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  1. The Walking Dead Thread

    Is it just me or is no one as hyped and excited for this season than previous ones?
  2. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Would anyone be up for the challenge of rendering both Mike Ross and Harvey Specter from this poster? Much Appreciated!
  3. hey man

    been awhile ehh

  4. I saw you creeping my profile. So, hello.

  5. Three Truths and a Lie - JUN.24.08

    I have a question: In your short time in Vancouver, what has been the most bizarre place you've been to?
  6. Happy Birthday :) Hope you have a great one.

  7. Heroes Rox!!! So much suspense right from the get-go! Hiro rocks as well. :)

  8. Name That Goalie!

    That is Jason LaBarbera!!!!
  9. Name That Goalie!

    It's Craig anderson
  10. Name That Goalie!

    That goalie is Craig Anderson.
  11. Name That Goalie!

    Billy Smith
  12. Name That Goalie!

    I can't see anything?
  13. Name That Goalie!

    ...So do you find my thread a hit? It's a good way to pass the time until hockey season starts.