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  1. I'm sorry that reality has hurt your feelings.
  2. http://www.newsweek.com/man-shoots-mother-broken-video-game-headset-ceres-california-780708 &^@#ed up story all around. This guy needs to die by execution squad. I completely get being annoyed by your mom coming in wondering why you're swearing - I've done it before - but never have I thought about grabbing a nearby gun, firing two rounds in the wall THEN going to fire it at my mom and dad. WHAT THE &^@#.
  3. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    That's fine. He'll have whatever time he has for this season before he'll be waiver eligible. He has from now to the start of next year. Time is tight but I think he'll be able to do it.
  4. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    Everyone assumes this about Goldobin, yet he's done a lot of his growing up in North America. He's also publicly indicated that he has no desire to go back to Russia. Are we just going to make discriminatory assumptions about Goldobin despite the evidence?
  5. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    You have no clue what you're talking about. Please don't act like you do. He's waiver-exempt. https://www.capfriendly.com/players/nikolay-goldobin ENTRY-LEVEL CONTRACT COMPARE THIS CONTRACT LENGTH: 3 YEARS EXPIRY STATUS: RFA SIGNING TEAM: San Jose Sharks VALUE: $3,412,500 C.H.% : 1.34 SIGNING DATE: October 5, 2014 SOURCE: CapGeek SEASON CLAUSE CAP HIT AAV P. BONUSES S. BONUSES BASE SALARY TOTAL SALARY MINORS SALARY 2014-15 $925,000 $1,137,500 – $92,500 ENTRY-LEVEL SLIDE 2015-16 $894,167 $1,106,667 – $92,500 ENTRY-LEVEL SLIDE 2016-17 $863,333 $1,075,833 $212,500 $92,500 $832,500 $925,000 $70,000 2017-18 $863,333 $1,075,833 $212,500 $0 $832,500 $832,500 $70,000 2018-19 $863,333 $1,075,833 $212,500 $0 $832,500 $832,500 $70,000
  6. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    Sure you have. :rollseyes: Seems like experts are everywhere on these boards. Based on how little information you've provided, I've been assessing young talent for years myself.
  7. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    Although there is a difference, I think it's a minor one. I don't think Benning would want to listen on offers for Boeser if you didn't have an idea on trading him (he's as untouchable as Horvat). Seems like they don't like Hutton's game.
  8. Michael Chaput | #45 | C

    Chaput's game is not very "sexy" but he does his job admirably without costing the team anything. He wins faceoffs and is a very good PK. Not much can be asked from that. You could say he's not scoring enough, which is a legit thing.
  9. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    I am cautious about Duclair. He's left TWO teams already in his short career so far, one of which he demanded a trade out of (granted it is Arizona).
  10. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    This morning I was thinking about Edler's poor play being attributed to lack of confidence. (Maybe personal problems we don't know about). Given how I had a dose of reality recently, it makes sense to me why there's poor performance. When you feel like crap, you can't do basic things right. It's a poison.
  11. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    You're lucky that the neg rep was removed once again. I get that you're trying to slag Benning, but "asset management" can't be one of them. You still butthurt about the Subban trade? I liked Subban, but it was clear that he had no space on this team.
  12. January 3rd, 2018: Linden Meeting with Media at 11:45AM

    I think Jim won't get fired, but he'll have to find a way to make some trades to freshen up the team. The drafting that he's done has been exceptional. This includes Pettersson, Gadjovich, Juolevi. Acquiring Goldobin is a win for the future, and so was getting Dahlen. The older trades (Baertschi and Granlund) are/were good. Sutter's injured but was otherwise a 'foundational' piece. IMHO, I think Tanev's gonna get traded. He has the highest value and he's not getting younger. Give him a chance to go on a contending team before he gets older.
  13. January 3rd, 2018: Linden Meeting with Media at 11:45AM

    Horvat's untouchable IMHO. Boeser is too - and to some extent Virtanen.
  14. January 3rd, 2018: Linden Meeting with Media at 11:45AM

    FTG, you really confuse me. You're not dumb, so I know you're pretending to be dumb after being called out for stirring up crap in this thread. Why? Is this entertaining for you? There's no need for you to be a troll. You KNOW better that Linden didn't say that the team was leaving things at the last minute. I know this because you're not that dumb (you're an established poster). The way that you said it makes people THINK that what you're saying is fact. It's not. Obviously, you're not fond of TL/JB. That's fine. You also KNOW that Linden has proven himself to be dishonest to the media (example: prior to him getting hired, he lied about not being contacted by the Canucks). What advantage is it to have him explicitly state ALL THE PLANS that they have going? People like you - and the media - is why this fanbase is one of the worst in the league. Please leave troll, if you have nothing to contribute.
  15. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Edmonton also lost 5-0 today against the Kings.