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  1. Also the fact that Bowey isn't really that good. People remember him as the WHL defenseman, not the NHL defenseman he has become so far.
  2. Actually, the aspect I wanted to draw on Hughes versus Bowey was the fact that Hughes MAY have to work hard to stay in the NHL (size being an issue), whereas Bowey, as quoted from that article, may not have to do a lot to transition in the NHL. Skill wise, yes, they are no comparison. They also play different styles. Yet the benefit of adding Bowey, from what I see, is not significant enough to waste a roster spot for him. I cite the fact that he is not particularly good in any one area, aside from physicality. We can see this from his gaming samples around the league. You say we can add him as a "depth option", but we don't really need him. The commentary from current DET fans seems to suggest that he isn't good enough for a BAD team. What makes you think he'll be good for a middling team? As people have said, Yzerman is no fool. He would've shopped Bowey around for anyone interested in him. Winnipeg out of all places needed a defenseman. What a great way to bring him back home, right? Nothing. Maybe Winnipeg will claim him for free though. Regarding Gudbranson being mentioned, I wasn't the one that emphasized draft position on a player. (You were quick to mention Hughes being a high draft pick). Instead, I said that once a player has made the NHL, the draft position becomes quite meaningless. I do agree that Gudbranson ISN'T a very good defenseman, and his draft pick (also a high one - number 4) makes him look worse. Bowey is essentially a much cheaper Gudbranson. A fringe defenceman with character. Gudbranson's character is very high, and from Bowey choosing 74 to honour Carlson (former teammate), I would say he can be comparable. Given the fact that Bowey has seen much more NHL time than Hughes, we can generally see what type of player Bowey has become. I don't think he's worth claiming. The rational is that he's not good enough in any one area to warrant taking a risk. And yes, there IS a risk in putting him into the lineup when he's not ready (yet).
  3. More context for @Provost Nomad556 WSH - NHL 40 points · 28 days ago He was a good guy when he played with WSH. Hope he’s doing ok. level 2 coltron57 DET - NHL 63 points · 28 days ago He’s not. He’s been absolutely awful the whole year. level 3 ShanghaiKelly DET - NHL 2 points · 28 days ago He's slightly better than Green this year imo but yes still awful. Perhaps we should stop taking WSH dmen I think that says a lot lol after fans are bashing him on a page about him scoring a goal. But maybe my arguments are "idiotic" if they don't fit what you're thinking @Provost
  4. Actually, we absolutely can. After making it to the NHL, draft position doesn't mean anything anymore. Hence, I didn't point out their draft spots. Using YOUR logic, Gudbranson should be outperforming Bowey, am I correct? Fact is, both defenceman are "fringe". This is from Hockey Writer's website from 2013. ETA: 2-3 years Risk-Reward Analysis: Risk 1/5, Reward 4/5 NHL Potential: Top four defenseman. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There were question marks about Hughes size. Yes, Hughes could have potential as a top four but it wasn't going to be soon (or so they thought). There weren't questions like that for Bowey. As noted by the draft projections, most people thought he was a low risk, high reward type player. That was in 2013. Eriksson was amazing during this time. Let that sink in for a moment. So, it's not "idiotic" because it's a different, opposing opinion than yours. I'm just saying that he's not worth adding in because he seems like he's a giveaway machine, which is not what we want. Here is the link where I drew up the above stats. There's a more detailed breakdown on the link. https://thehockeywriters.com/madison-bowey-the-next-ones-2013-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/ Madison Bowey THW Close-Up Date of Birth: April 22, 1995 Place of Birth: Winnipeg, MB Ht: 6’1” Wt: 195 lbs Shoots: Right Position: Defenseman NHL Draft Eligibility: 2013 Madison Bowey #4 (Marissa Baecker/WHL) There are trends in every draft class. While the 2013 class will be likely best remembered for the breadth of talented forwards coming out of the QMJHL, there are also a lot of talented blueliners emerging from the Western Hockey League. Madison Bowey of the Kelowna Rockets may not be as flashy as Seth Jones or as highly touted, but he’s been extremely important to his team’s success in 2012-13. At first blush, Bowey resembles NHL veteran Jay Bouwmeester. He’s a smooth skater, a good passer and generally a very smart positional player. While he may not have the complete package that Bouwmeester has developed into quite yet, he’s got a lot of strong tools. One part of his game that Bowey has that Bouwmeester doesn’t is an under-rated physical game. Bowey’s not afraid to mix it up in the corners or play the body, and he’s even fought a handful of times this season. That added element keeps opponents on their toes when Bowey’s on the ice. Bowey’s stock may be elevated a bit by playing on a strong Kelowna Rockets club. The Rockets were near the top of the WHL in both team offense and team defense, which may inflate everyone’s numbers a bit. Bowey’s also benefited a bit from playing behind New Jersey Devils prospect Damon Severson, but he’s likely been Kelowna’s number-two blueliner throughout much of the season. The part