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  1. I never said (or meant to say) that this signal proved that alien life was actively contacting us. It is interesting to think about, but as the articles have said, scientists are not being overly excited. They have the experience and we don't. Still, we CAN be excited. We just have to be excited but informed at the same time. I'm excited that this signal may or may not lead to something in the future. Maybe we can get better at detecting these (and most certainly, we will)
  2. Yeah, you lost me with your analogy. You're killing me with that one.
  3. I've got nothing against people who have done drugs in the past but grew out of it/cleaned up. People make mistakes growing up. When you're 34 &^@#ing year old, it's no longer a youthful mistake. You can have your opinion and I can have mine. You can have my neg rep for your trouble.
  4. I'd really really really love to see the day when we discover life outside of earth. Maybe bonus points if they send us a threatening message.
  5. The dude in the torquoise shirt is a dickhead - that's for sure. Why pee right beside me when there's other urinals? The three urinals at the bottom is a bit squished but do-able.
  6. Mulroney is the one who brought in the GST. After doing some reading, the GST was necessary, but he was one very unpopular PM. Harper wasn't the one who fixed the economy during the recession. I posted a link earlier in the thread that actually explains it all.
  7. Pretty sure you're not conservative then
  8. Quicker recovery during training? Stronger leg muscles = faster acceleration? Strong arms = harder shot? You still have to train of course, but having enhanced growth seems like summer training would be easier than normal.
  9. I don't have proof but I really do think it is the case. I just try not to think too much about it. As you pointed out, none of the superstars have been detected, which I honestly feel is suspicious. None at all? What about the other ones that are less known (but not fringe)? I can't imagine what the repercussions would be if any of the NHL 'stars' were caught doping. The ones that they have heavily marketed and then caught cheating. It would make the league look very bad. I also don't trust Donald Fehr, as you have correctly noted that he was head during the times when baseball cheating was REALLY bad.
  10. PEDs don't necessarily have to do with the muscles needed to bash people out. Look at Olympians, specifically sprinters or swimmers. Those two athletes tend to be caught doping more often than other athletes, unless I am mistaken. You wouldn't normally associate their muscles as being used for enforcing purposes.
  11. I do find it really interesting that some Conservative voters are so blinded by the party name that they have lost sight of what their own political values are. His style of politics was akin to a fascist state. Media was heavily controlled; questions were limited. The leader was practically out of reach for most Canadians. The scandals within his own party - are among the most for one party. His endorsements for certain people turned out to be quite questionable, namely Mike Duffy. There's also the part where he denied that Canada was entering a recession and even said that we had a surplus. That 'surplus' was due to him not spending anything. (That's not a surplus - it's called not spending when you needed to spend it). Nothing to do with how good you are at balancing budget. By the way, our debt is one of the worst in Canadian political history. Some of it can be blamed on the Liberals, but the Conservatives were in power for a long time. That debt has grown from where it used to be, indicating that they weren't as good money managers as advertised. Lastly, the young voters came out to vote out this guy for the first time. The defeat is also one of the most lopsided in Canadian political history. It really did indicate that a lot of people really thought he did not deserve more time in power. When you say he is 'one of the best PMs in recent memory', how recent are you talking about? I'd have to say William Lyon McKenzie was a better PM than Harper. Voters put him back in three times.
  12. Asinine comparison, but I think you're saying this with tongue-in-cheek.
  13. Naggers.
  14. People often attribute the banking regulations as one of the finer points of Harper's government. Even Harper has taken credit for it, but he had nothing to do with it, unfortunately. The regulations were set during Paul Martin's government. https://www.ucalgary.ca/utoday/issue/2013-11-07/former-bank-canada-governor-weighs-canadian-economy
  15. http://www.tsn.ca/owner-of-bauer-hockey-accused-of-fraud-and-trying-to-deceive-the-market-1.549259