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  1. Delayed penalty? Wrong button pushed on keypad?
  2. This needs to be tagged as speculation.
  3. Honestly, I think some players just don't do well in certain systems. Eriksson has played well on the same NHL surface for many years, prior to coming over to the Canucks. He's also shown in this tournament that he is far from "washed up". Heck, even Gudbranson looks/looked better in Pittsburgh, but someone like Tanner Pearson, though skilled, looked like a plug in Pittsburgh.
  4. You mean the leading point scorer for Sweden right now? Would be a huge mistake.
  5. This is too true. Too many people use hindsight to call this a bad pick. The reality was that Schroeder (and Hodgson) were both DOMINANT on the international stage for their age. People liked the picks at the time, but of course, pretend to know from the beginning that their careers would not make it through to the end.
  6. I really don't think EK is going to be a UFA. He's going to stay with the Sharks unless they can't afford him for family reasons. Moreover, EK doesn't have a history of moving around.
  7. Is his spelling of Subbann intentional? Is Subbann going to be making a rival sunglasses company called Sub-Bann?
  8. Because CDC players know it all - even the players themselves. Didn't you get the memo?
  9. Even the best scouts pick up duds. Scouting is a science that relies on people to make projections of how other people would perform many, many years down the road. It's bound to get stuff wrong. It's a 5th rounder - not many get to play, even when drafted higher than this.
  10. You don't get tipped off unless you are someone trustworthy and/or competent. Do YOU hear insider sources? Didn't think so. Furthermore, even though I didn't hear/see Friedman report this move at the time, I think it's very bad business to take credit for something that wasn't yours (i.e. "I believe Buffalo would be very interested in someone like Ralph Krueger") Much better than Eklund, who was for the longest time, considered a "valid source".