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  1. I love the minus feature, to be honest. We have the illusion that we can police the forums. Note, it is an illusion because some people just don't care about their reputation. I'd rather that we don't abuse the minus feature and use it when we absolutely need to. Some posts are just absolutely garbage, regardless of what stance you follow.
  2. ...so why did the NHL/NHLPA go on strike again?
  3. I agree with this - and I really do appreciate having knowledge about the other person. The kid hasn't died (yet), but he is brain dead. He is a vegetable, to put it bluntly. His body may recover from his injuries, but he is 'dead' in the sense that his personality is gone and is unable to respond on his own. The homeowner grossly overreacted. That will never change, regardless if the victim was a real car thief or not.
  4. Why bother posting something like this? Posts like these need to be neg repped HARD. Back to the article, very sad story but she really is a hero. This is a mom that loves her daughter. Casey Anthony on the other hand...
  5. Definitely overreacted, but the teen, from what was described, seemed like he was in the process of attempting a theft. Still doesn't deserve the fate he did.
  6. Then we should hope that we'll get another crop of goalies, because he let in some pretty weak goals in that tournament. Practically a sieve. It didn't help that the rest of TC couldn't score, except Marner and Strome, the two biggest puckhogs in recent memory. The team was a disaster from top to bottom.
  7. I thought you were talking about Macdonald representing Team Canada for the juniors, which he did. He wasn't very good. But yeah, they picked Macdonald over Demko in the draft.
  8. Demko is American. Demko wouldn't have been selectable.
  9. One may argue that Mcdonald is not very good. He didn't have a good championship this year.
  10. This is particularly true. It seems to no end that there's a bunch of experts coming out to talk about some crash that may or may not come. When it happens, they can all say they told you so. When they're wrong, they can disappear without bearing any responsibility for any panic that they may cause with their words. All in all, their input seem self-serving.
  11. The article has some grammatical errors. "Carolina Hurricanes are in major financial trouble, and the lawsuit filled by the three sons..." Wrong word. It should be "filed". "According to Lawless, this will result in a sale and relocation because the NHL wants it's money back" Wrong word. It should be "its". I think these errors raise some credibility issues. It's such a short article.
  12. That strategy's not going to work...
  13. It is ridiculous that he calls it 'fun facts', when it's a veiled attempt to take pot shots at team management, without providing the rest of the information that completes the picture. So yeah, they're fun facts. Another fun fact is that we have a lot of Swedish players.
  14. If there's anything that I've learned so far, try and improve yourself, but don't think about how you'd compare against others. In the lower mainland, living away from parents is not smart. You're wasting a lot of money and saving none. Rent is extremely expensive. There's always going to be someone who is in better position than you. Someone who lives alone or has a car. If the girl doesn't think you're worth it, it's her loss. As for driving, get the license at least. It's a sense of accomplishment and relatively cheap. Owning a car is expensive and unnecessary if you're actually broke though. Again, there's lots of materialistic people out there, but if you can weed through those people (male or female), the better you'll feel. Easier said than done though. It's a long process.
  15. Your first sentence of this post already hints at the fact that they (FA) was micromanaging. After all, it's been long rumoured that Torts was never a Gillis pick. The owner always has a say - it's his team. He shouldn't have let Torts go through with not playing Luongo. It was bad decision making for the coach and it caused bad blood. Owner should've seen this coming.