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  1. Northern Gateway Pipeline Approved.

    To put it mildly: Horse-poo "Will cause a spill"? Not from a tanker. I don't know enough about pipelines to comment definitively on that end of things, but from what I've seen Enbridge's record is pretty bad. As a Navigation Officer on a freighter (but fully qualified to hold that position on a super-tanker if I ever desired) I look at the islands from a navigation point of view and say "so what?" Yes... pilotage and escorts are the necessary precautions to be taken in an area like the Douglas Channel... but they are also, in my view, adequate. I find the misinformation and ignorance on both sides infuriating (anyone who has seen me post on these threads knows people acting like they know what is involved in navigating these ships is a pet peeve of mine). This really comes down to a philosophical debate about resource extraction. Do you think we should be increasing our carbon footprint? If not, how much money do you feel that we're entitled to to forget about that? Do you have a price? To me the project isn't worth it on that philosophical level. I also don't feel our coast is threatened. As far as the project itself goes it is a question of risk/reward. The risk has been identified and it is being managed. An oil spill would be catastrophic... but the risk of one happening even with the normal practice of seamen is relatively low. The proposed steps being taken beyond those lower the chances even further to the point where I would agree the likelyhood of any major spill is well below my personal comfort level for risk. As an aside, another pet peeve of mine is the news articles and propaganda showing protesters in front of freighters instead of tankers.... can anything scream ignorance any louder?
  2. Northern Gateway Pipeline Approved.

    Have you ever navigated a supertanker? A lot of people seem to be experts on the matter...
  3. I tend to be a tanker apologist (given my career in the shipping industry) while being somewhat anti-Enbridge (and no, that is not a contradiction). That being said I have no idea how limited liability benefits any of the citizens of BC. It isn't like we need to be pandering to oil companies to do business here - they seem intent on shipping our resources overseas come hell or high water. My biggest issue on the risk/reward side is that regardless of money thrown at any potential problem the existing resources for oil cleanup on this coast are woeful. If something did occur then costs would be further amplified by the lack of preparation. I have high confidence that a major spill will never take place but prudent risk management demands that you are ready for any eventuality. We are not.
  4. Here's an interesting theory about why the ship rolled... The ship clearly had a stability issue. My guess is that it developed an angle of loll. This develops when a ship has neutral stability and is heeled over to one side by an external force (ie. the turn they made). How did this condition come to be? Well, as the accident occurred quite late in the journey it can be assumed that the ship at least began with some positive stability. To lose that stability weight was either removed from the bottom of the ship or added to the top of the ship. At the start of the trip I'd guess some combination of these factors lead to less positive stability than normal: The container cargo was heavier than declared The large number of students meant fewer vehicles than usual were loaded lower in the ship Ballast/Fuel were light and may have contributed a "free surface effect" What caused the marginal stability to evaporate later in the voyage? Fuel. The ship burned fuel as it traveled. Depending on where it was stored (quite likely in the double bottom) it would have drastically reduced stability. When a ship's wheel is put "Hard Over" there is no way that the vessel should roll over under normal conditions. Even with the tightest turn the officer on watch should be able to assume the ship has enough stability to perform the maneuver. The fact the ship rolled 40-50 degrees so suddenly and sat there is a pretty good indication that the stability was more or less nil. The shifting of cargo at that angle compounded matters but if it had actually been jettisoned by the roll the ship may have actually been spared. Anyway, that's the theory a buddy of mine came up with after some drinks and it makes sense to me. Edit: Oh, and I've been on a ship that has rolled 35 degrees... it is frightening and I can only imagine how the passengers felt. Fortunately my ship was loaded correctly.
  5. So... I still don't understand why they're exhuming the games.
  6. OMG Earthquake?

    Yeah, an earthquake just a week after the lunar eclipse... keep your eyes open for four horsemen.
  7. OMG Earthquake?

    Here in Comox we definitely felt it. Nothing major though, just swaying objects etc.
  8. It really does sound like a botched evacuation is what will ultimately be responsible for a large death toll. 1. Before sailing let passengers know what to do in an emergency... specifically point out the muster stations 2. When an emergency takes place move passengers to muster stations (even if only a precaution) 3. Prepare the lifeboats/rafts (again, even if only a precaution) 4. When the order is given fill lifeboats and launch them. If it is impossible to launch boats or if you don't have boats, launch rafts. It sounds like the command crew on board lost their heads and forgot to declare an emergency when the first sign of trouble occurred. They were probably just commencing steps 2 & 3 when they should have been on step 4. Not to mention telling people to stay where they are is mind boggling...
  9. Benning is the obvious choice but lets not discount McPhee completely... he might be better backup for Torts in a locker room brawl.
  10. [Vid] Trev Catching Up with Former Teammates

    Funny the difference between the guys who've played with him and know him on a personal level versus the guys who were clearly in the "Oh. S**t... it's the boss... better put my best foot forward" mode (ala Lack).
  11. It seems like the obvious other shoe to drop if the Heat are indeed getting out of town...
  12. [Report] Pat Quinn open to joining Canucks

    I'd like to see Quinn in a player development role. Seems like his strengths are in guiding young players toward successful careers. I'm not just saying that due to the obvious hero-worship Linden throws his way. Look at his history with juniors; that seems to be where his passion has been in the last decade. As poor as Canuck drafting has been I think a large onus is on the player development team. Detroit is credited with drafting well but a big part of that should also be attributed to properly grooming players for the NHL - 23 seasons in the playoffs now; that's not just picking gems with late picks, it's consistently knowing how to get those players to reach their potential.
  13. (Temp GDT)Canucks vs Flames 6pm SNET-P

    I like the whole tone of "Obviously I wasn't at fault for my words but 'Sorrrry.'" Despite the fact that the severity of the hit was immediately apparent.
  14. (Temp GDT)Canucks vs Flames 6pm SNET-P

    That was my understanding... so why would Hughson move back to Sportsnet?