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  1. I think you should change your picture because Afinogenov is on the Thrashers now. =P

  2. If the Canucks sign Forsberg and then he messes his foot up and can't play, the Canucks can simply put him on LTI and acquire a replacement elsewhere. The only risk in getting Forsberg is to Aquilini's pocketbook, and he's shown that he's willing to take such risks to improve the club.
  3. The Blues should come out hard tonight, look out.

  4. Hey, whys your name all light bluey?

  5. when are u gonna make another video

  6. "When Booby Lu's in the net, ma" awesome video

  7. Happy Birthday Maxim!

  8. Happy Birthday Maxim... Have an awesome one :)

  9. The Pavol Ramble Uhhhhh....was some very comic stuff.....thanks for the lift...BWAHAHA!!