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  1. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    So how are his skills better than Kassian? Comparing an 18yr old junior player to a proven NHL player... just stop
  2. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Also Canucks should try to get a second top 10 pick through a Kesler or Edler package and get Jared Mccann. Big/strong 2 way hockey player that plays very similar to Horvat. Going forward we have no prospect depth at center besides horvat, gaunce but he seems like more of a bottom 6 guy. Looking at potential youth movement going forward: Shinkaruk Horvat Kassian Ehlers Mccann Jensen Fox Matthias Hoping the new GM snags a young player like Etem/Theodore(Ducks), Jurco/Sheahan(Wings) and our youth looks very promising.
  3. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    What's your reasoning for not picking the highest goal scorer in the draft? Size is an issue now but he's probably not going to be on the canucks for another couple of years. Also Giroux was passed on in the draft due to being undersized and from a 'soft' junior league. Very similar players/stature to Ehlers.
  4. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I was against drafting Ehlers but you cannot argue iwth 49 goals. Sure if his points were mostly assists you can say he plays with Drouin. But 49 goals is no fluke in the CHL. We need pure goal scorers/talent going forward with the sedins aging. And with Horvat being the only young center we have as gaunce probably will play wing or a bottom 6 role, we should aim at a center too. 1) 6th pick- Ehlers 2) Top 10 pick from trade- Mccann or Virtanen Also with Virtanen, he has 45 goals in the lower scoring WHL. With him and Ehlers we'd have the 2 highest goal scorers in the draft. But I'd rather go with Mccann as he played on a bad team and looks like another Horvat clutch type player that can dominate a game with his 2 way game.
  5. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Sedin, Horvat, Richardson, Santorelli, Matthias, Gillis will probably want a young offensive center back in the Kesler or Edler trade. Someone like Emerson Etem. We already are stacked in the center position and Schroeder has proven nothing with all the injuries we've had. His time in Van is done!
  6. 1) Kesler to Philly: Schenn, Laughton, 1st round pick 2015 -Schenn has recently said he feels more comfortable playing center since he's done it his whole life. 2) Edler to Detroit: Jurco, 1st round 2014, Sproul -Don't know why no one has mentioned Jurco. His stats in his first year are decent and he has that size/speed on the left wing. -Nyquist and tatar are too valuable to Detroit right now. -Mantha's value be one of the highest for a prospect due to his chl stats and his world juniors performance 3) Offseason: Possible trade bait- Higgins/Hansen, Burrows, 1 Defenseman, Schroeder Jurco Schenn _____ Sedin Sedin Kassian Burrows Horvat Hansen Santorelli, Richardson Laughton, Jensen, Shinkaruk, two 1st rounders 2014, two 1st rounders 2015 Hamhuis Sproul Garrison Tanev Stanton Bieksa Corrado That would get fans excited. Don't mess up Gillis
  7. Edler for Brayden Schenn first! Then do ^ that trade. If we trade Kesler for any defenseman that might lower Edlers stock because teams know we have to move him. Schenn Huberdeau ______ Sedin Sedin Kassian burrows Horvat hansen jensen, gaunce, shinkaruk
  8. Kesler & Schroeder to Philly for: Couturier, 1st in 2015, Laughton Edler to Detroit for: Jurco, 1st in 2014 Detroit would have a mid round pick this year but will probably be better next year. Philly will probably still struggle next year with their d corp going forward. Jurco Couturier Santorelli Sedin Sedin Kassian burrows Horvat Hansen Garrison Tanev Hamhuis Diaz/Corrado Stanton Bieksa - Our D going forward is okay so Gillis should worry about finding scoring talent to replace the sedins in the near future. - If Horvat isn't read for the NHL then we can play Santorelli on 3rd line in shut down role - Our youth going forward: Shinkaruk, Laughton, Jensen, 2- 1st round picks in 2014, 2- 1st round picks in 2015 If Gillis does this right, this could be the quickest retool ever lol
  9. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    Edler for Brayden Schenn I think we are all undervaluing our players here. Ryan clowe had 0 goals last year going into the deadline and he got two 2nd round picks.
  10. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    Lets be honest here: Out of our core players- Who is the slowest, oldest, softest, has the weakest shot and are the highest paid players???? Henrik and Daniel Sedin. As long as those 2 guys are our top players, this team will not go anywhere! except down to get high draft picks which isn't that bad lol. And I would hate to see players that are the heart of the team like Kesler, Burrows and Bieksa moved just because the Sedins are now considered 'Untouchable' with those stupid contracts Gillis handed out at the beginning of the year when he could of at least waited until the trade deadline to see what could happen. The Sedins would probably sign for about 4-5 million/year if they were to sign at this stage in the season. Sighhh at this point as a true fan I've realized that the Sedins cannot get it done anymore ever since the 2011 cup run and am just hoping that Gillis sees this and tries to build with youth and draft picks. So I'm just expecting and hoping us to keep losing this season and get a top 6 pick in the draft
  11. Edler to Detroit : Jurco, 1st, 2nd 2015 Philly: Brayden Schenn
  12. Edler for Brayden Schenn Higgins for 1st round pick at deadline. Schenn hasn't lived up to the billing and has been fairly average so far in his career. Philly also will be needing dman after losing some to free agency. Schenn Kesler Santorelli Sedin Sedin Kassian Burrows Horvat Hansen Hamhuis Bieksa Garrison Tanev Stanton Corrado
  13. David Booth: Hold onto him?

    hopefully he keeps this production up. we can trade him to a team trying to push for that playoff spot like Toronto. Hopefully get a 1st rounder at the deadline for him. That's alot to ask but look at what Paul Gaustad got haha. If we keep him until the summer maybe we can package him along with another player for a top 6 forward. Heck i'd even trade him for a 2nd rounder in the summer. GET RID OF HIM WHILE HIS VALUE IS DECENT
  14. Bo Horvat Talk

    Don't mean to be a downer... But Cody Hodgson was one of the best faceoff and defensive players in Junior as well.. And now he's struggling with that side of the game.. Going against men is a different animal... But Bo is bigger and heavier so he should do better in the faceoff dot
  15. Bo Horvat Talk

    Horvat has a more stalky build though so he can play a more power forward game