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  1. Vanek should return to play for us, if he can earn his spot back. He was really good with us.
  2. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I clubbed a lot during his phase. Practically every weekend I was drinking A LOT. I'm not an NHL player of course, but I can kinda understand where he's coming from. That phase is in my rear view mirrors though - and eventually, I think he'll get over it too. I do agree that he needs to show that he's maturing, especially with how bad the team is playing.
  3. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Kind of old (1 month ago), Virtanen lost a friend to suicide. Is it a coincidence that he's playing a bit better and maturing too?
  4. Wait a minute...so you're actually praising the fact that they got a 4th round pick? You don't think they could've gotten more had they waited?
  5. Benning Extended (Official)

    Keith Ballard. And yes, that trade was godawful. Grabner + 1st for Ballard, who was clearly cap baggage for FLA. Nonis got fleeced hard.
  6. I'm surprised you are giving such sound advice despite being continually roasted when it comes to hockey talk I would love to do some solo travelling and do some soul-searching in the process. Which of those places did you enjoy the most?
  7. Benning Extended (Official)

    Mediocre, despite Edler/Hansen being long time Canucks. Bourdon was not anyone's fault. He would've been good. That being said, the prospect pool was nowhere near as good as it is now, at least in terms of potential. The Canucks were a winning team and there was less pressure to produce players like Bo Horvat and/or Brock Boeser. I was an okay fan of Raymond, but was a bigger fan of Grabner. Too bad Grabner didn't work out here, but he was obviously talented. Canucks let him go far too early, though Grabner admitted he hadn't bought into hockey until he got waived by FLA. He was still producing good numbers though. Aside from the Luongo trade, Nonis didn't really solidify the team. Sedins didn't get a proper winger and there wasn't much pushback. Weinrich and Carney were disastrous TDL pickups, as was Derek Roy. I really wanted to like these players but they simply didn't fit in. Weinrich in particular was practically as slow as Murzyn, though I really liked his highlighter yellow visor. I say this being a former fan of Nonis, but Benning has easily won me over.
  8. Haha. Awesome, Sean Monahan. Maybe if I have more time I'd visit Mexico City. No to hard drugs. If I were to do something, not that I would, I wouldn't do cocaine. Who knows what kind of crap is put in them? Plus the drug is overpriced for what it brings, so I've heard. Look at all the celebrities that have done coke - nothing good has come out of it. I'd rather try LSD/Ketamine, which would invoke more creativity. So, no to hard drugs. I would much rather prefer hookah/shisah, which is perfectly legal and provides a similar type of experience as what coke would bring.
  9. Dalhousie racially based hiring

    This is the so-called white man's guilt that you're going through. I am not white, so I feel I can speak with a bit more latitude. Honestly, it's not the responsibility to feel 'guilty' for what happened in the past. Don't get me wrong - we shouldn't forget the history, but to question our hiring practices based on 'ethnicity' is racist. It's just as bad as how the minority groups were being treated. Fact: practically every single group of people has gone through a racist period of time. The only reason why the whole racism thing gets brought up was that England/Britain won. Had it been Germany or some other country, it would be interesting to see if they'd bring up the residential schools issue. As for the Aboriginals, it's not racist to say that they are having more difficulty than other Canadians with how they live their life. Yes, their means of making money have been severely disrupted. Something that isn't mentioned is that the chiefs running their communities are largely corrupt. They're making in excess of 200,000 a year and more (government paid) because they're chosen to better represent their communities. http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/267309-tax-free-chief-of-90-member-first-nation-may-be-canadas-highest-paid-politician A dated article from 2015 - a chief responsible for 90 people gets 267,000 TAX FREE. http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/b-c-first-nations-chief-and-family-paid-more-than-4-1m-over-last-four-years Also from 2015, another chief getting 500,000 annually, responsible for 200 people. Is this racist to point out facts that some people running these communities are incompetent at best and greedy at worst? No wonder why people feel like their communities are crap.
  10. Dalhousie racially based hiring

    This is a load of garbage. Period.
  11. Having done stuff in the past, I've had a good time. Sex really isn't everything though. Does that mean I'd pass up the opportunity to sleep with an 8, 9 or 10? No. I'm just in favour of just chilling out and not having to stress about anything.
  12. Maybe. Maybe I didn't know any better. It was off the menu at the restaurant that wasn't seedy. It was really public, open and really popular. Not sure how legal hash is. The effects of it were definitely: - appreciation of music - slight euphoria (you feel good/confident. You feel like you're living like a king or someone who is privileged) - conversational. Time seems to slow down, but not to the point of clumsiness. Alcohol seems to react quite well to it. You seem less inhibited, so talking to strangers feels easier. People seem friendlier. - awareness of surroundings. This helped me appreciate the location of where I was at: on the rooftop of a popular restaurant on a hot summer's night = AMAZING. The place was called CasaCasco. I'd go again in a heartbeat if I could.
  13. It was shisha - it had to be. Maybe calling it 'vape' is erroneous. It was definitely flavored and you smoked it. For me, I was really calm, really enjoying the life of the party. My friends were sharing the pipe and there were two local girls that enjoyed our company too. It's things like these that make the nightlife so enjoyable. Plus the music was great.
  14. It was flavoured vape - is that not shisha? They served green apple. I'm gonna look up Panama Gold. It was on top of a rooftop restaurant with a club on the third floor. They had these black looking things (I'm gonna guess carbon) to flip over a heated source. Edit: Just looked up Panama Gold - while it was true that I was high on something, I don't think it was sativa or something like that. I could be wrong.
  15. Yup, I smoked for like 3 hours in Panama. It was SO amazing. My brain felt like it was being fried but I felt a lot of calmness too. Also, 200+ is meant to last for a few days at the most.