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  1. REPORT: Demand for Canucks tickets is way down (NEWS1130)

    Come on guys, clearly if you're a big enough fan, you'd easily dish out whatever amount of money is required to go see your team. Going on a payment plan in order to see the Canucks play live, is totally on par with making car or house payments.
  2. I never thought that this team needed a complete overhaul or years to "rebuild." They still have good players, but holding on to fan favourites or players from the core of 2011 wasn't necessarily the way to go. Kesler going to the Ducks may help them a bit. There's new faces on the roster and behind the bench, such changes may be enough to make them a better team. I don't know if the Sedins are still as good as the Sedins of the back to back Art Ross troph years, but I don't think they're done being leading scorers on a team either. Last year was a crappy year for so many players. Burrows' year was just terrible, there was absolutely no chemistry, let alone a solid "top line" to call upon to score the big goals. I think the Canucks chances this year depend on whether Daniel and Henrik can elevate their games to the level we all know they can play. If the Sedins have a good year, the team will have a good year. Last year was a diaster, hopefully it being as embarassingly bad as it was, pushes the twins to have a solid year.
  3. REPORT: Demand for Canucks tickets is way down (NEWS1130)

    I don't need a ticket broker to tell me that demand for tickets is down. The team has had 2 early playoff exists, and missed the playoffs in the last 3 years. Not to mention that ticket prices are still through the roof. Not everyone can pay a trillion dollars to go see their team play live in the first place. Lower the prices, we're not all corporate suits that prowl the lower bowl seats on a regular basis.
  4. Torts was right.

    There's been plenty of criticism thrown at Torts before his firing and after the fact, but given the months that have passed, and the moves that the Canucks have made (management and otherwise) show that the organization knows that changes were needed. Kesler being moved is something that not many would have seen coming a season or two ago, but with the Canucks' failures since 2011, it was obvious that a change like that was needed. Kesler may still be a talented player, but it just wasn't working out here any more. It just comes down to the fact that keeping fan favourites and a core from 3 years ago doesn't guarantee another run like 2011. Changes are needed and Torts laid it out there whether people wanted to hear it or not. It rang true. I personally don't think it's about rebuilding but re-vamping what the team has with fresh faces (coaching and players alike). Let's hope this season fairs far better than the last two.
  5. OMG. They should totally do that! :D

    This is so exciting! I was CRUSHED when I couldn't find any tickets a minute in to the sale

  6. Haha, no problem man!!

    Im so stoked!!!

    They should bring out Mark Donelly for the anthem, lol

  7. Thanks for the support today while buying tickets :D

  8. Hi, does anyone have original of this pic? Thanks in advance!
  9. Nice sig - mine's better though!

    Krajicek rules and so does Bernier, therefore they'll remain on my profile! YAY

  10. Hey weirdo, change your avatar and profile picture. Bernier ain't a Canuck and Krajicek isn't even in the NHL anymore. Burrrrrn. Check the new Hansen signature. JUNK YARD DANE, BITCHES. JUNK YARD DANE.

  11. I PM'd you.


    Any specific requests? Text? Pics? Goalies?



    how is you? are going to any games dis year? am wents to panthers/nucks. bernier, k? allen. weaver. mccabe. LOL. It was pretty much canucks vs ex-canucks!

  15. Am doing good! How are you doing?

    Have you been enjoying the preseason games? Keep an eye out for the GREAT DANE? This is his year. I say he'll pop 15+ this year. It's DENMARK'S time to shine haha.