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  1. No, she's probably the resident Devils' team reporter.
  2. Parenteau has a solid history of producing on different teams. He's clearly a decent player at minimum. Perhaps personality is a question mark? Not concluding though.
  3. I didn't really notice him in the one game we played against Calgary.
  4. Canucks should find a way to sign Skille and Ruutu.
  5. Makes sense.
  6. Didn't Calgary sign this guy already? Or was there another player that Calgary was thinking about? This guy played in the World Cup.
  7. The player would be on waivers again for a second time, allowing Detroit to reclaim him - or any other team to claim him, if they didn't have the chance before. According to the waiver rules, the originating team (Detroit) would get first priority for reclaiming him.
  8. This thread should get nuked.
  9. Doesn't always mean it's the right choice.
  10. Hahahahaha... oh my god... that sentence killed me.
  11. Derek Mackenzie is a heart and soul type of guy. It makes sense, even if it seems like an underwhelming choice.
  12. Olli Juolevi was the highest ranked defenseman in the draft... we needed high-end defense prospects, aside from acquiring college free agents like Hutton or Stetcher in the off-season.
  13. Also, not all players would've flourished in these systems either. Cam Barker is one player that comes to mind - didn't do well in Chicago.
  14. What the &^@#? Edmonton got hosed big time.