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  1. Olli Juolevi | D

    I don't think Etem was rated very highly. He's been bounced around teams and hasn't been able to make any impact on them. I don't even remember which team had him last.
  2. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    So we'll see what happens with Juolevi this year. Maybe Juolevi can produce at the NHL level.
  3. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    "Only one year older" One year is a big time gap. A lot of things happen within that period. Don't make it sound like it's a month of a difference. We can talk about Juolevi when he enters the NHL and we can compare the NHL contributions of both players. It's just not fair to say "he's only one year older".
  4. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    There's already one poster that thinks Juolevi is worth less than this year's 7th overall pick. Lol.
  5. A trade of that size is not the same as a trade of Lucic, which will probably demand more pieces.
  6. The Oilers and the Canucks are not going to be trading with each other, so all the proposals, fair or otherwise, would not happen. /endthread.
  7. Wowowow. This is such a poorly thought out post.
  8. https://globalnews.ca/news/4255990/stolen-tank-virginia/ A man was arrested after police chased a stolen tank through Richmond, Va.. “The driver of the armoured personnel carrier had stopped the vehicle and surrendered to Virginia State Police,” police spokesperson Corrine Geller said Tuesday night. According to CBS News, a soldier from Fort Pickett stole the armoured vehicle (which does not carry a weapon) earlier Tuesday night. READ MORE: Tank versus truck: Man dead after armoured vehicle used to stop alleged armed driver State Police said they were notified of the incident at 7:55 p.m., which is when they started their pursuit. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour (about 64 kilometres per hour). Police said there were no crashes or accidents during the chase. By 9:40 p.m., the alleged tank thief had surrendered. Police didn’t offer a motive for the crime, and said charges are pending. 'Murica!
  9. [Signing] Canucks sign Elias Pettersson

    There is plenty, from the nutritional side only. There is still the absurdity on the psychological side that you think Pettersson would be intentionally or unintentionally tricking himself and the world about his weight. LOL. You are being mocked quite rightfully for being a loudmouth. But this is entertaining stuff, so I do encourage you to keep posting your views. You're right. The sheep will be sheep. I wonder who you are following.
  10. [Signing] Canucks sign Elias Pettersson

    There's no need to twist your posts around. This post shows how little you know about nutrition. LOL. (What you proposed about eating/drinking before the weight scale doesn't actually work like you say).
  11. [Signing] Canucks sign Elias Pettersson

    Yet he played very well against men all season long, including the playoffs where physicality was a factor. Pettersson has never shied away from the physical stuff that goes against him. Instead, he finds a way to spin off a check and score a goal or make a great play. But keep talking like you know what you're talking about
  12. [Signing] Canucks sign Elias Pettersson

    You are seriously delusional, even by CDC standards. So you're telling me he drank 17 lbs worth of water and/or food to trick Canuck fans into being at an 'acceptable' weight. Thanks for the laugh for the night.
  13. [Signing] Canucks sign Elias Pettersson

    Ok, we get it, you think he is 130 lbs and is squishy. He is far beyond what you estimated his weight to be, weight wise. Just give it up already. "Size" doesn't always matter.
  14. Explosion in Mississauga restaurant

    Maybe if you had actually read the article, you might find out what happened. Doesn't sound good though.
  15. Are you saying you can read into the future?