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  1. OMG. They should totally do that! :D

    This is so exciting! I was CRUSHED when I couldn't find any tickets a minute in to the sale

  2. Haha, no problem man!!

    Im so stoked!!!

    They should bring out Mark Donelly for the anthem, lol

  3. Thanks for the support today while buying tickets :D

  4. Hi, does anyone have original of this pic? Thanks in advance!
  5. Nice sig - mine's better though!

    Krajicek rules and so does Bernier, therefore they'll remain on my profile! YAY

  6. Hey weirdo, change your avatar and profile picture. Bernier ain't a Canuck and Krajicek isn't even in the NHL anymore. Burrrrrn. Check the new Hansen signature. JUNK YARD DANE, BITCHES. JUNK YARD DANE.


    Any specific requests? Text? Pics? Goalies?


    how is you? are going to any games dis year? am wents to panthers/nucks. bernier, k? allen. weaver. mccabe. LOL. It was pretty much canucks vs ex-canucks!

  9. Am doing good! How are you doing?

    Have you been enjoying the preseason games? Keep an eye out for the GREAT DANE? This is his year. I say he'll pop 15+ this year. It's DENMARK'S time to shine haha.

  10. So excited! Next tuesday, first preseason!

    I've been watching every young stars game, so lame haha. Can't wait for something real.

    Burrows doing colour is going to be hilarious.

    How are you doing?

  11. never gone! never far! in my heart is where youa re haha.

    how are you? sorry i hadn't been on cdc in awhile! how are you doing?

    lol i lol'd "jc what gives" bhahaha. you are EPIC!!!!!!

    :D are excited for the start of the season?!

  12. I really miss you

    Theres something that I gotta say..

    The things we did

    The things we said

    Keep comin back to me and make me smile again.

    They show me how to face the truth

    everything thats good in me I owe to you.

    Never gone.

    Never far

    In my heart is where you are

    Always close


    Every step along the way