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  1. Granland has a much lower floor than Shinkaruk, as he has already proven he can play in the NHL effectively. His ceiling is actually pretty high too, considering his production in Europe at at the junior and AHL levels. We simply don't know if Shinkaruk's game will translate into the NHL. I think its safe to say the Canucks did not see that game translating to the NHL, at least not anytime soon. Hopefully, they are correct. I'm more concerned about Benning falling in love with his own trade to the extent that Canucks overpay Granlund when he becomes an RFA this offseason. If he signs for relatively cheap, I think I will like the trade.
  2. Is it me or did Denis Potvin have a bit of a Joe Namath sound to him in that Peanut Butter clip. "Strug-gle-ling"
  3. Pass the torch to Markstorm already

    What happens again when you bench a $6m goalie who still has term left on his contract? Oh right, you kill his trade value. The plan for the Canucks has to be to trade Miller either in the off-season or before the deadline next season. Miller has played well in spurts this year, and should continue to play well if he doesn't get overplayed. WD should simply ride the hot hand until the end of the year, and then re-evaluate in the summer. Also... first post since 2009! Yikes
  4. I think you should change your picture because Afinogenov is on the Thrashers now. =P

  5. Forsberg vs Sundin

    If the Canucks sign Forsberg and then he messes his foot up and can't play, the Canucks can simply put him on LTI and acquire a replacement elsewhere. The only risk in getting Forsberg is to Aquilini's pocketbook, and he's shown that he's willing to take such risks to improve the club.
  6. The Blues should come out hard tonight, look out.

  7. Hey, whys your name all light bluey?

  8. What are you listening to?

    Meet me on the Equinox - Death Cab for Cutie not really enjoying it though, new DCFC is kinda bleh
  9. when are u gonna make another video

  10. "When Booby Lu's in the net, ma" awesome video