man
  5. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    I've given them $60 f off EDIT: It costs $35 per So i've given them $110 So yeah, link anyone?
  6. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    I've bought this game like 3 times, once for a desktop PC and twice for two different laptops Now i need it on my Mac a link would be very appreciative, i've given the company $60 already
  7. Thanks for the profile view. :)

  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    This needs a sticky
  9. bash more people please, it makes you look super cool.

  10. do any of the mods actually like stealth?

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    but did his attributes all dip down into the red in just a few years? no we arent talking about how good/bad he is, we're talking about the diminshing attribute bug if you dont have 3.04 or 3.03
  13. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    Thats because you didnt download the newest patch, that was a bug in the game diminishing everyone's attributes
  14. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    My games are over in 4-5 seconds I can usually go through an entire season in 1-2 hours
  15. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    Im downloading the demo again Ive bought it twice already, anyone have a key they havent used??? You can install it on two systems, and if your not gonna install it on another system i;d be greatly appreciative