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  1. lil john and da eastside boyz tupac-only god can jusdge me
  2. Is Rodya Rommsey?
  3. haha nice try :) I know a little. I can mostly read and write it rather than actually speak it :)

  4. Est-ce que tu parles francais?

    Tu as du avoir tres mal quand ils ont enleve tes ailes...That's really all I know..

  5. Hahahaha. I saw that last night!! *chews reallly loudly*
  6. It's weird that pre WN, this type of thread has emerged multiple times with little success rate in terms of actually getting someone to post their picture.
  7. I guess I'll post some pics of me not covered in blue:
  8. I think he is calling you the exact opposite EDIT: You edited.
  9. Beer: The cause of, and solution to all our problems.
  10. Don't be an a$$. Where is your pic? EDIT: why is 'ed' the censor word for ahole?
  11. This thread is going to go downhill very soon. EDIT: Cause of Cyanide. I kind of pictured him like this
  12. Lol we talked like that all night. Drove me crazy after a while.
  13. You'll have to join my band of smurfs. You can be smurfette. By the way, that costume won us $250 at Element halloween night.