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  1. Drug tests and proof you are actively seeking employment should be mandatory for all welfare recipients. also you should have to submit receipts for every purchase you make if you have kids to ensure you are spending the money on food, rent, clothes and utilities. If you buy booze, gamble or make other unnecessary purchases your kids should be removed and welfare payments should be stopped. How hard is that?
  2. I would have tried to run over as many as possible. Self defense man.
  3. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    I am not new to the GTA series, however I am new to doing the side missions. How the heck do you successfuly land a stunt jump? I even have the strategy guide and I still can't get it... epic fail
  4. Official NHL 14 Thread

    This is the first time since NHLPA 93 that I won't be making the purchase. I barely played 13 and with GTA 5 coming out next Tuesday this will just collect dust.
  5. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Yup and it will stay that way unless you want to pay $49.99 to EA for each addition to the game.
  6. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Ya what a gong show. Oh well back to Minecraft.
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Sim City 5. Woot!!!!
  8. The Walking Dead Thread

    This was my favorite episode of the series.
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I am play Sim City 4 in anticipation of Sim City. 5 that comes out on March 5th. It looks amazing!!!!
  10. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Silver Lining Playbook: 4.5/10: I can't believe this movie is up for an award. It is nothing more than a glorified chick flick. Bradley Cooper reminded me of a young Ben Afleck which is not a good thing. That said Jennifer Lawerence played her role very well.
  11. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Les Misrables: 7/10: By far the best musical I have ever seen. This is saying a lot since I do not like musicals. Being a married man I have been forced to watch my fair share including sound of music, mama Mia, evita, rent, Chicago and Sweeney Todd. Django Unchained: 8.5/10: typical Tarentino. I thought Christophe Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Sameul L Jackson had great performances. Lincoln: 9.5/10: One of the best movies I have seen. I didn't think Daniel Day Lewis could top his Gangs Of New York performance but this did. It will be a tragedy if he doesn't win best actor at the academy awards it will be a tragedy.
  12. Rate the Last Game You Played

    Thanks for the 2K reviews. I always assumed that 2K sports titles were terrible as the NHL games were never good.
  13. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Double Post....
  14. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Still minecraft..... So very addicting. NHL 13 too!

    Not happy. Company forcing a torch on me. I just want to use my iPhone!