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  1. If you want to pay 0 premiums for your bullion and you don't mind having it stored with Brinks etc (outside the banking system) then try: Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
  2. Wow wow wow. I am very surprised. Short term pain, long term gain. Got gold?
  3. Janet Yellen testifies to congress.
  4. Today, the US Federal Reserve announced leaving the federal funds rate unchanged. Effectively 0% interest rates since December 2008 for the worlds largest economy.
  6. I have a Visa, but looks like now I will be getting a MC.
  7. I guess not. Not sure how you can say you would love to see financial chaos. Maybe we have differing definitions of chaos. Whether the necessary conditions are present or not, for that to happen, no one can say for sure.
  8. Goldman Sachs is going to take out a massive short position on Canadian mortgages like they did in 2008 in the US.
  9. Heres the thing about every single market, for every single good or service, in the world right now: On the other side of the supply/demand metrics for the good or service (in this case housing) is the supply/demand metrics for money (in this case Canadian Dollars). The supply/demand fundamentals for housing can be favourable for an increasing dollar price, all the while, the supply/demand fundamentals for dollars can be favourable to a decreasing dollar price, and vise versa. A 2 million dollar teardown property in Vancouver has nothing to do with providing a place for someone to live. Consider both sides of the transaction for real estate (or anything for that matter), in order to have a clearer picture of what is happening long term.
  10. Theres only been 6 votes, kinda early to tell.
  11. It's only a matter of time. Could be 2 years, or 5. It will most likely coincide with the next global recession. Speculation drives the market up and speculation will eventually drive it down.