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  1. I'm done. The Canucks are going to be mediocre for a long time, The Oilers are Canada's best chance at a cup and I'm jumping on that bandwagon now. Canucks have been breaking my heart for 35 years, I'm sure I'll be back one day but it might be a decade from now cause I can't take any more of this bs.
  2. Being patient and rebuilding properly. You can't magically become competitive over night and we aren't competitive right now. I would have tried to move Radim at the deadline.
  3. Sign him to a decent deal, move him at the trade deadline for a pick. Rebuild until we are a contender.
  4. Torts is the only thing currently worth checking in on the Canucks for. Initially I was a big fan of MG but he really hasn't gotten it done in the past few years. Time for an overhaul but Torts should stay!
  5. Except we aren't going to win now so trading Kesler for pieces when they would matter is how you get to a better team.
  6. OP was on the money - not sure where the love for Wellwood is coming from based on his performance. He's a little guy who has to score to stay on the team. If he could be used to grease the skids for a trade I'm pretty sure Wellwood would be gone at this point. Bieksa, Demo & Wellwood for Horton looks good to me right now.