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  1. When that happens, I'll fly to Ottawa and find Karlsson to give you his number.
  2. The rules do exist about not discussing about players' personal lives. It's only a matter of time it gets deleted/reported. It usually does get cleared up fairly quickly, especially since the moderators here ARE posters themselves. As for trolls, they're definitely around. They're the ones that criticize the team BUT use the same arguments over and over, while ignoring the counterarguments that go with it. Then, they conclude that they've been right and try something else that might antagonize the fanbase. They're like anarchists; they just want to see chaos.
  3. You're saying that because you have the mindset of a guy. If you were actually a chick, you'd want to ride a pole of some sort (even if it's not with a guy). The whole point is for that area is to be filled. How do you know that Granlund was in competition with you? That doesn't make much sense.
  4. CDC never had much quality. The glory days of CDC were filled with a ton of immaturity and a lot of rules not being enforced. Some might argue there was favoritism. There's been an overhaul since then. I think it's for the better. This place had some of the worst bandwagoning fans that always blamed the goalies, regardless of the context. Now that the team is and has been doing pretty bad, I'm honestly glad that most of those toxic fans have left and stopped posting. The ones that have stayed are either trolls or they're contributing members of the forum, in one shape or another. I can live with that.
  5. LOL!!!! This picture killed me. The camera panning away from the guy is just amazing. LOLOLOL.
  6. HELLO!

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      Not too bad. Just been super busy with work and life lol 

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  7. I know this place is mostly about landmarks, food and nightlife, but which destinations have you had the most fun with with regards to meeting people? I've heard places like Central America or South America are especially great for talking to locals, especially women. I had a blast in Panama personally. People, especially women, are so damn approachable. Some don't speak great English and a grasp of Spanish is recommended, if not required. Also, the nightlife is absolutely amazing, to say the least. Beautiful nightlife, sights and music! I would love to go back. Reading about people's experiences here are awesome. Just comes to show you how important it is to travel.
  8. Jesus christ. How did attendance ever get so bad? 7,892? That's &^@#ing embarrassing.
  9. It could also be, and I'm completely speculating here, that it's gotten into Pouliot's head too. He maybe second guesses himself and that ends up screwing himself over. Maybe it's all mental.
  10. Ballard was never really given a chance to succeed. It's funny because his career died after Vancouver. There were a lot of mistakes in handling a player like him. Canucks were lucky with Grabner, but they squandered that hard. Same with Florida.
  11. Yes, that is entirely fair to put some blame for the lack of depth. That being said, the Sedins are not going to badmouth their linemate, whoever it is. Megna was good for what he was - a depth player, nothing more nothing less.
  12. I love this comparison. Everyone here knows how much heat Megna got for being on the roster (which was not his fault at all), let alone playing with preferential minutes under WD. Megna really didn't deserve any of that though; he was miscast for a role that he had no business being in, as someone succintly pointed out. He was playing with the Sedins, for crying out loud. Ironically, he had written something about them in years past which he had to retract.
  13. We'll never know. But we can safely assume that Pouliot was a defenseman they had been looking at for quite some time. Even though Benning says Green's previous experience with him (Pouliot) wasn't considered during the trade, it makes no sense to trade for a player that you don't have intel on. I'm sure if the Pedan thing didn't work, Benning would've tried to trade another player to take advantage of this window of obtaining Pouliot.
  14. I have to give you some props for being a troll that is pretending to be a victim. You're not fooling anybody though.
  15. If you're not going to bother addressing someone's counterpoints to your arguments, simply don't bother posting. I'm a neutral poster that's been watching your exchanges and you have little to nothing to contribute. I get it, you like Pedan as a tough defenseman to play against. I do too. Fact is, he's gone. His numbers are not superior to Pouliot's. Pedan is UNPROVEN in the NHL, but so is Pouliot. Pouliot, as Warhippy pointed out, has way more points in the AHL than Pedan does. If we're looking strictly at the AHL points, Pouliot is clearly better than Pedan. That's it. Stop repeating your argument over and over. It's super annoying.