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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    Are you seriously saying time is running out for a 20 year old defenceman that set historic numbers in his Finnish league? Also, Pouliot's game is nothing like Juolevi's - it's not even close. I'm not sure why you bring him up as a comparison to Juolevi, aside from their different ages.
  2. [Waivers] 35 players - Sept. 23, 2018

    Boucher, for whatever reason, just can't make the cut. Very good in the AHL but not able to hold a permanent NHL job. It's sad. I think he tried hard to improve his conditioning.
  3. Cost per points Players

    Eriksson's not that bad of a signing. Let's see how he does this coming season.
  4. [Waivers] 7 players - Sept. 22, 2018

    Joe Cannata used to be our goalie in development.
  5. So... John Garrett mentioned that Ron Delorme is credited for first scouting a 14 year Pettersson, before anyone else did. From that point on, he had a direct impact on the pick. Guess Delorme isn't as dumb as we all thought, including myself. We all blamed him for all the mediocre draft picks in the 90's to 2000's and some people were wondering why he still had a job.
  6. Canucks property at camp

    At the time, we had so little depth at center that the hope was that McCann would be able to adapt to the NHL. Something to note was that McCann did really well during preseason. It's MUCH easier in hindsight to criticize the McCann decision, but there were indications that he might have been ready. With Lind/Gadjovich, you don't want a repeat of that. At the same time, it is far too easy to send those two back to the junior for roster reasons. I think having them "try it out in the NHL" is not realistic. In the Penticton games, you can still see that both players need more work with their game, which is ok. They will be good players down the road when they get some wrench time.
  7. Canucks property at camp

    Has he not proven the fact that Goldy has the ability to step up? WHEN he does it, he's an effective player. WHEN he doesn't, he's a liability. Hopefully Goldy understands this.
  8. Canucks property at camp

    You just gave an example that proves the opposite of what you're saying. I think there's no question that McCann wasn't ready.
  9. It is 300,000 of whatever he could have earned, plus the fact that his roster space could be taken away indefinitely. Not saying that this was the 'right' amount of punishment or even excessive, but this is a longer punishment than some dirty things that have happened in the league while games were being played. Just sayin'...
  10. Canucks property at camp

    Like Nuck said, Virtanen requires waivers. He's played wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many games to be waiver exempt now.
  11. Canucks property at camp

    You need experience guys to fill the positions to support a roster that is trying to get younger. At first, it might not seem to make sense, but if you put a player that is way over his head, even for "fourth line duties", if you can call it that, it could stunt their development. It is a poor strategy in today's hockey world to rush their development.
  12. Canucks property at camp

    Great thread/post. I think Pettersson will be on the NHL for the following reasons. 1) Marketable - his name, his accomplishments and his performances up to this point are well-known, yet he made its claim to fame in the top tiered Swedish Elite League, dominating against men at under 20 years old. This is an unprecedented phenomenon to say the least, as he's the first player in 30 years to break the record that was originally set by Kent Nilsson in the 70s. There are lots of prominent names on that list, including Backstrom, the Sedins and even Forsberg. All of those players translated well (with hard work of course). If he starts the year in the AHL, there's zero chance that he stays there for the year. Fans want to see Pettersson, period. If the team has a bad year, they want to see Pettersson. And why not? 2) He dominated against MEN and put up high scoring numbers in a traditionally low scoring league. Unlike Boeser who played against college players of around his age, Pettersson did it against men who has played for years. It's not to knock Boeser by any means, but Pettersson should have the same or bigger impact to the roster as Boeser did. And Boeser's an amazing talent already, as proven last year. 3) With Pettersson's noted skillset, the Canucks badly need the offense, which I (and many others) speculate will produce. I think we'll do a lot better with Boeser and Petterson in the lineup. I know Green/Benning has said that he'll start as a winger but make his move as a center eventually. This will give him time to adapt to the NHL game, while also being able to produce for the team. I'm less sure about Goldobin/Leipsic. I think Goldobin makes it though. We paid a higher price for him and unless he shows up to camp in poor condition, he's going to be in. I think Juolevi will start in the AHL to get him up to speed to the NHL. I don't have a doubt that he'll be NHL ready soon, if he's not already. He's going to be an important piece going forward.
  13. [PTO] Ben Betker with Canucks

    Local boy, though you never know, he could someday make the Canucks.
  14. US Open- Congratulations Naomi Osaka

    I don't doubt that Selena has a reputation for being a b!tch, so maybe they intentionally screwed her on this one. A bit of a far-fetched idea but I can see it happening. It's surprising how unprofessional she is, despite winning so many times.
  15. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    I agree with this, for the most part. I was expecting him to make a huge impact, which perhaps was unfair given the fact that this was his first real game on NA ice. He wasn't bad at all though and you can really see the skillset that he does have. He had a number of giveaways, including the one in the first period that was awful. But I am sure he is detail oriented and will work to fix any deficiencies that he has.