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  1. Why was he drafted so high if that was his ceiling? 50-60 pts isn't bad I guess, but he'd be a second line forward or something, with some ability to change the game. I guess that's what you hope for in a 6th overall.
  2. Eriksson has had three 30+ goal seasons with three different teams. Let's not write him off so fast. I expect that he'll turn it around this season. If he doesn't, then yes, you could make the argument that he's cashed out and is on the decline. To me, I think it's Willie's system and/or the lack of talent.
  3. Something to note that has already been pointed out numerous times - Jonathan Dahlen, who was acquired in the Burrows deal, was the linemate of Pettersson. Those two were young, but they produced PPG-like numbers in a men's league that is not known to be a league that produces too much offense. As such, they both were two of the highest point getters. Pettersson's a good prospect with a high ceiling for potential. Moreover, the kid seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. I would not be surprised if he's like Horvat in that department. I had a feeling we were going to pick Pettersson all along. Benning obviously is familiar with other team's prospects and thus, they had a plan when they were trading Burrows. One more draft and the Canucks should be good to go for a playoff push. I think the Sedins will play for one more year after this.
  4. Contrary to what people may think of me on here, I'm actually a nice guy and not an a-hole at all. I do plenty of "nice" things for people and I'd never make a point of telling people about it because I don't want to brag nor take credit for something you're supposed to do. I do have the best intentions for people, even when I'm buzzed/drunk. Alcohol probably brings out the best parts of me, which include making sure people get home safely, even if it means I walk them home. I'm also aware of my surroundings. People think I'm in a relationship, but I'm not. I usually tell people that I'm seeing someone when really I'm not.
  5. I have the same/similar type of mentality, except it's for earphones. I don't really care about the cheaper stuff at all. I'd do some reading on the more expensive stuff that I may or may not buy. Then I go and online shop for prices. Then during that search, I'd make a purchase.... then I'd read up on all the reviews that the internet could provide on that earphone to see if I made a justified purchase.
  6. Yes, there is such a possibility but it is not very high. Pettersson displays very high distribution skills, which would be completely wasted as a winger. Furthermore, there are other wingers in our system that can play on his line. We drafted Pettersson for a GOOD center. He's not going to be a winger.
  7. *shrugs*
  8. I confess that I've seen all four seasons of The OC. I bingewatched that series. SUMMER <3
  9. I loved Smallville as a whole. I think the middle seasons sucked tbh... 5 or 6 was pretty terrible. That was around the time when the original executive producers left and the cast took over. The writing was not great. Season 1 was still the best.
  10. Sounds scary. Do clothes get taken off in the process of hulking?
  11. Bahaha... do you remember why?
  12. Have you ever gone HULK?
  13. Still really good looking with that hair down like that <3
  14. This one has a sweet, even sassy smile that is both alluring and potentially threatening. Yes, there is mystery, especially when you only see just the one eye. You have no idea what the other one is doing
  15. I have always been intrigued/interested in Psylocke's avatar pictures. They're always mysterious, yet fun. I would like to get to know her but I don't want to seem like a creeper (which I am not). Any ideas on how I should do it? Maybe she doesn't read this so it is not awkward hahaha