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  1. I'm guessing since you support scrapping the carbon tax, you would be in favour of Fordian politics in Toronto, who is doing the same thing. What does scrapping the carbon tax and taking JT to court over the tax do anything? Climate is still getting &^@#ed - and I do believe this squabble does nothing to solve the root issue - climate change. We need to come up with a better strategy of reducing carbon emissions.
  2. I'll leave that to oldnews, who is more of an expert at advanced stats. But wait, I don't think you two get along.
  3. Thanks for all the help people have given me in this thread - and thank you dm_ranger for the suggestion of active voice.
  4. That looks like a description rather than a thesis.
  5. The problem is that you are a well-known Virtanen basher, so things that you say will obviously be taken with a grain of salt. As AJ says, don't let your bias affect your sample. Numbers can be "cooked" to make a player sound better or worse than they really are. He's still a young player and will need to work hard in the summer to be a more effective player. He hasn't been scratched for any period of time, so the effort is there. He just needs to bring more to the table. Same as Goldobin.
  6. "An examination of non-Caucasian women would uncover their respective movements for equality, which would highlight their contributions and the significant changes to society in correcting the wrongs, while underscoring the remaining challenges that all women still face." Can this be improved? Please be as helpful as possible. Thank you!
  7. So borrowing on the so-called "Russian stereotype", we should see Dahlen bolt to Europe. What a complete waste of an opportunity. Dahlen should fire his agent if this was not the fate he wanted. Because he asked for it, clearly.
  8. IMHO, Dahlen made the biggest career mistake he could've done. Either his agent gave him really bad advice or his ego got the better of him. I was really excited for Dahlen to step in for the Canucks, but after the trade, I really do feel like we'll never hear about this guy in the NHL because he couldn't put it together, nor did he have the ethic to do so. The surprised reaction he had after the trade was funny after Benning has a reputation for being open and honest. I think Benning gets the benefit of the doubt. All Dahlen needed to do was finish out this year. (~20 more games, so less than a month). Work hard in the summer, like WORK HARD and force a spot on the team. Worst case is that he could ask for a trade in the new year, if he doesn't make it. But nope, he had to make a decision RIGHT NOW. So Benning's like SEE YA. Really disappointed in how things played out, but if a player feels he is that entitled, he has some growing up to do. And it hurts to see this. Dahlen + Pettersson was a great story.
  9. Well, to counter that, one could argue that Karlsson is "focussed" on the playoffs, which SJ is well-poised to be positioned for. If Karlsson does amazing there, he would be worth even more. I think he could maximize his worth by standing put from negotiations for now - what's the hurry?. Unless SJ is really tight on the cap (which I don't have information on right now), chances are, they will approach Karlsson about an extension. If I remember correctly, if Karlsson re-signs, SJ has to cough up a pick I believe. (Was it a 1st? Gonna have to look it up), so SJ might be wary about signing him too quickly.
  10. Honestly, I don't think Karlsson will test UFA. He has a new family and recently suffered a lot of on-ice and off-ice drama. SJ is a fresh, new place for him and I just don't see him upsetting his current situation. I could be wrong of course. That means Myers and Gardiner are left. I remember for many years Gardiner was wanted to be traded by Toronto fans. I remember his brutal performance in the playoffs one year. I do think signing him will be a huge mistake, especially due to the fact that he won't come cheap. IMO, he's pretty overrated. PASS. Myers is 29. He doesn't fit the Canucks plan.
  11. A shadowy group trying to overthrow Kim Jong Un allegedly raided a North Korean embassy in broad daylight https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/a-shadowy-group-trying-to-overthrow-kim-jong-un-raided-a-north-korean-embassy-in-broad-daylight/2019/03/15/ae4208a4-c451-4886-b608-f5ac1f182d3d_story.html By John Hudson March 15
  12. Fair enough. The Sutter/Granlund debate will forever go on. Both players have their strengths and weaknesses. Sutter is far better the PK and faceoff man. Granlund has slightly better offensive instincts. Depends on what you want.
  13. I would think moving Granlund would be easier.
  14. I'm talking about getting rid of Sutter, who is proven. We don't even KNOW if Macewen can win a faceoff.
  15. Yeah, because we are "only" a few players away from a playoff spot. Let's sign ALLLLLLLLLL THE UFAs.