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  1. Schools have it. Seems to work well for those kids.
  2. Well I respect how much hate you have towards the All-star game that you won't even bother watching one with the most Canucks in it.
  3. I wasn't the one who made up the narrative. The other poster did. That's why I refuted it in my post.
  4. I think I disagree the most with the bolded. Boeser has been struggling, we all know why and understand. JV didn't outplay Boeser. Boeser was bumped down due to his struggles/ dads health. Boeser has absolutely been outplayed by JV. JV is a much better skater, and it shows. While JV has been contributing to the scoresheet, while being defensively sound, Boeser has been making risky passes (ala Goldobin) and being unable to take away sticks that end up scoring the net. I think Boeser needs to work on his skating again.
  5. Oh, so I was really confused until I looked at what happened. He played 63 games with MIN, and 16 games with NSH. This equal 79 games. TOT is a strange title to combine what he did between those two teams. I also had to re-read your post again to see what you ACTUALLY said. So now I get it. You were right in the original post.
  6. No it's not. You can tell because he's 26 that year... his age actually ascends.
  7. With Ferland out, Roussell is just great to have. I think this team is really exciting - and there's no need to add other pieces.
  8. Game from yesterday. Really nice accurate shot off the rush. Juolevi has been emerging.
  9. Goldobin with a sick Forsberg-esque goal on a breakaway.

    1. morrissex95


      Goldobin will be back in Russia by the summer 

  10. American anthem girl was awful. Omg.

  11. Both performances were subpar. American anthem singer isn't singing for a career. Jesus. Worst thing i have heard in a long time.
  12. Very nice guys! Thank you very much.
  13. Hello: I am trying to make a program where the value of a variable (example: +age) can be used to do math. So let's say I ask someone for their age. I want to make a program that does math BASED on that answer. How do I do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I hope you eat your words when Virtanen improves even more than what he is doing now.