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  1. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Then who's fault was it to overplay him? Also, I think you're heavily exaggerating about not being able to make up for it. He was the Canucks leading scorer for defense by a long, countrymile. You would've been nuts not to sign him, in the hopes that he'd repeat his success (didn't happen) Furthermore, with a coach like Doug Lidster, he possibly could've helped Weber round out his game (also didn't happen). Hindsight is 20/20. Weber has had some decent/good games, but was inconsistent over a long period of time. After his offensive game dried up, there was no point in keeping him around anymore.
  2. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    He also generated a lot of offense. Sure, his defense is not great, but he's an offensive defenseman (or at least he supposedly was). His goals were accurate and timely. His confidence was at an all-time high probably.
  3. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Let's be honest here - last year, he had a career high of 11 goals and 21 points. He was outstanding last season. You're telling me you wouldn't have given him a one year deal with those numbers? Even for a stop-gap, the deal was worth it.
  4. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    This is true. In fact, Weber's AHL numbers were pretty good.
  5. Chris Higgins Talk

    In the end, Daigle didn't amount to much in the NHL or in Europe. I feel like he might have said it during his years of (immaturity), but later realized that it was too late. With no other skill, Daigle was forced to continue hockey.  I think it's kinda funny how that works. There are some players that just don't enjoy the game, despite the paycheck. Or maybe they don't want to put in the physically and mentally demanding effort into it. Victor Oreskovich comes to mind. He'd honestly rather be an Insurance Broker than a hockey player. That to me, says something.    
  6. Chris Higgins Talk

    I really feel like they must love the game, otherwise the pay really wouldn't matter. Higgins very well could've retired the moment that he was sent down.
  7. To be honest, I didn't write the post very well. It's funny because I realize how BAD it looks too. I actually knew he was waived by the Islanders - but I stopped following him once he was waived. I'm still watching the Islanders. My post was more or less in reference to when he was on the Islanders team and I didn't write the post very well. He massively underachieved for his contract, which was paying him as a scorer, but he did well as a PKer during his time, but was quickly moved up in depth. That's my clarification there.    
  8. I never said that Grabner doesn't bear some responsibility out of it. He does. But you seem to forget that Grabner was a young player at the time. AV WAS playing favorites. All of it plays into account on how a player develops. And what you seem to miss out is that Grabner's been given a different kind of role on the Islanders team. He's more like a checker now, rather than put on a line to score. So far, he's succeeding. I can put up articles that talk about his new role on the team and how he's handling that. As I mentioned, he's one of the team's PKers. Not bad for a player who was said to be poor defensively when he was drafted. From your post, it's obvious to me that you haven't watched the Islander games. I have.  
  9. Grabner, Kesler and Mason Raymond was a nice line that had so much speed, but no finish. Some of it may be attributed to Kesler, as well to Grabner. AV also didn't help matters by playing favorites. All of them are to blame. He's underachieved, especially after he signed that big contract. At the same time, he's not a bad player either. He's a lot better defensively than he was when he's drafted. He's been commonly used to PK for the Islanders. Grabner was mishandled lol, much like Baertschi's situation in Calgary.   Grabner and a 1st was a terrible trade from day 1. Funnily enough, Howden wasn't that great in hindsight, despite all the CDC fanboys insisting that he'd be a future impact player. That doesn't make the trade a good one.  
  10. He was a pretty good pick, in hindsight, when you look at the other players drafted in that 1st round. (See poorly formatted chart below) There were quite a few misses that round, even though the ones in bold ended up being pretty good to really good. Grabner wasn't a bad pick. They really mishandled him though. It's kinda like the Sven Baertschi situation really. 1 14 Vancouver Michael Grabner R Spokane Chiefs [WHL] 363 101 65 166 62 2015-16 1 15 Tampa Bay Riku Helenius G Ilves Tampere [SM-liiga] 1 0 0 0 0 2008-09 1 16 San Jose Ty Wishart D Prince George Cougars [WHL] 26 1 5 6 10 2011-12 1 17 Los Angeles Trevor Lewis C Des Moines Buccaneers [USHL] 391 32 52 84 83 2015-16 1 18 Colorado Chris Stewart R Kingston Frontenacs [OHL] 504 136 142 278 585 2015-16 1 19 Anaheim Mark Mitera D U. of Michigan [CCHA]             1 20 Montreal David Fischer D Apple Valley H.S. (Minn)             1 21 NY Rangers Bob Sanguinetti D Owen Sound Attack [OHL] 45 2 4 6 8 2012-13 1 22 Philadelphia Claude Giroux C Gatineau Olympiques [QMJHL] 543 158 331 489 256 2015-16 1 23 Washington Semyon Varlamov G Yaroslavl-2 [Russia] 302 0 6 6 16 2015-16 1 24 Buffalo Dennis Persson D Vasteras IK [Swe-1]             1 25 St. Louis Patrik Berglund L Vasteras IK [Swe-1] 525 121 132 253 172 2015-16 1 26 Calgary Leland Irving G Everett Silvertips [WHL] 13 0 1 1 0 2012-13 1 27 Dallas Ivan Vishnevskiy D Rouyn-Noranda Huskies [QMJHL] 5 0 2 2 2 2009-10 1 28 Ottawa Nick Foligno L Sudbury Wolves [OHL] 587 122 183 305 503 2015-16 1 29 Phoenix Chris Summers D US National Under 18 Team 70 2 7 9 51 2015-16 1 30 New Jersey Matt Corrente
  11. No it wasn't. Kassian had alcohol problems and wasn't responding to what the team wanted him to do. Montreal didn't want him either. Put on waivers also. Edmonton picks him up. The Grabner trade on the other hand was an 'absolutely terrible trade'. Called it the day that it happened. Grabner + 1st. Terrible.  
  12. New NHL.com App / Website

    I legitimately hate the new change because it looks extremely cluttered with the way they have listed all the games. It's particularly noticeable on a busy game day. You have to scroll all the way down and there's a chance that you'd miss a team in the process. Whereas before, you could see it at a glance. Much simpler. Of course I'll probably get used to it, but it doesn't mean that it was a better improvement. If it really did improve its visuals, then yes, I'd be ok for change. It just feels like it took a few steps back with this update.
  13. What do you think of the new NHL.com layout?

    I don't like it at all. I much prefer the square system where you could easily see which games were on. Now, I have to scroll all the way down on a busy gameday like tonight. Some people may have had issues with white contrast - this one's far too complicated looking. There's a saying: Don't fix something that wasn't broken.
  14. PayPal Scam?

    If it's too good to be true, it probably is. This guy is fishy as &^@#. I wouldn't take the money.
  15. There is no such rule. Look no further than Antoine Vermette who was traded from the Coyotes to Chicago for a 1st round pick. Chicago ended up winning the cup and Vermette signed with the Coyotes for the next season.