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  1. Right because religion makes all the difference in a person. I'm sure you've never ever met a girl who considers herself to be Christian or Catholic to sleep around.
  2. Hartnell could be an interesting pickup, but he is in his mid 30s and most probably on the decline. With exception to his first season, he's had AT LEAST 30 points in a season, including last year, where he has put up respectable numbers. (13 g, 24 assists = 37 points) His first year in Columbus, he put up 60 pts and that team wasn't even that good. It's clear that there is some sort of a decline, but at 35 years old, he is not quite ready to be considered "washed up". Probably doesn't fit Vancouver's 'rebuild' model, but then again, since we're not competing - and if we need LW players, he could be an okay player to have. Hartnell is a clutch player, often scoring big goals.
  3. So you prefer teams signing big money deals BEFORE they 'shot their wad'? Like Dipietro the goalie?
  4. Petrus Pelmu & Jonah Jovich (sp?) are also apparently friends. Petterson and Dahlin is the other pair of friends/linemates. There is a definite theme going on in this draft.
  5. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/white-doctor-video-mississauga-1.4168199 CBC Toronto tried to identify the woman to give her a chance to respond to the video, but was unsuccessful as of Monday evening. We've obscured her face in the video to protect the identity of her son. Bhardwaj says that he started filming the incident after a woman sitting next to him asked the agitated woman why the doctor had to be white. "I couldn't help but record the video," said Bhardwaj. "This is bad, this is inappropriate and shouldn't go unnoticed." Hitesh Bhardwaj recorded the incident while waiting for his own appointment at Rapid Access to Medical Specialists in Mississauga, Ont., and shared his video with CBC News. (CBC) Bhardwaj said, as an immigrant to Canada himself, he's really proud to live here and "couldn't believe" what he saw. "I couldn't stop thinking about it," Bhardwaj said. "The whole episode kept on repeating in my head, I was very upset. You know I can't even define the feeling." 'Everyday racism' resurfacing Cheryl Teelucksingh, a sociology professor at Ryerson University, sees the incident as an example of the kind of "everyday racism" that is "beginning to resurface" in Canada. She said some people are pointing to the election of U.S. President Donald Trump making people feel more comfortable saying things they normally wouldn't. But Teelucksingh thinks there's a more important factor: perceived multiculturalism, or the assumption by some Canadians that racial minorities are already treated equally across the country. Cheryl Teelucksingh, a sociology professor at Ryerson University, sees the incident as an example of the kind of “everyday racism” that is “beginning to resurface” in Canada. (CBC) "I think people are feeling that there's a little bit more space now to question who's in positions of power, who's actually getting the jobs, those sorts of things," said Teelucksingh. In response, Teelucksingh believes, non-white professionals will probably revert to demonstrating their credentials by saying things like "look I went to school this long and did this sort of speciality. "They're legitimizing not just their place in their profession and workplace but their place within Canada. To say, look, I actually belong here and I have the right to practise my profession." Witnesses at clinic step up In addition to Bhardwaj, other people in the waiting room also confronted the woman in the clinic. In the video several of them try to get the woman to go to the hospital, to which she responds, "I was there and they only have brown doctors." One female witness in the video, tells the woman that, "Your child clearly has more issues with you being his mother than him needing to see a doctor. You are extremely rude and racist." The woman on the right is one of the witnesses who argued with the woman demanding a "white doctor." (CBC) Later in the exchange the woman accuses the witnesses of "attacking me because I'm white." The fact that witnesses in the clinic stood up and spoke out against what the woman was saying is a good sign, Teelucksingh said. "That sort of shows the broader societal values and that offers some hope," Teelucksingh told CBC Toronto. Police respond to 'disturbance' at clinic Peel Regional Police said they were called to the clinic just after 12:30 p.m. on Sunday for a "disturbance." The incident happened at Rapid Access to Medical Specialists in Mississauga, Ont. (CBC) Const. Mark Fischer said a police officer spoke to "all involved" and afterward the woman's son was treated by a doctor at the clinic. No allegations of threats or assault were brought forward by anyone involved and the matter is closed, according to police. In a statement, Rapid Access to Medical Specialists said it "is proud of the quality of medical care provided at this clinic," but that "no one in the clinic has any comments for the media." What an unbelievably stupid, bigoted woman. I feel bad for his kid who has a terrible role model. Racism still exists, let's not kid ourselves.
  6. All class. I assume he's referring to someone like Wayne Gretzky who wasn't a very good coach, but probably wasn't given a decent support cast either.
  7. To be fair, Ericsson was not a trade, but a UFA signing. It costed nothing in terms of draft picks and played bad enough that he contributed to the tank. Also, Desjardins I think has a bad system. I'm looking to him bouncing back. He had three prior 30 goal seasons.
  8. I'm guessing Hossa.
  9. It was just a guess. The reason was that Lowry is a well-known Victoria resident. Would it not make sense to take a job in Vancouver over a job like the LA Kings, if you were in that position? This is of course we're assuming that both teams had vacant positions. Then again LA is a good city to live in...
  10. Quoting this message to illustrate that sometimes what players say in the media should not be trusted.
  11. I wonder why Lowry wasn't offered a position for the Canucks.
  12. No you're absolutely right. It was Ehrhoff that signed the 6 million dollar contract claiming to be his best chance of winning the Stanley Cup. I mentioned the wrong person.
  13. Yet you dedicated a few seconds to write a useless reply that contributed nothing to the thread?
  14. Depends on what you mean by 'destination' Are the Canucks ready for a Stanley cup? Not yet. But, does that mean that there's no spots worth eyeing? Last time I checked, the Canucks ARE an NHL team, much like the Oilers and the Leafs - both of whom have had bad seasons in recent memory. Players can spin anything they want about signing with a team (i.e. beautiful place, world class organization, etc etc). I'm sure if the Sedins got traded to Washington next year (this is merely an example, nothing more and nothing less), they'd say great things about that city, about Ovechkin (even as a poor playoff performer) or Kuznetsov or something. My point being is that if their job requires them to be in a city, I'm sure they'd find a reason or two to praise a team. Hodgson Ehrhoff signed 6 million to be in Buffalo. He claimed it was his best chance to win a Stanley cup. *rolleyes*
  15. He was speeding on his motorcycle. Lots of people do this on a daily basis but get out unscathed. Bourdon wasn't so lucky. Just comes to show you that you shouldn't take things for granted.