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  1. This time I understand your post very well
  2. I see what you're saying but you're misusing the word. Of course you can feel free to do that and justify your case, which you did, but Boeser has proven himself beyond a prospect. He's a talented young NHL player with two seasons of 20+ goals. That is not a prospect.
  3. This guy's going to be a key part of the team. Foundational, I'd say. #cdccontroversy
  4. Yes I know, but you try to stand pat if you're a Stanley Cup winner. Were they the Stanley Cup winner? The only major change CAL made this summer was swapping goalies. FYI, this is all that they did this summer, so yeah... it's not good. COL/Vancouver both have massively improved their rosters. Standing pat is a mistake - and we'll see how they'll fare next year. Let's not even get into what EDM did. LOL. July 1, 2019 Flames sign Byron Froese July 1, 2019 Flames sign Brandon Davidson July 1, 2019 Flames sign Cam Talbot June 13, 2019 Flames sign Eetu Tuulola May 10, 2019 Flames sign Alexander Yelesin May 7, 2019 Flames sign Carl-Johan Lerby April 20, 2019 Flames sign Martin Pospisil April 17, 2019 Flames recall 10 players from Stockton April 9, 2019 Flames sign Artyom Zagidulin April 9, 2019 Flames recall Jon Gillies from Stockton April 3, 2019 Flames recall Dillon Dube from Stockton April 1, 2019 Flames recall Juuso Valimaki from Stockton March 21, 2019 Flames assign Curtis Lazar to Stockton .
  5. I didn't make the connection between the call-up and the immediate injury that followed. Your post makes sense now. Better not to call him up at all. Just get him to start in VAN LOL.
  6. You usually make pretty interesting posts, if anything your posting style is unique to other people. But this one is a head scratcher. You can't get a player to play if they're injured...
  7. Lmfao... it's pretty sad that the two divisional rivals who haven't improved whatsoever are trading with each other.
  8. Despite his lack of offense at the NHL level (and even in the AHL), Canes fans remain hopeful that he can be a serviceable player in the future. Most fans have already realized/accepted that he will not pan out to be the 7th overall he was drafted to be, but they note that he wasn't terrible during his short time in the NHL. Canes have had a deep defense, so Fleury has not had any playing time hence in the AHL. They also say that this year is his year to shine - or else he's going to be traded for a change of scenery. From what it sounds like, he is a good kid that has massively underperformed. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not like he isn't working hard to improve and he isn't a defensive liability that Pouliot is, so he has that going for him. Fleury actually has a 1 year, 1 way contract and is waiver eligible, whereas Pouliot's contract, if I'm not mistaken, is 1 year, 2-way. They're borderline NHL players either way. Reading about him, you start to appreciate how patient their fans have been with Fleury. Canuck fans can learn a lot from that. Juolevi for example is still very young and hasn't played an NHL game yet due to unfortunate injuries. Yet people have crapped on him to no end.
  9. I feel the same way. Worse names could have been picked like North West though... or Apple Martin
  10. Wow, 2016 is calling. It wants their joke about fortnite back. Juolevi has been absolved of that rumour, so why bother posting this junk at all?
  11. JB shouldn't. That's a horrible trade for the Canucks.
  12. Well, maybe not necessarily a 'decoy' however the fact that they were able to find this is due to someone squealing about its location. In reality, it's really like finding a needle in the haystack. The ocean is HUGE - it's crazy when you really think about it.
  13. That's not going to be hard. They can pay off certain officials to look the other way. It's a lot of money we're talking about here, but it's only a small fraction of how much profit these cartels make.
  14. It's clear that Dakota had no interest in signing with Toronto. I'm surprised that not everyone wants to play in the center of the universe.
  15. That's a really good question. It's why the war on drugs is a waste of time and money. This semi-submersible vessel won't make it through but others will. The discovery of this one was most likely tipped off, allowing another ship (with more drugs) to go through as enforcement agents become distracted. There's an illusion that 'something' was done to stop drugs. That's not even close to what's happening. I'm sure drug smugglers would love all ships to go through unhindered but it's a business which they truly understand. There's going to be gains and losses, so they make sure they gain more than they lose. Also, those ships are cheap for them to buy.