of Bowey that likely makes scouts the most optimistic is his general approach to the game. To be blunt, Madison Bowey won’t need to change too much to be an NHL defenseman. He plays a smart two-way game, is physical but doesn’t rely on out-muscling smaller guys, and is a smooth skater that relies on smart positioning. He may need to add a few pounds to his frame to be competitive when battling with the giants in the NHL, but Bowey won’t need to reinvent himself to make the transition. Scout’s Honour: “I like his size. I like how hard he works. I think everyone can become a better skater. When he keeps his game within himself and doesn’t do too much….the best way to impress the coach is to be real simple, real good and make smart sharp plays.”” – Stu MacGregor (Edmonton Oilers head scout; via Regan’s Rant) Statistics: Bio/Interview(s)/Link(s): The Hockey News Dobber Prospects Hockey Prospect International Tournaments: Bowey has spent a lot of time representing his country and province. He represented Manitoba at the 2011 Canada Winter Games, played on Team West at the 2012 Under-17 Hockey Challenge and won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2012 Ivan Hlinka Memorial tournament. ETA: 2-3 years Risk-Reward Analysis: Risk 1/5, Reward 4/5 NHL Potential: Top four defenseman. Strengths: Good passer Strong skater Not a huge guy, but not afraid to play physical Good positional player in all three zones Flaws/Aspects He Needs To Work On: Working to improve his offensive consistency Adding some muscle so he can win puck battles Fantasy Hockey Potential: Offensive 8/10, Defensive 8/10 NHL Player(s) Comparison: His ceiling is probably at the level of an Alex Pietrangelo, although he’s more likely to settle into a Cody Franson role. He’s almost a smaller Jay Bouwmeester, albeit with more of a physical edge. When He’ll Go In June: Bowey is a first round pick in this year’s draft. Most likely he’ll go in the middle of the first round. Video(s):
  5. I'm just saying that for a guy with such a low cap hit. Why did they "give him up"? It's not like they don't have anyone to play defence. In the clip I showed you, he's basically made some Pouliot-like passes and was involved in three of the goals in the first game. Bowey's proven little in the NHL. He's not a noted goal scorer - and even on a stacked Washington team, his stats aren't very good. No need to get a boner over this guy. To put it into perspective, Hughes has outproduced Bowey in any one of Bowey's years in the NHL. Let that sink in for a moment. They're both defenceman. One is a rookie. The other has like over 100 NHL games of experience. I see you're posting up the physicality aspect of him. I'm sure he has some good aspects. But the last thing we need are defenceman who give up pucks.
  6. This is probably the mentality that everyone has. "Oh, he's on waivers. Claim!" There's no context except the name. As people have already pointed out, he didn't play for Washington much because of their stacked defence. Washington didn't even have to rush him because of it. Now he had been given a FULL opportunity in Detroit, and he's not ready for the NHL. Not saying he's a bust but he seems like he's a Pouliot.
  7. I don't know what I should do. I've been with this girl for about 4ish years - pretty much nonstop, aside from a brief period where we broke up for personal reasons. She's a really good person. Her personality is the centerpiece as to why I love her. We get along so well. She 'gets' me. She's given me a lot of love. There's a lot that encompasses these two sentences, but the bad is likely going to be longer than this. Now, while she is great and everything, she has some really annoying traits that she won't change. One of them is her absolutely dreadful inability to take action on stuff. It seems no matter how much love I give her or support, she is not able to 'get over this'. Her personality has meant that she would naturally take the spot of a floor mat. Other colleagues would take advantage of her because she doesn't want to be hated. For the life of me, I can't support THIS. As I've said, I've constantly been reassuring her/giving her as much confidence as possible. But still, the confidence she needs to do something, even with my CONSTANT reassurance, is still not enough. I feel like an absolutely dickhead if I leave her, but she also knows how much it upsets me that she'd naturally go back to the way "she was". Makes me feel so insignificant, which sounds really selfcentred, given how bad she ALSO feels about it. I didn't really care that she had low self esteem. I was willing to overlook it and other flaws, given how I have been working on improving my own imperfections. But if she doesn't take steps to make changes, I don't know if I'm patient enough to see her fall due to her flaws.
  8. Is there no hearing for Montour on Horvat's headshot? WTF?

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      The hit on Bo was very similar to the hits on Sven and Stecher, imo!


    3. -AJ-


      I imagine they looked at it at least, but somehow determined that it didn't rise to the level of supplementary discipline.

    4. DontFearTheReaper


      @-AJ- if bo was on another team and that happened it would be different

  9. Yeah, I guess when I think about it, you were talking about. But this Calder race is actually really close. Olafsson got two points today. He's very much in the mix for the leader.
  10. Virtanen played on the penalty kill, did he not? Gaudette's on the 2PP, isn't he?